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DIY Oculus by spyfeedback Thingiverse t

DIY Oculus by spyfeedback Thingiverse t


f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus) by spyfeedback - Thingiverse

Meant to be Seen - View topic - DIY Oculus Rift - schematics, instructions and build pics!

DIY VR Setup v 0.2 #vr #diy #psmove

3D printable VR Headset for smartphones by AZ360VR - Thingiverse

Oculus Rift DK2 IPD adjuster +4mm by ClassicGOD - Thingiverse

Spherical Projector by nrp - Thingiverse. Snow GlobesVr

f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus)


Iphone 6+ VR Headset by haffnerriley - Thingiverse

f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus) by spyfeedback - Thingiverse | DIY VR | Pinterest | Open source and Vr

RA by WickedAndy - Thingiverse

Search Thingiverse - Thingiverse

VR Viewer for Phones and Tablets by oobleq - Thingiverse

Thingiverse model file for 3D printing a buffer to protect the lenses from spectacles.

OpenVR: Building an Oculus Rift for only $150


Create a VR Bike Route with Raspberry Pi and a Stationary Bike


3D Printing The Oculus Rift CV1 Prescription Lens Adapter

Girlie or Steampunk, there's a style for everyone on Thingiverse. © DR

f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus) by spyfeedback - Thingiverse | DIY VR | Pinterest | Open source and Vr


f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus) by spyfeedback - Thingiverse | DIY VR | Pinterest | Open source and Vr


f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus) by spyfeedback - Thingiverse | DIY VR | Pinterest | Open source and Vr

Folk flute in tenor, alto, and soprano sizes by pfh - Thingiverse


f Oculus Rift - Bee (DIY Oculus) by spyfeedback - Thingiverse | DIY VR | Pinterest | Open source and Vr

Dragon Bookmark by AdamCh. Based on a design by Roland. From Thingiverse

Fun Multipurpose Clips / Holders / Pegs with moving jaws that bite! by muzz64 - Thingiverse

Clever Kinect Hack Brings This Guy's Full Body Into Virtual Reality

[OLD VERSION] Folk flute, alto, straight bore by pfh - Thingiverse


HTC re Vive Virtual Reality Googles Arriving Later This Year

But don't worry, getting a gunstock and other accessories for your VR games has never been easier thanks to 3D models uploaded by designers on Thingiverse.

It looks like this case uses M2 screws, but I don't have any, so I used 3-48 screws.

Tips & TricksA ...

GoPro Stab Hand by Datheus http://thingiverse.com/thing:569639

4/4 Scale Electric Violin - EPV R2 by mccand - Thingiverse

So, I designed my own mount which is attached to the Oculus Rift Sensor, for me this works perfect.

Welcome to Reddit,

The VR market is so small right now that being able to 3D print your own niche but useful accessories really does make sense. Here's hoping the marketers ...

3D Printing Company Scrapes Thingiverse And Begins Selling “Free” Designs | TechCrunch

Oculus Touch - Gun Stock Test (Deutsch)

HTC Vive Controller Wall Charging Mount by _Jeff_ - Thingiverse

3ders.org - ROSCO: low cost, open source 3D printable DIY rover |


Sadly by this point I missed the chance to catch the second film at the cinema. So now I can't wait to watch it when it's released!

You can get the STL on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:258… the battery holder at https://goo.gl/7MCsMT and the TP4056 at ...

Modular VR Glove/Controller for HTC Vive DIY

Furniture classics by HAY with decor

If you're interested in printing a copy of these adjustable focal length VR Goggles for yourself, you can find the files on Thingiverse.

So I got oculus rift a week ago, had to design sensor mounts because.

Reprap Prusa i3 3d printer 2015 DIY kit

Perhaps the best known plastic gun, from 1993's "In the Line of Fire.

Great looking 3D printed Martian rover - downloadable design http://www. thingiverse.com/thing:1318414

Don't throw away your short pencils, extend them!

Gallovic didn't just pen a design and get going, though, the development process has been long and arduous. He started with a simple wing from thingiverse ...


... be seen as a direct competitor to Oculus, with their forthcoming Hololens, has decided to make their own improvements to the Oculus Rift Dk2 headset, ...

Better belt tensioner

The trouble with 3D printing a ball bearing is that spheres don't adhere to

The design itself is made up of over 40 individual prints, and includes a printable display stand. The pieces that don't just fit together are held in place ...

Vive Controller Camera Mount for Mixed Reality Filming by jaymis - Thingiverse

Customizable "Fidget" Spinner Ring by AmazingSpanoMan - Thingiverse


Material: PLA Extrafill "Noble Blue" ▷ Printed by: Tom Jackson‏

But there's something extremely satisfying about printing a creation of your own design. Unfortunately, 3D modeling has traditionally required expensive and ...

makerslabcz's Thingiverse Profile

Parametric Tardis by Gossamer - Thingiverse


Models from "Thingaverse"   ---  Rancor by

I couldn't find an adjustable power supply in my house (I think my personal one became property of Oculus at some point), and I couldn't find a small simple ...

https://www.roadtovr.com/consumer-gear-vr -teardown-reveals-easily-replaceable-lenses/

DIY- free template- Low Poly Mask by kongorilla - Thingiverse

Oculus Rift Sensor Mount Black (2 pack)

Low Poly Cuddling Cats! by PixelMatter3D http://thingiverse.com/thing

1pc Nanodlp V2.1 PCB Double circuit board for Nanodlp shield V2.1 PCB

Nobody wants to spend the time and money involved in picking up and setting up a new VR headset just to find that it doesn't seem to fit right because they ...

... behind the project, along with all the code to power this homemade RPN calculator hosted here on GitHub, and 3D-printer files here on Thingiverse.

snap-fit link chain braclet by smellymoo - Thingiverse

Perpetual motion, Leonardo da Vinci by RichMac - Thingiverse

Emma (student and VR volunteer at the Folsom Public Library) standing up our Oculus rig…

Ocarina of Time by hockenmaier - Thingiverse

Labo) by YamashitaKen - Thingiverse

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Link: Fidget Tri-Spinner with Themed Bearing Caps on Thingiverse

Uni-Spacer for Nucleus PDB by aMpeX_fhm - Thingiverse

Elephant Mask template - Low Poly DXF by theshort - Thingiverse


My attempt on making a stock gun for onward game ...

Raspberry Pi Cluster rack by anode505 - Thingiverse

Full Size Working Trumpet by hobbyman - Thingiverse