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Drew Geraci Howard Porter Comic Book Memories DC Comics

Drew Geraci Howard Porter Comic Book Memories DC Comics


Drew Geraci, Howard Porter. Batman Wonder WomanMarvel ComicsComic BooksJustice ...

Drew Geraci, Howard Porter

JLA (1997) 7

JLA (1997) 21

JLA 2 DC Comics Book cover art super heroes villians New 52 superheroes bad guys JLA JLS Justice League Superman Wonder Woman Batman AquaMan Green Arrow ...

Cover of JLA: Tower of Babel (2001), trade paperback collected edition.Art by Howard Porter. Publisher · DC Comics

JLA TPB (2011-2016 DC) Deluxe Edition 1-1ST

JLA (1997) 16


[Wayne, Matt (w), Howard Porter (a).] "

JLA World War III.jpg · Publisher · DC Comics

Justice League 3000 with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold by Howard Porter

Superman suffers the effects of Red Kryptonite in JLA #44 by Mark Waid, Howard Porter and Drew Geraci. DC Comics

Flash (1987 2nd Series) 225

Barda delivers the final blow to the Queen Bee. From JLA #40 (2000); art by Howard Porter and Drew Geraci.

Today's Super Comics — JLA #62-64 (2002)

STK668519 Image. Comic BooksComic ...

JLA (1997) 8

Static Shock by Howard Porter

Titans Hunt #1 Cover B Incentive Jim Lee Variant Cover

Superman hears alarm bells from Howard Porter and Grant Morrison's JLA

DC Comics Solicits For January 2018… A Brand New Year!

JLA (1997) 9

Barda delivers the final blow to the Queen Bee. From JLA #40 (2000); art by Howard Porter and Drew Geraci.

Convergence #2 (2015) DC Comics Regular Ivan Reis Cover. Jeff King Story

The Flash (comic book)

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Green Lantern (1990-2004 2nd Series) 69


dc universe vs masters of the universe-wonder woman vs teela

Divergence Free Comic Book Day 2015 One-Shot DC Comics, Appearance Jim Gordon as Batman.

DC Comics has shared with Comic Frontline solicitation information for products shipping in January 2018. Rebirth continues; A New Age of DC Heroes Begin!

Information about Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four by DC Comics.

Sojourn Issue #24 - Read Sojourn Issue #24 comic online in high quality

[Wayne, Matt (w), Howard Porter (a).] "

Vandal Savage uses a sonic attack on Superman in Action Comics #556 by Marv Wolfman, Curt Swan and Kurt Schaffenberger. DC Comics

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Gold Sponsor Comic Books Announced

Credit: DC Comics

The Flash Episode Guide: Season 3, Episode 9 - The Present

DC Comics December 2014 solicitations

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Frankenstein Agent of S. A New 52 initiative book starring Frankenstein , as he leads the Creature Commandos , a team consisting of other monsters like ...

Detective Comics is the original Batman comic book. Though regarded by many Gothamites as an

Batman funny · Meme ComicsDc ...

Today's Super Comic — The Saga of the Swamp Thing #24 (1984)

Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin cover by Eric Canete

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual Vol 2 1. Dc Comic BooksComic ...

Wild Blue Yonder - line art: Zach Howard, color art: Nelson Daniel

Today's Super Comics — Justice #1-12 (2005-07)

Adventure Comics 500 front cover by Keith Giffen, 1983, Old Legion of SuperHeroes

[Morrison, Grant (w), Porter, Howard (p), &

Legends of the Dark Knight - The Butler Did It; All of the Above, The Crime Never Committed (Issue)

For a summary of the episode guide layout & categories, click here.

2 By Priest, Porter, Armstrong & Others For DC Comics! Get Caught Up Before His CW Seed Animated Series Debuts!

The Paperback of the Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 2 by James Tynion, Noelle Stevenson, Ryan Benjamin

Flash (1987 2nd Series) 205

Superman seems to be running away to the Phantom Zone to hide from a bad guy in Action Comics #472 by Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Tex Blaisdell. DC Comics

It's DC Comics. So, what's up?

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Justice League Vs. Squadron Supreme (Plus 4 More tales!)

... Earths has its detractors, but I will always fondly remember the series, mostly due to George Perez illustrating the entire pantheon of DC Comics.

Flash (1987 2nd Series) 215

The Android Superhero Red Tornado

THE TERRIFICS #1. Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO Cover by IVAN REIS Bound together by fate, united by the spirit of exploration and ...

Adam Strange Special #1. Dr StrangeComic CoversBook StuffDc ComicsComic ...

Flash (1987 2nd Series) 221

Written by Christopher Priest

New Mutants #69 by Bret Blevins. Comic Book ...

JLA Earth 2 GN (2014 DC) New Edition 1-1ST

A definite improvement on last month's issue, Hope Larson's script forgoes forced political commentary in favor of action. Guest artist Sami Basri proves ...

JLA TPB (2011-2016 DC) Deluxe Edition 3-1ST

Superman and Justice League of America by Jae Lee

Adventure Comics #527. Comic CoversBook ...

My first memories of Doctor Who are from when I was in grade school and would come home to watch episodes featuring Tom Baker on PBS.

After freeing themselves, Black Canary and Larry Lance trace the bad guy back to a jewelry store he's in the process of robbing.

Justice League Aliens

First of all, The Joker - like Wolverine and The Phantom Stranger - is one of the few comics ...

New 52 Futures End Cover A Regular Ryan Sook Cover - Midtown Comics

LOBO #3. Written by CULLEN BUNN Art by REILLY BROWN Cover by AARON KUDER 1:25 Variant cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL On sale DECEMBER 3 • 32 pg, FC, ...

Batman Eternal #30 (DC) In this issue, The Spectre finally makes his appearance, as all readers knew he would the moment Jim Corrigan was introduced into ...

Cyclops Vol. 3 # 10 by Alexander Lozano

"Cyborg" No. Written by John Semper with art by Will Conad and Paul Pelletier.

Superman One Million (1998) 1

JLA Classified (2005) 41

SIDEWAYS #1. Written by DAN DiDIO and JUSTIN JORDAN Art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT During the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, high school junior Derek ...

Static Shock by Paris Alleyne

Issue three opens with Ray in pitched battle with someone called Death Masque, who looks like a mashup of Dr. Polaris and Prometheus (in other words, ...

[O'Neil, Denny (w), Staton, Joe (p)

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year One: The Complete Collection

DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

The Ultimate Superhero info graphic for Injustice: Gods Among Us