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Achimenes 39Purple King39 Achimenes t

Achimenes 39Purple King39 Achimenes t


Achimenes 'Purple King'

Achimenes 'Prima Donna'

Achimenes 'Sweet & Sour' by Mountain Orchids

Achimenes 'Mexicana' Plant in spring for summer blooming sky blue flowers

Achimenes ' Drunken Sailor ' | by Serge Saliba

Achimenes 'Rhino' - Improved - | by Serge Saliba

Achimenes 'Klaus Neubner'

Achimenes longiflora plants are related to the African violet. Achimenes care is easy. To learn how to grow Achimenes magic flowers, read the information ...

Achimenes sugarland

Achimenes ' Pretty Kitty ' - torpankukka

Hylda Michelsson - Achimenes 2011

Thumb of 2015-10-21/laszloszakszon/87bf97

Achimenes 'Last Dawn' Large Rhizome Rhizomes Gesneriad

Thumb of 2015-10-21/laszloszakszon/5a7d48

Thumb of 2015-10-21/laszloszakszon/fcf4b4

Achimenes 'Purple King'

achimenes vie en rose - Google Search

Pictured are Achimenes "Purple King" (whose rhizomes have reproduced to the point of making a sizable flowering patch) and Gloxinia "Evita" (elsewhere I ...

Achimenes 'Purple Kimono ' by Serge Saliba, via Flickr

Ice Tea - Achimenes 2011


One of the rear window boxes, replanted for summer with orange nonstop tuberous begonias (this is the only place I can manage to grow these, ...

Orange Delight - Achimenes 2011

achimenes queen of lace - Szukaj w Google

Achimenes Plant - Ambroise Verschaffelt - All Flower Plants - Flower Plants - Gardening - Suttons

Thumb of 2015-10-21/laszloszakszon/f3b2e2

Ахименес Abyss

Achimenes ' Pink Martini '

Achimenes Spring Time (2 tubers)

Hard to Get Achimenes

Ахименес 'Cote d' Ivoire' Киев - изображение 1

Alstroemeria Inca Mystic

Achimenes Purple King

Achimenes on my balcony

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Achimenes 'Sauline' by Ron Myhr

Achimenes 'Vivid'

Achimenes 'Purple King' - a gesneriad which has been totally hardy here for three years and is becoming a happy weed throughout the garden.

... Achimenes ' Hassiba Saliba ' ...

Achimenes "Made in Heaven"

Achimenes at Gescon17

Achimenes pulcherrima (3 tubers)

I had five pots of Achimenes last summer, lighting up the front porch. They say redheads shouldn't wear pink. My house blushes. I think everything looks OK ...



Achimenes 'Harry Williams'

The leading lady of the garden is still the Achimenes. :-) Some run out of their blooming capacity but some are about to reaching their peak.


Streptocarpus 'Polka-Dot Purple' – photo: Dibleys Nurseries

Anthurium Baby Purple – photo: Lundager

King's Ransom (LLG/D. Herringshaw)

Achimenes mexicana is native to northwestern Mexico. Big flowers on an upright plant. One of my favorites!

Tooting my own horn: Seemannia 'Little Red'

Potting Up Achimenes Tip Cuttings

Achimenes 'Peach Blossom'

Dessert Series scabious: 'Blackberry Fool' (lilac pink), 'Blueberry Muffin


I ...

... flowers such as primulas, abutilons, fuchsias, and achimenes. Various exhibitions which change throughout the year are displayed in the centre area.



Allium jesdianum 'Purple King'

Achimenes 'Ambroise Verschaffelt' - Stock Image


Seemannia nematanthodes


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Achimenes 'Harry Williams'

Achimenes 'Charm'

Achimenes 'Fallen Angel', 'Golden Butterfly', 'Peach Cascade'.

Streptocarpus 'Titania' – photo: Dibleys Nurseries

Achimenes 'Cattleya-light'

I ...

Begonia: Achimenes "Jennifer Goode"

Achimenes 'Snowprincess'

Achimenes 'Ruby Red'



Achimenes 'Blue Sparks'


This is Achimenes 'Harry Williams', reputed to be hardy (as is 'Purple King', for sure), and getting ready for its first winter here in Tidewater Virginia.

years, grows in the same conditions as the achimenes. It stays smaller with little bright purple and white flowers. Easy to grow and reproduces rhizomes ...

King's Ransom (LLG/D. Herringshaw)

An enormous white wax begonia (probably a form of B. cucullata) which is being marketed in the trade as "Barbara Rogers". I got it from my grandmother over ...


Achimenes pulcherrima

Seemannia is related to Achimenes (a.k.a. magic flowers, widow's tears, hot water plants, etc.) and the plants produce the same kind of scaly rhizome.

This is Canna 'Panache' duking it out with Tetrapanax papyrifera (no, I never did move it...) I got them both at the great plant shop at Green Spring ...

Achimenes Purple Paradise Mix


Achimenes - Image: Achimenes misera in cultivation