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ETOM on Change t

ETOM on Change t


eTOMv1 eTOM ...

eTOM processes (TM Forum)

eTOM Strategy Maps

Operations Operations Fulfillment Assurance Billing & Revenue Mgmt RA: Request-to-Answer OP

eTOM 101 - You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!

Comparison of ITIL processes with eTOM level 2 processes

Three levels of eTOM (text in Russian).

Business Process is about improving organizational performance through the definition, implementation and management of operational

... 15.

... 25.

Operation area in eTOM framework.


Integration and create relational in dialogue and practice shared context between eTOM and ITIL ...

eTOM 8

Figure 3: Decomposition of the eTOM framework

Next Generation OSS

  • Convergent solution ...

eTOM Simulation

eTOM ...

Service request and negotiation in IMS network with QoS management.

The ...

Mapping the RPF to eTOM Level 2 (Step 1) and

Detailed Process-Flow (Level 3)... 14 2.1.5.

Self-* capabilities through autonomic control loops

Factors affecting modularity and hence also the likelihood of integration

Integration scenarios being considered (based on eTOM operations process area)

etom process framework


... 18.

... 26.

eTOM framework as key component of process reengineering during implementation of Network Planning system

... 5. Concept of ETOM ...

Fig. 4. The main classes of SID: Product, Resource and Service.

73 eTOM-to-M.3400 ...


Customer Management Interactions (adopted from [9])

... 16. Practical Approach to eTOM ...

eTOM Value Chain

Service Transition 3/9/2017 23 ...

... 10.

eTOM excel

Continual Service Improvement 3/9/2017 25 ...

23 ...

Groups of telecom operations processes

... 33. Permanent process changes ...

eTOM and IMS interactions.

Social capital

Value judgment and here-now knowledge creation will improve sense and response continuous improvement and innovation that start from customer need and wants ...


Extending eTOM through ASOM to deliver greater valuefaster!Company submitting case study:Company Name ...

Active processes in SLA verification.

... 24.

SIP to L2

Technostrucutral etom

Waterfall vs. SCRUM

Active processes in SLA violation.

Values of modularity index for different scenarios

Latency of BC, PVR and VoD traffics after the change of DSCP values.

eTOM ...

5; 6.

ITU-T Rec. M3050 series M3050.0 : eTOM-Introduction

eTOM Process pattern

eTOM Measurement Quality Model

Fig. 5. Embedding the "Order-to-Payment" RPF to eTOM

2; 3.

The Business Process Framework etom comprises of functional process structures, i.e. Market, Product &

Of course, NGOSS is more geared to delivery of monetized services than support of an enterprise shared services. But the capabilities they have created to ...

Figure 4: eTOM level 3 process flows The eTOM can be decomposed into further detail

Frameworx – a real-life guide to reaping the benefits

eTOM Simulation NGOSS

Unit 3: The Business Process Framework (eTOM)

11; 12.

These ...

... etom ami – Shop ...

first scenario: Loss of BC, PVR and VoD traffics before the change of DSCP

There are also SCOR, eTOM (Frameworx) and other business maps. Don't we reinvent the wheel here?

Isolate Customer Problem L4 Flow

84 eTOM->ITIL->eTOM mapping

... etom ami – Shop card

On the other hand, if a telecom service is provided jointly by several providers, ITIL can be very helpful in order to define the interaction between the ...

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Notwithstanding the limitations highlighted above, I believe that the ITIL methodology is applicable for other non-IT services.

... 26.

14 ...

The eTOM - A Business Process Framework Implementer's Guide: Amazon.co.uk: John P Reilly, Mike Kelly, Keith J Willetts, Martin Creaner: 9780979428135: Books

Connectivity matrix of OSS/BSS software