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I just have one shihtzu that sleeps with me sometimes and he literally gives me no room to lay down! He takes up the whole width! -jamieriahi92


Boxer Dog Breed

(...and of course Buckshot is back to being his goofy rambunctious self and once again we are able to laugh.)

When Dogs Kick And Twitch In Their Sleep, Are They Really Having Seizures?

Boxer Dog Breed

Skin Blisters and Pustules in Dogs

Boxer Dog Breed

Melina Giakas


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Dangers of Sleeping with Dogs

7 Of The Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Don't judge your dog's health by his nose

Source: I Can Haz Cheezburger

Does Your Dog Know When You're Naked?

Old Labrador

Dog Grooming Tips

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15 Dogs Who Thought Their Ninja Skills Would Score Them Food

We've all taken those quizzes or examined those guides on what our own sleeping positions say about us... don't try to deny it. (Oh, you're a stomach ...

Grooming day means you bring out the big blow-dryer. Don't!

Foot or Toe Cancer in Dogs

What They Don't Tell You About Owning A Pit Bull... Or Four Of Them | HuffPost

golden retriever drinking from a dog water bowl for sloppy drinkers

Boxer lying on dog bed


A few weeks later, I was compelled to look at the Animal Friends website, and I came across this guy, an 8 year old boxer with really bad teeth and who had ...

Bonding ...

Boxer Dog Breed

7 Things About Your Dog's Anxiety That Will Help You Help Them

Testicular Swelling in Dogs

Home cooking for your pet is harder than you think

Don't wait until I'm six months old to start correcting bad behavior.

The Pros And Cons Of Boarding Your Dog When You're On Vacation

If Your Dog Has Black Spots On Their Tongue, They Must Be Part Chow-Chow… NOT!

True or False: Letting Your Dog in the Bed is Ruining Your Relationship | The Dog People by Rover.com

Dodo's are what my daughter calls dogs. Mimi's are cats. Here is MJ wearing Tesla's cat costume hat.

How do you handle your puppy's first night home? Save

In that moment... and I do not know how this could be possible..Buckshot seemed as if he was mourning. He stayed that way for days.

A Boxer's Behavior If you ...

Made sure he always had a nice comfy bed to lie down on

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11 Reasons Your Dog Loves To Destroy Their Toys!


I don't believe it hurt.

Every time I save a life, every time I fix a patient, that makes everything worth it

Little did we know that would take over a year! What a gift he bestowed upon us! In that time we spoiled him rotten. We bought him lots of cool toys

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6 Reasons Your Dog Foams At The Mouth That Have Nothing To Do With Rabies

Because I'm a creature of habit, even a subtle change in my behavior is a red flag that I might be sick.

sleeping dog

5 Signs Your Dog's Eye Boogers Are Caused By Something Dangerous

boxer with mouth open

He gets hot in summer unless I take steps to

Boxer looking out from his kennel

9 Realities Of Sharing A Bed With Your Dog

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Dog's Microchip If You Want It To Work

Quiet white Boxer dog

7 Things Your Dog Needs You To Know About Kennel Cough

The emotional effects of having a dog in our lives are immeasurable, as study after study reveals. In fact, the Center for Disease Control reports that pets ...

15 Must-Haves For Dogs Who Haaaaaaaaaaaaate Summer Weather

boxer ready to play

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diabetes in dogs


Home From Emergency And A Soft Spot To Share

A friend of Fidose, Terry Casillas of Gulfport, Mississippi, says that she has been sleeping with dogs almost her whole adult life.


10 Things Your Dog Needs You To Know About Heartworm Before It's Too Late

Here's Why Your Pup's Leg Twitches When You Scratch His Favorite Spot

I took these photos with a flip phone in 2008 don't judge me.

We're a vet hospital, not a dog hotel

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18 Dogs Who Don't Approve Of This Water Torture You Call " ...

The Boxer Pitbull Mix is very playful and will need lots of toys at home. Careful, though! With her strong jaw and love of chewing, this dogs can destroy a ...

Adrienne is a former veterinary hospital assistant, certified dog trainer, behavior consultant, and author of "Brain Training for Dogs."

17 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Live Longer

dog pooping big eyes

13 Facts About Wolves and Dogs That Will Blow Your Freakin' Mind

Old boxer lying in corner of kennel

Are you ready to welcome a new dog into your home? If you have young children, you might feel that a small dog would be the best fit for your family, ...

If you have ever opened your heart and home to a boxer you already know this fact. They are silly, funny, loveable, naughty, loyal, energetic dogs.

underwear Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

As I removed his collar, I felt an ice cold rush of air move past my legs, right where his head would be. I told him to wait for me….and I know he will.

5 Reasons Dogs Hump That Have Nothing To Do With S-E-X