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DC Television Universe John Wesely Shipp Henry Allen The

DC Television Universe John Wesely Shipp Henry Allen The


The Flash Barry Allen and Jay Garrick played by John Wesley Shipp

And John Wesley Shipp's role on The CW's Flash series will be.

DC Television Universe : John Wesley Shipp - Barry Allen / The Flash TV series)

The Flash's TV Dad Congratulates Billy Crudup On Being Cast As The Flash's Movie Dad

Interview: John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp will play Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen, in the upcoming CW show The Flash. He played Barry in


DC COMICS: DC TV Universe bio Jay Garrick - Flash

6) John Wesley Shipp. Arrowverse Role: The Flash as Henry Allen/Jay Garrick. Other DC Universe ...

Henry Allen in The Flash (2014)

The Flash (Jay Garrick) (John Wesley Shipp) and the Future Flash (

Barry Allen (Flash 1990 TV Series)

'Flash' Actor John Wesley Shipp Reveals His Thoughts On Ezra Miller

John Wesley Shipp Praises Billy Crudup's Casting as Henry Allen

Barry Allen and Jay Garrick in The Flash s03e02, 'Paradox'

Henry Allen (Arrow)

DC Television Universe : John Wesely Shipp - Henry Allen (The Flash)

When The CW's superhero drama returns in the fall, these are the questions we need answered.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen on The Flash

DiscussionJohn Wesley Shipp ...

John Wesley Shipp, as THE FLASH's Henry Allen, gets attacked in prison for helping

Flash, The (CBS 1990-1991, John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays) Scifi Action adventure series. Police scientist Barry Allen is secretly a super hero cal…

John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp as The Flash 1990 6/17/2016 ®.

John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen in The Flash S01E17: 'Tricksters&

The CW

Billy Crudup In Talks to Play Henry Allen in The Flash

DC TV universe explained

Henry Allen

Justice League poster


John Wesley Ship at the Emerald City Comic-Con Panel

Flash (TV Series) (John Wesley Shipp) smiling

Meet actor John Wesley Shipp at #FanX #SLCC18! Barry Allen on the 1990 tv series The Flash, Henry Allen/Jay Garrick on the current The Flash, ...

John Wesley Shipp as TV's The Flash

'The Flash's New Trailer Features a Callback to the '90s Series

John Wesley Shipp John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen ...

Earth X. '

Henry Allen (Arrow: Flashpoint Timeline)

Henry Allen

Latest Images

The Flash -- "Gorilla Warfare" -- Image FLA207B_0019b.jpg --

JWS as Earth 3's Jay Garrick

John Wesley Shipp at Florida Supercon in 2010

DC TV universe explained – How The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Earths 1-3 fit together

... 2 (Danielle Panabaker), Hunter Zolomon (Teddy Sears)-Earth 1 & Zoom-Earth 2, and finally Henry Allen-Earth 1 & Jay Garrick-Earth 3 (John Wesley Shipp).


A lot of people saw it coming when John Wesley Shipp's character, Henry Allen, returned to the show after taking almost a season long break from Central ...

Barry Allen. john-wesley-shipp-07042015

Barry Allen, a.k.a the Flash, has been a central member of the Justice League ever since its comic book origin in 1960. He was the second Flash in the DC ...

Flash-Barry-DarkMatter. “

The Flash 1990. The Flash 1990. Actor John Wesley Shipp. Barry Allen's father (Henry ...


Barry allen shopping. Barry stopping a robber

Image courtesy of The CW.

4. Just goes to show John Wesley Ship is a huge Flash Fan in general.



Flash (TV Series) (John Wesley Shipp) face closeup gray suit

I may be late to the party, but I Just found out That Barry Allen's dad, was the flash in the 1990's tv show!

Warner Bros. is looking back into their past successful superhero films for their most recent casting. Billy Crudup has been cast as Henry Allen in the ...

The ORIGINAL Scarlet Speedster, John Wesley Shipp, slows down long enough to join me

John Wesley Shipp-the flash-e1409829289878

Now that Barry Allen saved his mom, what does that mean for the rest of

I feel really blessed to be in this position. It's nothing I ever expected. I thought that'd be the last superhero I'd ever play, but you never know.

Flash (TV Series) (John Wesley Shipp) in the lab

It seems Dr. Manhattan has found his way into the DC Films universe.

John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen's doppelganger on Earth- 2 who is original Jay Garrick) told EW in an interview – “Yes, I have been given permission to say ...

The live action DC Universe has Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman on the big screen. On the small-screen, Stephen Amell brings life to ...

I Hated The Flash "Invincible" Ending

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John Wesley Shipp Talks The Flash and Mark Hamill's Appearance on the Show

29389224_10160107969015147_3213391984228040704_o 0c14395a2f4dde5093323f3068c15f4e

The Flash (John Wesley Shipp) trying his costume

Ezra Miller (Photo via Warner Bros.)

... a retrospective genuflect at the first live-action iteration of the iconic sonic boom dodger - the 1990 television series starring John Wesley Shipp ...

"Flash's" Shipp Hints At Bart Allen, Reveals Possible Spinoff Title

By Stefanie V. At Comic-Con 2015, OHSOGRAY talked with The Flash's John Wesley Shipp (“Henry Allen”) about what's ahead in season 2 and whether he may know ...


The Flash Season 3 Jay Garrick Savitar

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... this incredibly formidable threat leading Supergirl to meet all of the CW/DC comics television characters to battle with against the dominant force.


THE FLASH Review: 'Tricksters'

The Flash Iron Mask Earth-3 Jay Garrick

john wesley shipp 1990 flash henry allen poster picture image wallpaper screensaver

... Mark Hamill and John Wesley Shipp Returns for the Flash's Christmas Episode 'The Present' ...


The Flash: Is Mark Hamill Playing the Joker?