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Ethical trap robot paralysed by choice of who to save Can a robot

Ethical trap robot paralysed by choice of who to save Can a robot


A robot may not injure a human

A dilemma yield sign. Researchers in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory recently tested an ethical ...

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This 5G humanoid assistant could complete dangerous tasks for us in the future. #Robots

World's first robot ski tournament in Korea #Robots #Ski

Toyota vient de dévoiler T-HR3, un nouveau robot humanoïde de troisième génération.

#Robots Josie Pepper est le nom du robot humanoïde conçu par Softbank Robotics et déployé

Saving the planet. Looking after future generations. Worthy goals all, but what happens when they come into conflict?

Robots do 'arts and crafts'

humanoid robots join the olympic torch relay in south korea | Netfloor USA


All On Robots – robotics history, types of robots, industrial, toys and more – Louisville Finance

CRUZR one of the first Intelligent Humanoïd Service Robot, cloud based ..facial recognition..video conferencing..multi modal interaction.... Could it be ...

ALPHA 1 PRO from UBTECH Robotics The partner for entertainment and education. let's have fun ! /// ALPHA 1 PRO de la Société UBITECH Robotics est un ...


Featured on Bloomberg Business

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4 Things Robots Need to Learn Before Working With Humans

Ozobot, a golf-ball sized toy robot that helps kids learn to code, will be available in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man characters as of ...

Jobs, Productivity and Robots, NY TIMES. http://www.nytimes

Science and Engineering Ethics

Choice, Certainty, and Robots: On B.J. Novak's “Sophia” | Uneasy Ramblings from Relative Adequacy

The ethics issue: Should we edit our children's genomes?

The ethics issue: Should we abandon privacy online?

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Hector, A Large Robot Based on a Stick Insect That Can Move Its Six Legs Independently

3. www.lcii.eu Asimov's three laws of robotics ...

Read more. The ethics issue: Should we give robots ...

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Watch Will Smith Try to romance Sophia the Robot - humanoid - Robot - Dating -

The ethics issue: Should we stop doing science?

Nice science, but don't forget about the ethics

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Marine Robotics® – Super Charged Autonomic Platform with Cognitive = Atomic Automation!

Adaptive RPA aka Expert RPA

The ethics issue: Should we impose population controls?

... 23. www.lcii.eu Robotics ...

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Babbage: AI will see you now

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Somewhere else, part 166

Cybersecurity workers received an email with an attached two-page Word document labeled "Conference_on_Cyber_Conflict.doc." The fake flyer contains a ...


Save a RobotBy ...

robot story I do a Kraftwerk joke in the caption? Because I have, and it's giving me terrible writer's block on this one.

Somewhere else, part 166

There will be no shortage at Toy Fair next month of robots and gadgets promising artificial intelligence — and generally falling short.

Posted by: Jane Campbell 2 years, 9 months ago

THECITY Magazine El Paso • February 2018 by THECITY Magazine El Paso/Las Cruces - issuu

The Ocean's Robots May Soon Enjoy High-Speed Internet

Photo courtesy of Airbus

New scientist international edition december 09 2017 by Vietnamese Bluestone - issuu

Kuri, the smart home robot from Bosch internal startup Mayfield Robotics, won a lot of hearts when it debuted at CES in January. Now, the little domestic ...

We highlighted Paul Vreeland's System Rescue Toolkit a few months ago, but now he's built a new, “lite” version that packs most of the same tools and can ...

social media infographic

There are plenty of humanoid-looking robots out there, but very few actually have bodies that are particularly analogous to our own when it comes to moving ...

... the outcome (destroying the human race) is apparent but also harmful. Does the transparency of the interaction make the design of the button ethical?

DEMU Window Cleaning Smart Robot Automatic Cleaner Electric Glass Cleaner

... MHCs will not be able to compete with Fortune 1000s using Marine Robotics®, much less small IPA or Hospital groups super charged by a Cognitive TPA:

Moral dilemma: should we reshape society because we can?


How strange.....look at all those scribblings in a textbook that I do not know Russell co-authored! I am well aware of Russell's work because his thinking ...

I received some very interesting phone calls in the past few weeks, a big name telecom that is struggling to catch up with their main competitor that went ...

... to get lost in analysis paralysis and short termism, constrained by the quarter-to-quarter worries of the firm. To break out of the constrained dominant ...


amazon robot Amazon is slowly but surely becoming one of the most influential tech companies in the world. In fact, it has probably become one of the most ...

AutomationAutomation TheoryCognitive Automationrobotic process automationSoftware Automation · Operations IA Ops Dev

The August 2012 Digital Edition of Anesthesiology News by McMahon Group - issuu

Inside the Robot-Run Genetics Lab of Tomorrow (Just Watch Your Step)

Project Monarch supporters don't have a willingness to describe all the details about what Project Monarch means to them, but they sometimes give hints in ...

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Insomnobot Is a Chatbot That Gives You Something to Do When You Can't Sleep

Not my concern – how choice can make us more selfish

Justice is served, but more so after lunch: how food-breaks sway the decisions of judges

L.P. Willcocks and M.C. Lacity, authors of “Lessons and the Future of Automation and Work” , distinguish between robotic process automation and cognitive ...


While the baseline technology exists, it's changing so fast—think of early-generation smartphones—that today's innovations will seem outdated in just a few ...



Video - In a greenhouse in Belgium, a small robot moves through rows of strawberries growing on trays suspended above the ground, using machine vision to ...

Wow, what had happened? Well, a fantastic team effort is what had happened.