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A sand save is getting up and down from a greenside bunker In

A sand save is getting up and down from a greenside bunker In


Today, Andrew Rice provides two keys to focus on in order to help you escape greenside bunkers and get up and down more often.

Take the Easy Way Out

LPGA golfer Gerina Piller plays from a bunker during the 2016 US Women's Open

Web-extra video: See video below for more on getting out of greenside bunkers

Learn how to control clubface angle and attack angle to play short and long pins from

Easy Greenside Bunker Shots

10 Best Bunker Players Of All Time

sand ball above set up At address, I choke down on the ...

Greenside Bunker Basics

Bad Bunker Behavior

The Chip Shot

How to Dial in Your Distance from the Bunker for Consistent Sand Shots

Day At The Beach

Learning how to play golf bunker shots will save you many shots during a round of

Getting up and down from bunkers is crucial to saving your score and increasing your pars per round. The average golfer ends up in a green side bunker at ...

As the club contacts the sand, let go of your wedge with your right hand

You're going along playing well, and then the wheels start to rattle. You hit some loose shots and three-putt once or twice, and now it feels like another ...

If you're like a lot of the amateurs I've seen, you take too much sand on greenside bunker shots. People say you need to hit the sand first, ...

bunker shots for sand saves

NCG's golf glossary: What is a sand save?

My New Bunker Move Couldn't Be Easier. By


Score From The Sand. Get up and down ...

Simple set-up tips for lengthy sand escapes

Sean Foley: Why Justin Owns The Sand - Golf Digest

Ian Poulter hit from a bunker during Tuesday's practice round before the 114th U.S. Open at

Jason Day splashes out of sand during the final round of the Wells Fargo Championship at

Seung-Yul Noh leads the PGA TOUR in sand save percentage at 70.37 percent.

#1 – Get the Ball Out

Hacking With Nick: Green-side Bunker Shot

How to Bust One From the Bunker's Back You can't take a regular stance

Greenside Bunkers: Tips and Technique

5 Things You Didn't Know: Sony Open GOLF.com takes you inside. 1 of ...

Tee To Green Masterclass: Greenside Bunker Shot

... of contact with the sand. Golf Bunker Tips - Positions 2-4

Sand Play – Getting Back To Basics

Make Bunker Shots Fun Again - Golf Digest

Learn 4 keys to successful sand play in golf that ensure you hit better bunker shots and get up and down ...

How much sand should I take for perfect bunker shots?

The 20-25 yard bunker shot

Getting Out of a Greenside Bunker

Greenside bunker distance control video

How To Hit The High Greenside Bunker Shot



SHARE ON. The best bunker ...

Evaluating the Shot

How To Play The 50 Yard Bunker Shot

Image titled Always Get out of a Green Side Bunker Step 2

How to Hit Long Bunker Shots Close

Being Smart with Your Targets

sand ball above collage

Step 3: The swing

Peter Horrobin just misses getting it up and down for his sand save on #15 as Ryan Howison rakes the greenside bunker on #14 where he would make his par ...

Other Varieties of Bunker Shots

Know Your Conditions

Golf Tip: Throw sand onto the green for solid greenside bunker shots

How to Hit a High, Soft Landing Bunker Shot

Golf Podcast 192: The Secret to Clearing a Tall Bunker Lip

How to Make a Great Bunker Shot from Wet Sand

Simply escaping the sand is a mission for some but what if you could master three different distances from any greenside trap?

Maximizing Spin From A Greenside Bunker

Selecting the Right Tool for the Job

bunker shot technique

Image titled Always Get out of a Green Side Bunker Step 3

There were plenty in contention come Sunday of the Open Championship at Muirfield in 2002. Ernie Els, who took a two-shot lead into the final round, ...

Mistake #2 – Failing to Open the Club Face at Address

Don't Let the Fried Egg Lie Beat You

fair bunker

Tour players have no trouble out of greenside bunkers…of course they are practicing all the time, but more so because they are setting themselves up for ...

Golf Sand Play: Adjusting to Different Lies and Sand Conditions in the Bunker

Splash Out of Hell – Beat Those Greenside Bunker Blues

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Mak Lok-lin finds inspiration at the bottom of a steep-sided pit, but does he discover enlightenment? Get over the bunker ...

Bunker shots can be awfully counterintuitive. It seems the more you aim left, the more your shots fly to the right. In reality, that's how things are ...

At impact, there are three main differences. First, my weight has transferred to my forward leg. You can't hit great sand shots off your back leg!

Everything You Need To Know About Golf Bunkers

#6 – Take It Easy in a Fairway Bunker

Improve the takeaway plane

View Larger Image how to play bunker shots golf tutorial

sand save golf

The Proper Way to Get Out of a Sand Trap. Bunker shots ...

Improving Wedge Play: Golf Tips for Chipping and Pitching

Fairway Bunker Shots. Golf Video How to get out of greenside bunkers ...

The HEAD Coach – Finding Your Rhythm, Developing Feel | #theHEADCoach

Water Hazard on a Golf Course

1 of 5. Short Game Tips: How to hit high bunker shots

The Greenside Bunker Shot Set Up

Paul Dunne, of Ireland, plays out of a bunker.

Maria Palozola Should You Open Your Clubface in the Bunker