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Dodge Raider off road t

Dodge Raider off road t


dodge Raider dodge Raider

Montero on 33's

Raider Features

1989 Dodge Raider - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest



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This Well-Explored Dodge Raider Can Be Yours!

This is one serious looking It's a Mitsubishi Pajero.

dodge Raider dodge Raider

1989 Dodge Raider

Remember the Raider?

Dodge Raider :)

1989 V6 5spd in Encinitas, CA. October 19, 2017 Dodge Raider 0

Mitsubishi Pajero, Gen 1, Off Road, Land Cruiser, 4x4, Cars Motorcycles, Jeeps, Offroad, Jeep

1988 Dodge Raider, Interco Super Swamper TSL 33x13.50-15LT by SoulRider.222, via Flickr

All right ...

What Raider do you have?


Mitsubishi Montero North American (US, Canada, Mexico) Craigslist Classifieds - 1987 Dodge. Mitsubishi PajeroOffroadBritish ...

Mitsubishi Pajero, Gen 1, Mk1, Jeep, Offroad, Dodge, Garage, Wheels, Envelopes


Dodge Raider 4WD

Automobile, Jeep, Bike, Mitsubishi Pajero, Gen 1, Offroad, Outlander, Dodge, Vehicles

... rgillin 1989 Dodge Raider 8403360007_large ...

Dodge Raider Wheeling

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Dodge Raider aka Mitsubishi Pajero

Dodge Raider (1987 - 1989)

Before Aug 2011:

rgillin 1989 Dodge Raider 8403360005_large ...

Dodge Raider $50 Expedition Roof Rack Build | Driveway

87 Dodge Raider


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... same as a 2 door Montero), but knew that if I ever wanted to make it to the Kancamagus, I'd have to put in a very pretty penny.

Here's Both of my Raiders.

Pajero Raider Montero Mitsubishi mk1

Land rover VS Dodge raider off road

1987 Dodge Raider

1989 Dodge Raider - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest

1987 Ellensburg WA

eBay score! Going to look great with the other ads framed and hung up in

nuttybar 1987 Dodge Raider 32214260001_large ...

1987 Dodge Raider MITSUBISHI PAJERO / MONTERO for sale in St. Jeff T


Clean 1989 Dodge Raider

History Hits: 1987-1989 Dodge-Ram Raider

raider camo.jpg

... Mitsubishi twin the Montero have essentially gone extinct. Because of its prowess off-road, it's tough to find these trucks in good shape, much less one ...

4x4 dodge raider wheelin

1989 Dodge Raider/ Mitsubishi Montero - 2 Door Rare Original Find Brown Metallic

Off Road · 87 Dodge Raider

montero sport lower transfer case gears

Winter 87 Dodge Raider

Mark helpful

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1988DodgeRaider_02_1200 1988DodgeRaider_03_1200 1988DodgeRaider_04_1200 1988DodgeRaider_05_1200


The 1988 Dodge Raider

... new so I can replace them as well. Might be a good time for a SAS. Asking $1700 obo. Call 616-299-1719 or e-mail [email protected] for more details.

87 Mitsubishi Montero/Dodge Raider

Dodge Raider '1987–89

1987 Dodge Raider 4x4 Mitsubishi For Sale Side

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Dodge Raider

89 Dodge Raider V6 5spd, Montero, Land Cruiser, Fj40, Land Rover, Jeep, Defender

1989 Dodge Raider/ Mitsubishi Montero - 2 Door Rare Original Find Brown Metallic

details (as of Jun 26, 2012):

131 1302 21 Readers Rides Roundup 1997 And 1998 Dodge Raiders Photo 42144163

1988DodgeRaider_02_1200 1988DodgeRaider_03_1200 1988DodgeRaider_04_1200 1988DodgeRaider_05_1200

The Raider and Montero off-roaders were effectively re-badged Mitsubishi Pajeros, which to this day have a tremendous reputation for being able to keep ...

In the picture above, my front bumper is removed to make way for my tow bar. The little bit of metal that I mention along the leading edge of the front ...

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4-cyl Gen I Montero / Dodge Raider will take 33" tires with no lift:

1988DodgeRaider_02_1200 1988DodgeRaider_03_1200 1988DodgeRaider_04_1200 1988DodgeRaider_05_1200

Maybe a Dodge Raider if you can find one.



Front Locking Differentials - Locked & Loaded · Jerrod Jones Former Editor, Off Road

Wide fender flares wheel arches for MITSUBISHI PAJERO (MONTERO) MK1, 2-door

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1987 Dodge Raider in California junkyard, Engine - ©2016 Murilee Martin / The Truth