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0 Art t Anime Character design and

0 Art t Anime Character design and


Character: Tsuyu Asui This is cute. But, I didn't notice the

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New batch finally finally finally we are on vacation T///-///T The hardest part of our family job ends and we are so tired because we run run a.

Continuation to -> Now I look at them both and, the style/face/drawing etc seem kind of different xD; I might do a part, even too : p *shrug* Also, ...

Part of the Hiver Nucléaire 3 crew! This is Filiz and Émilie two UQAM students

Blazblue - Queen of Rose. Manga ArtAnime ...

こすずめ@0歳児育児中🍼 on

waah the raffle ends and I'm so happy because the result and because all the people who taking part ;

"Sasaki Chiho" | The Devil is a Part Timer! | Pinterest | Anime

This babes were supposed to be part of my city vamps adopts but aaaaa I fell in love with Ezio's tattoos and Ary's pyo pyo jacketso adorb i cant aaa I l.

Concept art

Class Zero - Characters & Art - Final Fantasy Type-0

I don't know, I just really. Character Concept ArtCharacter ReferenceArt ReferenceCharacter Design InspirationFantasy InspirationCartoon CharactersAnime ...

Character concept art

Valkyrie girl - model sheet by Pixel511 ...


0 - Drawing contest - 1st Place Prize - Designs by rika-dono on DeviantArt


eeef848b06682de1cb2648c851e2fac7.jpg (547×775). Game CharacterCharacter ReferenceCharacter Concept ArtCreature DesignFantasy ...

Dad Turns His Sons' Doodles Into Anime Characters, And The Result Is Amazing (Part III)


A commission for and her O'cs twins Daisy and Dan who are two misbehaving vampire kids. The first part is here: The other :blackMN:'s O'c is Black.

Colored sketch design + expressions + reference sheet commission for GreyHarpy Ahhh creating that beauty was so fun! I enjoyed drawing each part of her ;

Baron o Greato

Spring Season 2016 First Impressions - Part 3

T 0 T, 养 油菜 on ArtStation at https://www.artstation · Robot FactoryRobot IllustrationRobot DesignGundamArt ReferenceCharacter ...

#August favorites Part II

let's anime: MEGAZONE 23 PART ONE

Appearance Original Concept of Lucy Twin Tail Lucy Lucy Character Design Anime Lucy Character Design Anime Lucy Character Design Anime Lucy Character Design ...

half dragon by garun on deviantART

... heights and designs is useful as long as they're of a decent size. But the closer to the final result angle, the better.

Tatsuya Matsubara will produce the game, huke will once again provide the character designs, and Takeshi Abe ...


JJBA Confessions on Twitter: "Part 4 art leak! the anime is doing an "original" version of part 4 and Kakyoin will still be alive! https://t .co/neCwnCeOdP"

I don't venture into shoujo-ai genre that much but the plot sounds promising. The character design is cute and lots of pretty bishoujo with dysfunctional ...

#4 Fire Guardian

tir-ri (Don't get up. Wendy, maiden of waters, and Atlas,.

Hope to use as a prototype for the future. Haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would want to on my own personal projects.

艦@魇鬼丶采集到动态(481图)_花瓣. Character IllustrationManga IllustrationCharacter ArtCharacter DesignManga ...

Key Master. Character ArtCharacter DesignAnime ...

Guilty Gear Xrd Sol Badguy Artwork

Reckless Atom. Character DrawingCharacter DesignAnime ...

This was one of my favorite episodes to work on from last season of Penn Zero: Part Time Hero. Unfortunately at this point we weren't doing as many poses ...

Fisheye Placebo 1: Hello World (Part 1) at MangaFox.me

Pokémon Sun/Moon - Trial Captains Kiawe and Mallow · Character SheetCharacter DesignWebsitePokemon ...

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou Chapter 3 Visual & Promotional Video Revealed

... because she was a really innocent and sweet character. She didn't play a huge part in Another, but the OVA showed that she was extremely close to Mei.

... Commision: Character sheet, Reaper by Precia-T

Discover the Art of Coran Kizer Stone, a character designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and concept designer working in animation and games in Cali.

Everything we know about Dragon Ball Heroes

Here's something that's funny about Celes and her character arc. She develops this really elaborate murder plot - and a ton of readers see through her from ...

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Tags: Anime, 0-Torus, Riku (0-torus), Official

The various anime series by anime studio Shaft have long been held in high regard and are still ...

♤ MERAKID-0 on Twitter: "Sorry I don't post much here hhh I still don't know if Twitter is a platform for me yet 😫 Though here's a piece I drew a while ...

Celshading chibi commission for Ejeect yawnn I loved the character design, is so cute < · Chibi GirlDevian ArtAnime ...

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This is the Tori Character I mentioned previously, now you don't have to follow hussie's style I just prefer to cause it's simple but there are a few ...

Warning: This blog may contain some spoilers so don't read if you don't want any!! I repeat..The blog has Spoilers!! ^^ Also this blog is based on just my ...

Dad Turns His Sons' Doodles Into Anime Characters, And The Result Is Amazing (


Speaking of hot, there ain't a single problem with Jotaro. Hot damn, he looks younger than he did in part 3!

... Scientist woman design , Celista (commision) by Precia-T

Isn't he the bad guy? This series really should have stuck to highlighting the comedy and not mirroring the original content too much.

The art is by series character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto, who is also responsible for the designs behind such legendary shows as The Super Dimension ...

shibuidesu on Twitter: "Full body designs of my 4 main characters! ・゚✧(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ) i hope you like them! Shizuko, Hajime, Akihiko and Mai ^0^ # anime #art ...

VEGA AND ALTAIR (Part 2) | Steins;Gate 0 Reaction Compilation (Blind, Vita) | Ep. 18 - YouTube

Yami Yugi (particularly from Season 0 and the early manga) is my favorite character.

Twelve Mech Anime Yet to Hit SRW, But Aren't Lost Causes Part 2

Character Reference, Character Concept, Character Art, Character Design, Concept Art, Kamen Rider, Anime Characters, Fighting Robots, Comic Art

Tree of Savior: Rank 8 Brings in New Classes, New Level Cap and

Speed Painting Anime Mashup T-Shirt Design - Part 2 (Coloring)

Lastman on Twitter: "#Prisoners by @Gobite https://t.co/klVbAeBd4c #Lastman #Anime #Kickstarter #TvSeries #characterdesign… "

Moho 12 Character Design Part 1

I really like the changes and love his current design. Specially in the fight scenes Sorachi manages to make him look so badass.

fabien-mense: “Robin Hood, mischief in Sherwood-Visual development-part 1 Part here ! ” I didn't realize that Robin Hood, mischief in Sherwood was actualy ...

Pokémon - 229 Houndoom [Mega] art by 片桐 (Pixiv) Strength - B Endurance - D Mobility - B Mana - C Magic - A++ Moves: Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Smog, ...

Beautiful Sakaki Anime Character Construction Anna, Misaki, Fushimi, Shiro, Neko, Kuroh... they are all so amazing. That display is not to suited to ...

My part of trade with the amazing I am. not. worthy. but i

After the contest, I was been told by the official that my academic costume designs weren't fit for 3D modeling.= So I redesigned the old one to these.

Apple feature art for Skullgirls Mobile. Art created in part by my art team and

And I mean godly. His stand can do anything he wants plus his character design is amazing. I love how he struts around but the down side is ...

Try to explain this to someone who doesn't watch JoJo

Read manga Fisheye Placebo Hello World (Part online in high quality

This box shipped after the two others, and another that already arrived last week, and all it says now is delayed.pic.twitter.com/8NfMmx9Hle

Okay so I know this isn't an anime or manga but it really should be. It has Japanese art style so close enough.

This is part 2 from Best Anime Characters. This are the last characters that won't fit on the poll.

1) This is her Default color so I won't go over this but I will tell you that the name of this is called "Bad Hair Day" (Also FunFact: Filia's fighting ...


Michiko Toyoda 2 0 1 2 by *dCTb on deviantART. Anime girl with boots, red scarf, blonde hair, and glasses.

「The Moonlit Savior」 Part 2 ~ Liberation |

moetron | pKjd on Twitter: "JoJo Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable anime character design preview: https://t.co/3hwCn4G5kf https://t.co/YlzfNd99L0"

Adoptable by JawitReen on DeviantArt

Explore Alice Anime, Design Concepts, and more!

moetron | pKjd on Twitter: "Action Heroine Cheer Fruits new anime character design for Mana Midorikawa: https://t.co/pHXHJOuwpI… "

Their strong bond, they can't be seperated - Noragami ~ DarksideAnime

moetron | pKjd on Twitter: "Genbanojou anime character designs & cast; part of Anime Tamago 2017: https://t.co/iuQDTen4Kk… "

The voice actor here just doesn't have the energy for him or the soul for this character.

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