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27 Iconic Images That Defined The 1970s Iconic photos Vietnam

27 Iconic Images That Defined The 1970s Iconic photos Vietnam


Iconic Images 1970s Napalm Girl

Iconic Images 1970s Kent State Shooting

South Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of the national police, fires his pistol into the head of suspected Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van Lem, ...

Associated Press photographer Nick Ut photographed terrified children running from the site of a napalm attack

Iconic Images 1970s Nixon Resignation

With a few salvaged belongings in the background, a Vietnamese woman carries a baby and pulls her daughter away as their home erupts in flames in July 1963.

Nixon With Elvis. Iconic Images 1970s Napalm Girl. Iconic Images 1970s Kent State Shooting

famous street photography - Buscar con Google

In Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, Pfc. Daniel Wolff (L) of Springfield

Martin ...

Associated Press photographer Nick Ut photographed terrified children running from the site of a napalm attack

100 best 60s images on Pinterest | Computer science, Computer technology and Computers

Greensboro ...

Vietnam War protestors at the March on the Pentagon.jpg

Shirtless protester Frank C. Plada later died while serving in the U. Army in Vietnam.

Alberto Korda photographed Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara in 1960 at a memorial service for victims of

Mary Ann Vecchio screams as she kneels over Jeffrey Miller's body during. Photos: Iconic photos of the Vietnam War

Iconic Images 1970s Jonestown Massacre

The '70s were known for extremes, with some TV shows -

How Jane Fonda's 1972 trip to North Vietnam earned her the nickname 'Hanoi Jane'

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll

'Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam,' LIFE Magazine, June 1969 | Time.com

President Bill Clinton hugs Monica Lewinsky at a 1996 fund-raiser in Washington. At

Vietnam War: LIFE Magazine Covers From the Era-Defining Conflict | Time.com

In one moment, Bobby Orr became a hockey legend. On May 10, 1970

In 1974, Patty Hearst, an American newspaper heiress and socialite, was kidnapped by

Yousuf Karsh's 1941 portrait of a scowling Winston Churchill -- reportedly

'I never lost hope': Startling interview unearthed with woman behind iconic Great Depression image talking just five years before her death in 1983

The 1960s is known for the major moments that shaped history -- civil rights,

U.S. actress Jane Fonda wears helmet during her visit to an North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun unit

Frenchman Marc Riboud captured one of the most well-known anti-war images in. Photos: Iconic photos of the Vietnam War

January 1965: Vietnamese and US troops rest after a tense night awaiting a Viet Cong ambush near the village of Binh Gia. Horst Faas/AP Photo

All ...

David Bowie -- aka "Ziggy Stardust," aka the "

Anti-Vietnam War demonstrators (called Yippies) clash with police outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The convention, held from Aug.

Top 10 Defining Moments of 1970s America

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll defined the

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A U.S. Marine in Vietnam, October 1966.

8 events that changed the world in 1968

1960s photojournalists showed the world some of the most dramatic moments of the Vietnam War through

Some of the 300 troops of the 9th Infantry Division scheduled for departure from South Vietnam

Vietnam War Draft

Mid 1970s (1973โ€“1976)[edit]

April 30, 1975


Ho Chi Minh

1975 fashion trends - Google Search

Martin Luther King Jr. - Iconic photos of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Pictures - CBS News

Muhammad Ali on the BBC's Michael Parkinson show in October 1971

James Brown

Serial Killer David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam, was arrested on August

It is an image that defines ...

Huynh Cong Ut visits Kim Phuc's house near the place he took his famous Pulitzer Prize

The 100 Greatest War Movies of All Time

American Marines eat rations during a lull in the fighting near the Demilitarized Zone during the

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Wearing Chanel 1970's #OctavioCarlin #ClassicHollywood #Iconicwomen #Fashion #Photography ยท Iconic ...

Cobras and Loaches, two vastly different aircraft, relied on each other to fight the enemy.

American POWs in North Vietnam lining up for release on March 27, 1973. โ€œ

shot by army reserve kent state during vietnam riots

"Participants, some carrying American flags, marching in the civil rights march from Selma. โ€œ

Bay Of Pigs

27 Iconic Images That Defined The 1970s | Symbionese liberation army, History and Vietnam War

Co B 1/27 Wolfhound - leaving for patrol from FSB Kien 1970

Fall of Saigon - Vietnam: A look back in pictures at the Fall of Saigon 40 years ago - Pictures - CBS News

1970s in Western fashion

Allen Ginsberg

Aspiring photojournalist Charles Porter was working near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma

A helicopter raises the body of an American paratrooper killed in action in the jungle near. Photos: Iconic photos of the Vietnam War

Demonstrations in The Hague in the Netherlands, 1967. The placards read "USA out of Vietnam".

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On ...

Group of children and soldiers moving on foot away from a distant cloud of smoke rising

Troops running across marshy terrain in Vietnam's delta country, during operations against the Communist Viet


Kevin Carter's 1993 photograph of a starving child in southern Sudan brought

How Yves Saint Laurent and Halston Defined the '70s

Public Enemy in Hyde Park.

FDR Accepts the 1936 Democratic Presidential Nomination (June 27, 1936)

Fashion: 27 Moments That Defined Seventies Fashion: She created the famous printed wrap-dress, & a fashion empire in the process.

Not only Vietnam war but also America ifself:

The death-row debate remains a prominent one in American culture. The man who

Famous Photos Buddhist Monk

Dan Bullock: The youngest American killed in the Vietnam War

MAR 27 1978, APR 5 1978; Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Barbara Franklin; Women

John Lennon US Army Military Jacket New York

George McGovern, An Improbable Icon Of Anti-War Movement

In 1965, US Troopers are snapped landing in the fields of Vietnam. The Vietnam War would last for nearly 20 years.

Iconic Album Covers web 1000 optimised

French female photographer Catherine Leroy took some of the most famous Vietnam War pictures during the

Young Vietnamese women in aodai during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2006 event

Janis Joplin at Woodstock | music festival | iconic | rock n roll | hippy |

Opposition to the Vietnam War

Iconic Photo. May 4 1970 the shooting at Kent State University.