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False killer whale t

False killer whale t


Tursiops_Pseudorca_1_Mazdac_Radjainia A bottlenose dolphin swims alongside a false killer whale.

Chester the False Killer Whale at Vancouver Aquarium

false killer whale breaching

The false killer whale is a playful and curious member of the dolphin family that ...

... 2010 False killer whale missing dorsal fin ...

Killer Whale & False Killer Whale - The Differences

False killer whale and calf in Hawaii. Credit: Robin Baird/NOAA

In this May 9, 2017, photo, Kina, a 40-year-old false killer whale, works with trainer Jeff Pawloski at Sea Life Park in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

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Juvenile false killer whale tail lobbing, October 22, ...

False killer whale dorsal fin

False killer whale and dolphin

A false killer whale is a type of larger dolphin. They don't get quite as large as orcas and don't have the the distinctive white markings.

Species recovery grants fill in the gaps

False Killer Whale

False killer whales and bottlenose dolphins team up in New Zealand waters - Massey University

You Won't Believe How Ridiculously Lucky These Whale Watchers Got. False Killer ...

false killer whale

Two Pseudorca (false killer whales) Teri (L) & Hana (R). It it now known Teri was captured in Taiji, Japan, on 21 Feb 1983

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In Adventure World, a false killer whale (15 years old : assumed) is scheduled to have a baby in Aug. We prepare to provide assistance and equip fully with ...

Chester the rescued false killer whale calf continues to practice his diving. Now that the

Update on Rescued False Killer Whale Calf

False Killer Whales

A false killer whale, Pseudorca crassidens, exhales as it breaks the surface off Maui

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Fake Killer Whales Socorro - Solmar V

False killer whale and baby Baby Tee

False Killer Whale illustration by NOAA Fisheries

Now a “toddler,” Chester is the first orphaned false killer whale calf ever successfully raised in captivity. (Photo courtesy Vancouver Aquarium)

False Killer Whales

Rare footage takes us up close with false killer whales | Whales and Dolphins | Earth Touch News

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Image Credit: animalworld.com.ua

Chester, false killer whale, Vancouver Aquarium

False Killer Whales in the Hawaiian Islands

... on Twitter: "These pseudorca (false killer whales) are dead. They die young in captivity just like #Blackfish do @SeaWorld https://t .co/y0sVKTXEOH"

False Killer Whales by Della-Stock ...

False killer whale and baby by Chloé Yzoard

False Killer Whale 3 by AngelFeathersStock ...

This Oct. 5, 2013 photo provided by Hawaii Pacific University shows a dead false killer whale washed ashore at South Point, Hawaii. Scientists don't know ...

The False Killer Whale. Didn't Even Know This Species Existed. Its Actually Just A Large Dolphin.

false killer whales

R4E 0043 The False Killer Whale ...

Chester the 'Miraculously Rescued' False Killer Whale Dies in Captivity

While transient killer whales do regularly attack other cetaceans, this was a rare sighting seeing them prey on false killer whales.

Dolphin Project on Twitter: "Taiji: False killer whale being trained at dolphin base. Can't see rissos from yesterday's capture.

Dozens Of False Killer Whales Mysteriously Strand Themselves In Florida : The Two-Way : NPR

False Killer Whale

Chester, the false killer whale who was rescued off the shores of Tofino, BC

Picture of a false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens)


Killer Whale, or Orca False Killer Whale

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Beached False Killer Whales Shot in Cape Town, Kommetjie

Orca and dolphin

Image: The False Killer Whale is an endangered species. (C.C. Chapman/flickr.com/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Link to larger image.

... False Killer Whale, Abaco Bahamas (BMMRO)

Download False Killer Whale With Three Trainers Editorial Photo - Image of trainer, show:

A False Killer Whale, a member of the dolphin species, leapt from its tank in Okinawa, Japan late last week.

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Vigil for Chester, Vancouver Aquarium's false killer whale

John Wifler, picut red, his pulled aboard a rescue tender after his fake killer

Chester, the baby false killer whale at the Vancouver Aquarium

A pod of four false killer whales ...

Bruno Kataoka / 7 News Sydney via Twitter

What's a False Killer Whale?

Beached False Killer Whales Shot in Cape Town, Kommetjie

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False killer whale jumping out of the water.

False killer whale

Chester was a dependent calf estimated to be about a month old when he was found on Chesterman Beach.

false killer whale

A bottlenose dolphin traveling with false killer whales off the coast of the North Island in

Figure 1: False killer whale photographed off of Rota. (Photo credit: Marie Hill, collected under NMFS permit 15240).

False killer whale at surface Peter Jucker

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A false killer whale stranding in Flinders Bay, Australia

Image 1 Jochen Zaeschmar A false killer ...

Daniel Schneider on Twitter: "81 if the 96 False Killer #Whales have died

This wolphin's mother was a wolphin (a false killer whale - bottlenose dolphin cross)

A captive animal looking at the photographer

Nearly 100 False Killer Whales spotted off San Diego coast

Blackfish by Art-by-Aelia

false killer whale. image credit: picasaweb.google.com

Chester, false killer whale dies at Vancouver Aquarium

false killer whale

Beached False Killer Whales Shot in Cape Town, Kommetjie

Rare video shows false killer whales hunting down a shark | Adventure Sports Network

See the differences between a pilot whale and a false killer whale.

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False killer whale gives birth in open ocean off Dana Point coast while being filmed

1466 photos for Sea Life Park Hawaii

Photo by Devon Bowen/Two Oceans Aquarium.