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Ansorgii Polypterus Bichirs t

Ansorgii Polypterus Bichirs t


Polypterus Bichir Lapradei

Polypterus ansorgii

Guinean Bichir – Polypterus Ansorgii

Ansorgii bichir

Polypterus ansorgii

Polypterus ansorgii



Ansorgii Bichir


Feeding P. Ansorgii and P. Lapradei

My dabola. Txs to jzx

Polypterus Ansorgii Bichir in Grow Out Tank

Polypterus ansorgii 50 cm

[ IMG]

Guinean Bichir (Polypterus ansorgii). What a beauty!

Albino SB senegal thinks that he is part of the lower jaw bichir

Polypterus ansorgii

1 X CB ENDI x Ansorgii hybrid (9-10")

Lapradei x Endlicheri

NILE BICHIR (polypterus bichir bichir )

Polypterus ansorgii giant


Polypterus ornatipinnis, Ornate bichir

Lapradei Koliba



Polypterus Ansorgii

Barred bichir, Polypterus delhezi

Guinean Bichir (Polypterus ansorgii)

Lower jaw Bichir Grows to be a huge monster. Nice checkered pattern. Personally selected. Not all stocks available in the market have good markings

The Guinean bichir, Polypterus ansorgii, is a bony fish from rivers and other freshwater

Image of Polypterus ansorgii (Guinean bichir)

Bichir - Polypterus Ornatapinnis


... Ansorgii x Bichir Bichir [ IMG]

Bichirs: An Ultimate Care Guide

Polypterus | Polypterus congicus “Congo Bichir” | Primo Aquatics

Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri – Saddled Bichir

... Delhezi Bichir – Polypterus Delhezi

[ IMG]


"Here are two pics of another one collected at the same time about 2 month ago" by Seiichi

Albino SB senegal thinks that he is part of the lower jaw bichir

[ IMG]

Polypterus endlicheri – Saddled Bichir – Congo Bichir

Ansorgii Bichir + Shrimp Pellets!



Senegal (Cuvier's) Bichir Polypterus senegalus Cuvier

Polypterus endlicheri – Saddled Bichir – Congo Bichir

[ IMG]

... Bichir Feeding, Bichir Disease, Bichir Reproduction, & FAQs on: Ropefish 1, Ropefish 2, & Ropefish ID, Ropefish Behavior, Ropefish Compatibility, ...

Barred bichir

Nice bichirs.

play video A few of the inhabitants eating chopped up fish #bichir # polypterus #cichlid #


Polypterus Senegalus

Need help with another bichir ID


A Polypterus senegalus... doing with Bichirs do most of the time... hang out.

Polypterus polli and delhezi #polypterus #bichir #bichirs #bichirsofinstagram #polypterusdelhezi #polypteruspolli

This awesome 13" Ansorgii. So happy to add a new polypterus

Polypterus delhezi – Banded Bichir

Photo0242.jpg ...

polybaby7. The Senegal Bichir ...

[ IMG]

Albino senegal named Snowflake

Ansorgii hybrid and endli. #polypterusansorgii #polypterusendlicheri #ansorgiibichir #endlicheribichir #guineanbichir #

About birchirs

My Ansorgii #polypterusansorgii #ansorgiibichir #guineanbichir #polypterus # ansorgii #bichir #bichirs

Glass Catfish – Kryptopterus Bicirrhis · Congicus Bichir – Polypterus Endlicheri Congicus

ALL ARE PELLET TRAINED, even trained to the extent they take hikari wheat germ.. so you can save on your expensive carnivore pellets!

Baby Ansorgii, cb from Japan, 4"

I don't know which one is my favorite #polypterus #bichir #polli

Re: Jewel Cichlids with an African Brown Knife and a Senegal Bichir? incomp. 1/27/12. Thank you so very much for your advise (you guys are an amazing ...

Guinean Bichir (Polypterus ansorgii)

Polypterus endlicheri – Saddled Bichir – Congo Bichir

#polypterus #polypteruspt #delhezi #bichir #bichirbichir #endlicheri # ansorgii #ornate

Actually my del is pretty small too... though that would defeat the whole multiple bichir thing to get rid of it.

I just don't like that these farms are doing this. Especially with bichirs, some species look almost identical.

Senegalus Bichir Feeding - Lightning Strike