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BAHAHAHAHA Some modern AU Lams would be super cool

BAHAHAHAHA Some modern AU Lams would be super cool


BAHAHAHAHA, Some modern AU Lams would be super cool!

god alex dial it back a bit

I finally got around to drawing the lams request I got from an anon Sorry that

Cute lams < <

And here's some Lams to warm your heart

threadbaremillionaire: Hamilton was great!

#wattpad #fanfiction The Hamilton college AU that nobody asked for but I wanted to

I need to stop pinning Lams but idfc. This is like a moment of peace


more lams yAY

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Modern AU Hamilton

how about come to my house and personally kill my ass thank you very much <

trying to ignore the fact the USA is screwed Cuddles - LAMS

arieryn: gotta love some lams stuff. fan art hamilton .

Want to see art related to lams?

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Laurens/Hamilton fanart (not by me, I don't know who the

request from over on the tumbles, pose is 28 from here lams is the ship name for alexander hamilton and john laurens, and since the requester had a musi.

john laurens hamilton musical - Google Search

Resultado de imagen para helpless hamilton

Hamilton College AU(DISCONTINUED)✓ - Ėłėvėñ

lams modern au | Tumblr

Find this Pin and more on Hamilton by Luna Van Pelt.

hamilton modern au | Tumblr

bottleshark: People keep complaining in the tags of my art about the dual casting so I've decided to draw two grown men who are professionals kissing ...

I love how we all just know.

They are probably talking in the middle of a trial involving a murder. Ah, the uh… Super duper neato Cop/Lawyer AU from is like super neato?

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? — dorothywonderland .

Lams and Washingdad

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This is just so fucking adorable


Prequel to comic I posted earlier

pizza boi pt2

191 best Lams images on Pinterest | Lin manuel miranda, Alexander hamilton and Hamilton lin manuel

I don't get the ship, someone halp

John discovers turtle flight

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stream 58 alexander hamilton playlists tagged with john laurens and lams. from your desktop or mobile device.

Honestly me with my best friend that I was shipped with except I'm the one leaning on her cause she's really fucking short

"Don't you ever forget about me, okay Laurens." "Got it, Hamilton." -- Lams highschool AU aHAHA thanks

Of course, he did most of the damage to himself.

Basically where I post random nonsense about my squad. #detodo # De Todo #

Our Shot: Lams/Hamilton College AU - Jealous John - Wattpad

i feel like i could eat the world raw LAMS ❤

I love that sin animatic (Say no to this lams by Mush Roomie / Hamilton Trash)

sugarandmemories: “hear me out: AU where Eliza is Lams' surrogate and Phillip is the beautiful son ”

Oh my God #jalexander #otp


I'm not crying you're crying

i like drawing (i love the modern hamilton au and georgie isnt...)

hamilton draw the squad - This the most Beautiful picture

Lin Manuel Miranda

Read CHAPTER ONE from the story Brown - Mute!Alexander Hamilton x John Laurens (Lams) by LadyAlvera (Alvera) with 106 r.

This makes me happy

1/6 Heads up this is the only Valentines thing I'm doing for Hamiltots cuz I'm busyyyyy. HOPEFULLY THIS IS ENOUGH TO SATE YOU GUYS. IM SORRY THERES NO LAMS ...

WEBSTA @caw.chan I'M LATE BUT HERE I GO Perfume AU and

midnigtartist: “When the tomcat gets married and you proud as hell ”

My new background for my phone. #hamilton #hamiltonmusical

Image result for hamilton letters to laurens

Credit @svetanda Happy Pride Month! Freaking adorable Lams ship!

I have the honor to be, Sir — yamhaylet: “Two pints o'


be more chill madeline | Tumblr

Save and tag images you find in Google search results so you can easily get back

John Laurens, Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton, Lams, Laurens/Hamilton This is actually really good!

Hamilton fan Ann Uland illustrates what would have happened if Alexander Hamilton had had access to social media. Hamilton is particularly popular among a ...

Don't really ship Hamburr, but some of the art is fantastic

i love him i can't stop listening to hamilton musical I CAN'T! sahhdasj i need help adasjdhsajhd Lafayette

191 best Lams images on Pinterest | Lin manuel miranda, Hamilton lin manuel and Musical theatre


““And in the face of ignorance and resistance I wrote financial systems into existence And when my prayers to God were met with indifference I picked up a ...


Find this Pin and more on Funny Thingies by goinggone99.

This fact is very not fun.

BAHAHAHAHA, Some modern AU Lams would be super cool! See more. from yamhaylet.tumblr.com · hamilton lams | Tumblr

*creds to artist ///tags: #lams#hamilton#hamiltonmusical#


Guns and Ships. By @Number 42 -Hamilton- -Lafayette- -Laurens- -Lamilton- -Drawing-

modern marliza

Throw+Away+My+Shot+AU :+Alexander'[email protected]

Aaron burr sir (lams comic) | Hamilton Amino | Bell's journal | Pinterest | Aaron burr

Hamilton Modern AU: textingThis 100% would happen and if you don't think so you are lying.

Raise A Glass {Lams} - ::Thirteen::

Birdloaf - Alex College AU from Hell

I love mullete and lams ,, so much

Our Shot (LAMS school au) - Chapter 6: A New Home

In a Hopeless Corner

Um at first I thought this was going to be Sherlock < < < Ditto. And John and Alex are su… | Pinterest | Sherlock, Board and Alexander hamilton

#wattpad #fanfiction #711 in fanfic lmao idk why Another basic modern college AU

Rebelling is a lot of hard work, can't blame the poor man for wanting some rest, Laurens Well all I really draw nowadays is Lams fanart so have more Lams ...

Lams by Daiki-nim

Ham and Laurens

2841 best Hamilton images on Pinterest | Lin manuel miranda, Hamilton lin manuel and Musical theatre

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Do you ever find something online and it's just like 'Why the hell does this exist?'... Yeah.

Mary had a little Lam by Nonirikku on DeviantArt Sad Lams