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Facing Extinction Indonesian Forum for the Environment Urges Gov

Facing Extinction Indonesian Forum for the Environment Urges Gov


Facing Extinction, Indonesian Forum for the Environment Urges Gov't to Save Tapanuli Orangutans

Orangutan Population in Kalimantan Has Shrunk 25 Percent in Ten Years

Urge the Government of Indonesia to Ensure Prison Time Served for Animal Cruelty Matches Sentencing

WWF Partners with Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries to Protect Dugongs

Bagheera – An Education Website About Endangered Species and the Efforts to Save Them


A baby Sumatran rhino at the SRS. These captive-bred calves represent hope for

An orphaned infant orangutan at a Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation rehabilitation centre in Nyaru Menteng, Indonesia, March — Picture by Kemal Jufri/The ...

New orangutan species identified in Indonesia

This Foundation Saved 137 Orangutans in The Last Five Years

Arguments against road development

Sumatra's 'tiger descendants' cling to their customs as coal mines encroach

Footage highlights threat to Sumatran tigers


Tigers are indicators of the ecological wellness of the Earth. Photo: Akhilesh Kumar

Leading human-crocodile conflict specialist calls for a new approach to managing human-predator relations


The Vulnerable Javan leopard (Panthera pardus melas), seen here in a zoo, could be put more at risk by one of Trump's new resorts in Indonesia.

Side view of tiger's face

Save tigers to save forests, activists say

Asia For Animals Coalition responds to cigarette-smoking orangutan at Indonesia's Bandung Zoo

https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/may/15/splash-and-burn-artists-take-aim-at-sumatra-palm-oil-industry- indonesia-ernest-zacharevic

Download the pangolin poster (JPG 3.32 MB)

Sumatran Rhinos at the SRS. Photo by Rhett Butler.


Protesters rally to urge government to back universal pensions

The future of wildlife is in our hands; The future of elephants is in our hands

https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/may/15/splash-and-burn-artists-take-aim-at-sumatra-palm-oil-industry- indonesia-ernest-zacharevic

deforestation in Indonesia

Borneo Orangutan Survival Newsletter

Indonesian Sanctuary Helps To Save The Slow Loris From Extinction

In an effort to raise awareness for the critically endangered Sumatran rhino, Tim Badak is hosting a 3-day inspiring art exhibition and charity auction from ...

BRI is likely to have immense impacts on wildlife and ecosystems, unless China works diligently with other nations to put significant environmental ...

Rio+20 ...

Some of the smallest orangutan on Nyaru Menteng.


The African wild dog is one of more than 4,600 species under threat from land conversion

Forest pledges multiply as palm oil companies respond to clean-up demands


This Jan 30, 2016 picture released by International Animal Rescue Indonesia shows a rescued slow loris, a cute-looking but venomous primate which are being ...

Indonesia's move to bring in a two-year moratorium on new palm oil plantations to protect its remaining rainforests has seen agribusiness giants like Sime ...

... the University of Cambridge's Vice-Chancellor, today signed an agreement to formalise a strategic partnership with the Nanjing Municipal Government.

A Javan Gibbon in Gunung Gede, Java, Indonesia. No one really knows with certainty what impacts the Trump resort, or the new road to it, will have on the ...

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Rhino calf at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary. Photo by Rhett Butler.

Rio+20 ...

Sumatran rhino horn, pangolin parts seized in Aceh wildlife trafficking bust

The Problem with Palm Oil - Orangutans are in danger of becoming extinct due to the mass use of it. Check your food labels, refuse to buy anything made with ...

Barbre de Brun MEP

Bamboo Trail - Bali, Indonesia

https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/may/15/splash-and-burn-artists-take-aim-at-sumatra-palm-oil-industry- indonesia-ernest-zacharevic

This makes me so sad.

... that "PepsiCo's Progress Report includes a new commitment to intervene on suppliers found to be violating its policy in Indonesia which is the frontline ...

AD Of Sindh Building Control Authority Initiates Public Friendly Building Regulations

The Singkil Swamp, one of the region's deepest and most intact peat swamps, also faces encroachment. Photo by Junaidi Hanfiah/Mongabay-Indonesia.

New Guinea Island is home to the world's third-largest rainforest, but is facing intense pressure ...

... 4. 4 Mining Environmental ...

Pulp and paper giant challenges Indonesian government over peat protection obligation

Barbre de Brun MEP

A Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) in the Leuser Ecosystem, which is home to roughly 85 percent of the species' remaining population.

Giraffes are disappearing due to poaching, habitat loss, and overhunting. Urge policymakers to

For me it was a call to action, I didn't want to face my great grandchildren to explain I had witnessed the death of the Great Barrier Reef and did nothing ...

A baby orangutan in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Along with habitat loss due to mining, orangutans in both Sumatra and Borneo are threatened by fires and ...


Case Report: Vietnam

Toowoomba Landcare Group | Community Field Day

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Barbre de Brun MEP

Infographic of Indonesia - know all about Indonesia, the type of government, head of state, population area and other facts through our informative ...

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The Letter from Gov. LePage to the NRCM's director, Lisa Pohlmann

The exhibition involves Indonesian artists including Naela Ali, Diela Maharanie, The Popo, Mochtar Sarman, Reza Mustar and Citra Marina, with contributions ...

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Barbre de Brun MEP

Barbre de Brun MEP

Urge Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to put an end to his country's barbaric seal hunt

Malua Wildlife Habitat Conservation Bank (MWHCB)

It's Either Orangutans Or Cheap Palm Oil

Pangolins: why this cute prehistoric mammal is facing extinction - Telegraph

Agriculture and overuse greater threats to wildlife than climate change – study | Environment | The Guardian

Palm Oil Company Ordered to Pay $30 Million for Illegal Rainforest Destruction - EcoWatch

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Barbre de Brun MEP