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BH6 Oh My Gummy this is too funny lol PJOHDO t

BH6 Oh My Gummy this is too funny lol PJOHDO t


Oh my God. Tadashi you ass. Lol.

BH6: Oh My Gummy, this is too funny lol

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baby hiro - Google Search

Professor Callaghan and Tadashi Hamada taken by the fangirls. I feel SO sorry for them

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Don't worry Hiro, you're not the only one who has a addiction to gummy bears

i love his face when wasabi and fred kiss him like "omgomgomgomg" he's just in shock and all blushy blushy and it's so cu t ee

*waves hands in front of his face* Hiro.

Big Hero 6 and Rise of the Guardians crossover - pg12 OH MY GOSH! I

Why even go into a burning building without protection? I mean, did he even see how fully engulfed with flames the building was before he even ran in?

I will pummel all the girls that said "me"

The most awesome images on the Internet. Lol So ...

"i only have one leg of my own but you can take the other and put it on a high shelf" //i am trash for amputee tadashi if u haven't noticed

lightingupthereef: “ Daily life with the Hamada Bros ”


Inside out x Big Hero 6 I love the pairing of Riley and Hiro! They are so cute together!//hmmm this is a pretty cute pairing

I suck at making descriptions so please enjoy my first Tadashi Hamada… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

i hate frozen.

Okay, the movie killed me. The fanart kills me.

"Anonymous asked: How does it feel knowing your brother is all alone? If he goes back to botfighting, he won't have anyone at his back.

HiroGo I kinda ship it but I ship Penny and Hiro

Whenever i see this gif, i automatically start singing the gummy bear song.

The picture isn't from BH6 but I love it just the same

Oh My Gummy — fruityintheloops: yukipri: BIG HERO 6 X STAR.

Hamada Bros: Go to the Store! Part 2 by LightsintheSkye ...

Goodness gracious, if this isn't how it goes down I'll be a bit disappointed.

blonde by on DeviantArt~~~ yeah don't ask we're the English version is idek but yeah it's adorable XD Oh my god a blonde Hiro.Tadashi your so mean.


So I watched this movie last night it is probably the best Disney movie ever made behind lion king, nothing tops lion king! < < <((loved this movie!

Detention - Tadashi Hamada x Reader (BH6 Fanfic) by FullMetalPuppy on DeviantArt

He's the only one without a superpower, so he can't defend himself,

'Big Hero 6' Posters show Baymax and Hiro

Hiro Hamada's Dark Path: Hiro and Tadashi are reunited, but Hiro didn't recognize him and Tadashi is furious that Hiro is choosing the dark side to be evil.

Bahaha Jack, ye can't be more normal. (Ya, thet word needed to be beeped)

I do ship Hidashi but this is what kind of stuff brothers will do Hiro did that to me the other day it was so hard to get out of that lock.

aunt cass's werid way to get more business for the Lucky Cat - pg03

boyfriends by 021.deviantart.com on @deviantART Andy and Sid from Toy Story is a ship and I didn't even know it

kuracker said: Tadashi wearing Honey's glasses ? Answer: Why sweet gummy bears you look so hamadorable with those, Tadashi. Honey thinks so too.

(taking a break from work by drawing fanart is my new hobby or what? This movie is stuck in my head)

I pretty hated myself for today 'cause I messed up. I drew a draft for my next penniro reply but I accidentally shut the laptop down and I wasn't able to ...

Oh My Gummy — I imagine as Hiro and Penny grow older, they.

(oh my big hero

Hiro with a gummy bear -----> OHMYGOSH HES SO FRIGGING CUTE

the adorable faces of Tadashi Hamada Big Hero 6

Disney - Jack and Rapunzel - Harry Potter

Tadashi's transformation to Sunfire- fan theory that Tadashi will return as the superhero Sunfire

BH6 Cast

OH MY GOODNESS, THIS. D": (art credit to niyanyan)

Honey Lemon and Tadashi taking a photo Honey: How was that? Tadashi: Not bad, Honey Lemon

The Beginning by sounf

BH6 AU Ideas


This is the BH6 cast and what Zodiac sign fits them.

Not really sure where this ship came from but it gives me an interesting idea. What if Lance actually looks REALLY ALTEAN for a human?

More like she's being racist at Keith < < < no I don't think that's it. Hunk and pidge were acting the same way as allura, lance was the only one who seemed ...

lol, Frozen and Big Hero 6

Big Hero Six Quote "Stop Staring at me with them big ol' eyes" I laughed so hard my chest hurt! I will never look at Baymax the same again.


lol he's gay

i've been in highschool for not even half a school year, and i'm so not ready for college (UPDATE: my first year of highschool is now over, and looking back ...

Big Hero 6

This is too funny!!! Oooooh.

Hiro is just SO weirded out by Fred.


Oh My Gummy — Penny falling asleep on Hiro? *u* (her head

Hiro's family throughout the years, (art credit to emkay-oh)

The screenshot makes me sp happy.

I will help this person demand Big Hero 6 stuff.

LOL Deleted scene, Big hero six

My brother Tadashi as a fire bender plz Tadashi plz be alive out there maybe you

[BH6] HUG by CHAYI105


Hiro: *blushes like a tomato* I meant T-Tadashi.n-not mom. < < That happened to me with a teacher ya I know oops

Fanpop OMG bh6/lilo and stitch crossover! I can totally see this happening.

Hiro Hangs With The Disney Girls Part 1~Hiro offers to build Vanellope her very

I don't normally pin Frozen, but I love the crossover with El Dorado!

***NSFW***(not explicit, but just in case :P) [[MORE]]So I was fancying about Let It Go in Hidashi version. Then I see some of Hidashi fans mentioned that ...


oh my tadashi .just happen to come across this photo .is it gettin hot in here lol. sorry for all of the shirtless Tadashi pics, but they're too hard to ...

Fred Files: Hiro (pt So I'm only as tall as Hiro, huh?

He is for sure my new favorite Disney character <3 <3 <3 Tadashi Hamada from big hero 6. A very attractive animated character

Page 08 time travel au where Tadashi gets sent to the future somehow and has nO CLUE WHATS GOING ON and slightly older (maybe 16 now?) Hiro gets pi…


The Hamada family! >>>> I just started crying

I laughed so hard at this. My best friend did this to my on accident with a cone

and my family is having movie night tomarrow and we are gonna watch I still bawl my eyes out

THIS IS SO RELATABLE (not that i undressed someone before though lol)

I know that this ISN'T the final paper ,I wanted to see how and if i should darken thier hair . And oh yeah! Totally love how it looks :D Im going ...

Big hero 6 characters as parents - Hiro would be me, hahaha

The feet of GoGo don't touch the floor and Hiro is like"woah

hamada-shi: “ miniyunart: “ I had a dream where, what if Hiro had died instead of Tadashi and proceeded to make myself miserable while drawing this.

micahnguyen:I always tend to revisit this scene in BH6, try not to cry

29+ Viral Memes That Are So Funny You Will Think LOL

I had to go through such WEIRDNESS to find parts and for this comic.

Oh well.

My Human. Get your own.

Hiro being cute.