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DragonPoodle Studio FMQ the Cheapo Way quilt stuff t

DragonPoodle Studio FMQ the Cheapo Way quilt stuff t


Jazzy stitch length device, but it still works just like a 15

It's like a longarm setup, but with an ordinary size machine

She emailed me to ask about which vintage or antique sewing machines would be good for free motion quilting. I figured she had found me through my blog.

how to identify a Singer 15 clone in the wild

Several years ago I had the unbelievable good fortune to walk into a charity shop and spot a frame for machine quilting with a regular sewing machine.

I had always planned to convert this to hand crank, but I had other plans as well that didn't happen. You can see the chips on the bed, especially in front.

Singer 319, reviewed in more detail recently

Japanese companies naturally did not want to sell machines with the names of Japanese companies on them to American consumers in the ...

Dora Quilts: Yes, I Treadle a ZigZag Sewing Machine Necchi

The bed opening should measure 14.5 inches x 7 inches. There MAY be a metal piece to the left (shown above) designed to hold the cord so that it does not ...

Singer 316G, the love of my life

Put the presser foot lever in the down position--that's vital because it engages the thread tension. Move your hoop or quilt sandwich around.

But we're not talking about ALL sewing machines, we want something specifically good for FMQ. And what you need there is a machine with a class 15 bobbin ...

Japanese companies naturally did not want to sell machines with the names of Japanese companies on them to American consumers in the years after WWII.

... pretty handy for free motion quilting. (although on the Singers it is an easy matter with a screwdriver to drop the dogs or remove them entirely).

Faithful blog readers have asked me several times to post pictures of my studio. Now is the time, because as soon as I start a project it will begin to ...

Modern metal ones have problems and one of my suppliers now refuses to sell them. The vintage metal ones may or may not have holes in them as shown above.


Friday's activities are all at the church. The church hall is set up for sewing, and Edna usually teaches a class demonstrating a simple sewing project.

Interviewed by Leah Day!

Singer 306K

Outdoors people sell stuff from tables set up near their cars, and on the porch. I sold 3 sewing machines to Joan and Bill, for use in teaching sewing to ...

FMQ tip: if you can't be good, be wonky

And the fabric surface means that quilt blocks will stick long enough for an audition, and straight pins will also go into the panels if they need to be ...

Unzip the other two zippers and then find that magic thread to pull to remove the chainstitching. Always fun.

There were MANY different bobbins and therefore bobbin systems and cases and this is not the place to go into all that. Google is your friend.

I had to hire guys to move it out of my truck, down the hill and into the studio. Which cost me twice as much as the cheap thrift store table. Worth it?

Dre in Pa asked what Floating the quilt top meant. On a quilt frame, one can load the quilt so that the quilt to.

No Kente cloth was harmed in the production of this quilt.

... upgrade happened by transforming the funky storage space under the stairs into a display space. In the back of this tiny space you can see the door to ...

Rainbow Swirls Quilt by Cut Loose Press at KayeWood.com

One of the things my late Grandmother loved was Jewelry. It didn't matter if it was real or costume jewelry Grandma would wear it. In memo.

I pieced it on my Necchi treadle.

DragonPoodle Studio: How to sell a high-end vintage machine on CraigsList

It should provide a great space for fun quilting.....whenever I manage to ...

Budding Beauty

Vintage Stitch Patchwork and embroidery Love this from Karen Ives. This kind of work, color, fading maybe, really speaks to me.

The Exterior Rehabilitation of a Singer 319

The sole reason I own an embroidery machine is to put text on quilts. (Not the only thing I use it for, but the only reason I HAD to buy one.

Lady Kenmore 89, made by Gritzner in West Germany

Singer 306W

I do love the gentle "music" of a treadle sewing machine, although I was listening to Frank Ticheli music for concert band.

Both boxes are then slip covered with quilted yellow gingham. The vintage embroidered cloths are just laid on top of the quilted covers.

DIY multi-machine flatbed sewing table

feed dog drop

A feature I REALLY like on class 15 machines is when the bobbin cover flips up out of the way instead of sliding. And if you use the machine table top ...

The ...

photo by Pat Byers, used with permission. And an Irish pub. Again, why?

With a thin cotton batting rolled VERY tightly, the quilt still takes up most of the space in the harp by the end

It should provide a great space for fun quilting.....whenever I manage to ...

A Charming Hearts Mug Rug for Your Table or Desk

badged as Ambassador, a Japanese made Singer 15 clone.

Here's how I'm going to learn: It's an early Japanese 'Clone' zig-zag machine called “The White House'.

I promised to make a Single Wedding Ring Quilt .

photo by Pat Byers, used with permission. Why is there a room with no sewing machines here? Keep reading

I've got another one of the black clones living on the quilting frame now. I auditioned 4 different machines but in the end came back to the first one.

The classic Singer 401, considered by many to be the best machine Singer ever made

This time I did not try to talk her out of it, as I have done with other people before.

Quilts & Quilting

Protect hands and furniture from hot soup, chili, and oatmeal with a soup bowl cozy that's as cute as it is functional! They're fast and easy to make, ...

I love the way the colors emerge and the machine comes to life. This is why I cannot resist taking a break from cleaning parts by cleaning the machine.

Barker Catalog's Aids to shuttle identification. Help in determining which machine your shuttle goes with

Can't wait to play with it. But the recently acquired Wheeler & Wilson No. 8 treadle, circa 1878, is calling my name even louder than this one is.

... a favorite of Andre's, and I put it on the quilt without really knowing what it means. Google Translator, for some strange reason, was unable to help ...

Purple and white brother Vintage Sewing Machine

My first sewing machine was a twin to this one; it was a hand-me-down from my mom when she got her Necchi.

1953 Singer 15-91

Magie Belle: Vintage Pink Sewing Machine - What's not to love?

I'm not going to go into the exhaustive detail of a full tutorial, I just want to convey to newbies that this is an easy job to tackle. Not quick, but easy.

Starting with some easy posts, this is another of the quilts I finished in the

Quilting Revolution: FMQ with my Vintage Singer 201! She also shows how to drop

Great way to practice free motion quilting! Tape a pen to your sewing machine to practice free motion quilting on paper on your macchine bed.

Treadle sewing machines

Kenmore 158.96

Straight Line Triangles-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Parts have been harvested from this rustbucket Singer 66

How to Restore a Vintage Sewing Machine

This awesome Alden zigzag was made in Japan in the early to mid 1960s.

Magical Memories lap quilt

Floriani Heat N Shrink and Free-Motion Quilting

I've been craving a 319 to play with. Those "typewriter keys" are fascinating.

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

Friday Favorites

a real improvement: a marked throat plate. You can order similar ones for 15s and clones from Jenny at Sew-Classic.

Dora Quilts: Tutorial: How to free motion quilt (fmq) on a Treadle Sewing Machine

Hmmmm Yummy

This is what I learned to sew on!

Keep calm and sew....i think you need this for your sewing

This is a Montgomery Wards Signature portable sewing machine. http://gotquilt.

Same machine as the one to the right. No needle position lever though. Has a different top cover too. No fold-down spool pins.

Quilt as you go Log Cabin block

Kenmore 15.904. One of fastest, strongest home machines they have ever restores. Japanese

The Japanese took the Singer Class 15 style and ran with it. They added stronger