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British tankers on the armor downed French German tank 39Panther

British tankers on the armor downed French German tank 39Panther


British Mk IV (Female) tank, 'Escapade' , broken down and captured by the Germans near Cambrai, France.

German non-commissioned officer in the armor downed French medium tank Somua S35. Registration

Panther tank '222' after the battle of Overloon.

D №434 51st Panzer Battalion Kursk, July 1943

WWII, 1943 - This British tank crew just completed a successful drive on Tripoli,

Destroyed German Tanks after the Battle of Kursk, 1943

WW2 Photos - Panther with experimental infra-red night vision device on cupola

Germans inspecting captured French medium tanks, France, May or Jun 1940

D part of I./SS Pz.Rgt 2 panzer page

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Light tank M3 “Stuart” by the British in the converted self-propelled artillery. Place of the regular tower took 18-pounders (83,8 mm) gun.

Panther tank Cologne Germany, 1945

The "Sherman" was disabled on July 11 in a firefight with with a German tank battalion.

British soldiers in armored personnel carriers "Universal Carrier", re-equipped with the Vickers machine gun.

French Char B1-bis taken over by a German crew.Somewhere in France so · Ww2 TanksArmored ...

A Sherman tank crew greets a Valentine tank crew at the link-up of the First and Eighth Armies at Bou Ficha, 14 May

A Universal Carrier of the 4th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, Vaucelles, France

A Sherman ARV (Armored Recovery Vehicle) Mk. I, a British modification to the Sherman, turning it into an armored towing vehicle for downed tanks and other ...

Panzer of the 'Windhund' Division stop their vehicle in France - summer 1944

German Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Tank Ausf.G Battle of the Bulge

An serving in the French Armored Division Halloville France November of 1944

Krinkelt-Rocherath Panthers 12 SS Pzr Div Hitlerjugend destroyed by 2-ID/99-ID

Image The graves of the German tank crew ...

WWII, 1940 - Hotchkiss H35 light infantry tanks captured by the German Army during the invasion of France. Slow and armed with a short-barrel 37mm cannon ...

Guardsman R.W. Ferguson of The Canadian Grenadier Guards watches two French children examining his Centaur MkII

"Churchill Crocodile" A British flame-throwing tank of late Second World War

German Tanks of the Interwar Decades - Leichttraktor – Rheinmetall, Kama, 1929

In early April 1945, King Tiger '231' of the schwere Panzer-Abteilung 509 was one of the few tanks to make it back to within the borders of the Reich from ...

Kriegsmarine Sailor Posed Next to British Churchill Tank

Panzer IVs Pass Knocked Out Universal Carrier

British Military Developing Force Fields

Pont-Farcy, Basse-Normandie, France, between the and the of August In a village left in ruins, a US Medical truck passes behind a wrecked Panzer IV Ausf.

French tankers pose in front of their tank, 1940. They look appropriately ferocious, but France surrendered to the Germans in two weeks time.

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A British Cromwell Tank fitted with deep wading trunks heads an armoured column of the 4th

Pz.V Panther "248" ( kdr is SS-Uscha. Otto Süsse

German Afrikakorps soldiers in an armored personnel carrier Sd.Kfz.251/1 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251) Ausf.B advances past the fortified Fort Mechili in ...

M4A3 (76) W HVSS of 'B' Company, 25th Tank Battalion,

American & British RAF fighters caught thousands of retreating Germans all crammed on to one main

"China Clipper" a veteran of the 68th Tank Battalion, 6th Armored Division was photographed in September 1944 while undergoing repair in a hangar near Nancy ...

A German gun crew relaxes next to their 88 mm. The famous flak gun became

The Crusader II was the primary cruiser British tank during The cruiser tank was a British concept for fast moving armor designed to operate independently ...

France, Tiger tanks

Photo after Axis Surrender in circa 10 May of Pzkw IV tank blown up by the german themselfs

Panzer VIII “Maus” The massive German tank nicknamed the “Mouse” weighed in at 188 tons. It's sheer size made it one of the biggest tanks to ever be ...

German Pz. IV · Panzer IvWw2 TanksArmored ...

The column of tigers in the North of France. Tiger tanks were added to each

Sturmgeschutz III - or StuG - Tank Destroyer

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1944 Operation Bagration - Four Belarusian geese walking in front of a destroyed German Panther tank.

The second generation Panther V Ausf with added machine gun port and mechanical upgrades.

K.O. German tank Tiger II with the Soviet trophy № - 300.

M-10 Tank Destroyer from the 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion supporting the 143rd Infantry Regiment

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Impact of 3 rounds of HE on a German Panther, killing turret crew but no other damage.

A German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. F or G assault gun in Russia. Ww2 TanksArmored ...

Tiger tank No. 205, belonging to SS Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann, proceeds down a

One of Becker's creations (above) was a Czechoslovak Škoda A6 anti-tank gun inside a German enclosure set on a French Renault R35 tank hull.

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A French women poses on a knocked out German Jagdpanzer in the southwestern suburbs of Paris

WI German Soldiers Attacking Stalled Allied Tank During the Battle of the Somme

British Challenger 2

Char FCM 2C bis -- Super-heavy French tank prototype "Alsace" ca

knocked out tank photos | 501. Disabled tank near Noville Belgium

German soldiers near destroyed T-34-85 tank

The fearsome Tiger -- one of the most iconic tanks ever built.

WW2 German Panther tank


German Tank development from the Panzer I to the proposed Panzer VIII, inter-war years until the end of

Two German soldiers on the armor of the French infantry tank Renault D2 №2059 'Neerwinden', downed 20 May 1940 in the area Festё (Festieux).

German Soldiers Posing with Captured French Tractors

Illustration of the 1K17 Szhatie by Tanks Encyclopedia's own David Bocquelet

1944 proved the critical year for the war, the offensives of 1943 finally beginning to show their fruits throughout both theaters of war.

Soviet troops will eventually defeat the Germans, after a week of heavy fighting and tens of thousands of casualties on both sides.

This German Tiger Tank I Ausf. E Heavy Tank panzerkampfwagen VI can be found at

Tiger II. Tiger IiTiger TankArmored ...

Near the end of World War I Germany introduced the A7V tank in 1918 (the

MWMIK / Jackal Armored Vehicle (United Kingdom)

21 June 1943 Soviet Union, on Lake Ladoga - Tankers loading a Panzer VI "Tiger I" with new shells. PK Lfl 1 Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502 (only unit ever ...

The British and the French both had interesting ideas of tank designs in the in-between war years that did not last beyond World War II.


... A12 Matilda II Infantry Tank (Western Desert)

M4A1 battle of Keren, Tunisia

30 best Destroyed Allied Armour images on Pinterest | World war two, Ww2 tanks and Armored vehicles

[Photo] German Jagdpanther tank destroyer in France, Jun 1944, photo 1 of 2

German and Italian soldiers surrender to Allied forces during the Tunisia Campaign, part of he larger North African Campaign. The Tunisia Campaign was a ...

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German tank Pz.Kpfw. III, shot down by the British near the town

German forces move into Dunkirk. Disarmed French soldiers file pass German officers on the outskirts of Dunkirk. The evacuation of the British Expeditionary ...

American soldiers aboard a tank in a snow-covered Ardennes field, Battle of the Bulge, December 1944

A German machine gunner crew camped out in a destroyed Soviet T-34 tank.

Medium self-propelled gun SU-85 and medium tank T-34 Model 1943

Berlin,1945. World Of TanksWw2 TanksArmored ...

Pre Order: British Sherman V Troop (including Vc Firefly)

German parade of captured French AMC 35 S medium tanks and light tanks, Paris, France, 1941 Photographer Ernst Herrmann Source German Federal Archive

King Tiger 222 Jan 1945 Stavelot