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Free Palestine so true t Palestine Oppression and

Free Palestine so true t Palestine Oppression and



The bravest kids you will ever see are the Palestinian kids. #freePalestine #freeGaza

Is that really a 'crime' that warrants the death penalty? If you're a Palestinian, yes. (Walking and breathing while being a Palestinian.

Free Palestine More

Ahed Tamimi is a true Lion Of Palestine. Fearless & still so young. Bravo!

Muslim propaganda: It's not about beards - it's about regarding others as subhuman. In fact there's not much difference in Islam and Judaism.

Characteristic treatment - Palestinian child trying to save his fellow from apartheid》Israeli soldier

2 armed Israeli soldiers stunned by Palestinian woman as they are threatened

This is so true

Palestinian schoolgirls sit in a classroom at a UN primary school in Beit Lahia in the

Image from ifnotnow Instagram account, April 10 2018

A few years ago but I still have so much respect for him. Find this Pin and more on Free Palestine ...

News Photos from South of the Lebanese-Israeli Border

PHOTOS: Palestinian Christians protest Israeli permit regime during Palm Sunday procession

Protesters shout, "Free Palestine," during a march demanding an end to the Israeli aggression in Gaza, New York, July 9, 2014. | Photo: Reuters

Palestinians hold placards condemning PA leader Mahmoud Abbas for his complicity of Israel's blockade of Gaza, at a rally in Gaza City, 9 July.

Left: Two men confront police officers on November 30, 2014 in St. Louis, Missouri; Right: Israeli security forces stand guard as a Palestinian Muslim ...

Palestinians wait for travel permits in Khan Yunis to cross into Egypt from the southern Gaza

QUOTE: William originally on slavery. Find this Pin and more on Palestine ...

Palestinians prepare to set fire to an Israeli flag and portraits of US President Donald Trump

Matt Darvas in Jerusalem and Palestine

A Palestinian boy cools off with water from a jerrycan held by a man during a

How a pro-Palestinian American reporter changed his views on Israel - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas kicked back hard after grasping he was confronted with an orderly, Arab-backed US peace plan that left his strategy in ruins.

An elderly Palestinian man sits on a rail as children play by the beach in Gaza

A Palestinian woman flashes the victory sign while holding a Palestinian flag during a protest ahead

Another variation on the misuse of 'genocide'( a la Richard Falk).'How could you Israel,after surviving genocide,do the same to Palestinians?

09 Oct 2015, Gaza, Gaza Strip --- Palestinians carry a wounded protester

Israel in Palestine: Separating fact from fiction | Politics | Al Jazeera

This is brilliant - the truth will out even from the mouths of those who usually spread hate and propaganda. Of course there were no "Israelis" at that time ...

Ahed Tamimi's Generation: Why the Youth in Palestine Must Break Free from Dual Oppression


e of return. The UN Security Council resolution guarantying their safe return only stays in paper; none of the permanent members talks about its ...

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them…

So true!


In wake of a free Palestine, Zionists desperately claim Al-Quds their "Capital"

Image of two Palestinian Olympic athletes. On the right is Mayada Al-Saya,


The solution is clear: a democratic, secular Palestine for all its peoples

Code pink Youth Against Settlements Tamimi fa6f0. Under Israeli control there is no justice for Palestinians, no freedom for Palestinians and ...

CNS-Palestine aid c.jpg?itok=_jtFWXT-

'Not in our name': members of Jewdas at a Free Palestine demo,


AFSC volunteer Evan Jones meeting with Palestinian refugees, 1949 (photo: AFSC)

Palestinian Boys photo by Omar Chatriwala

Hamas leader Ismail Haniya flashes the victory gesture during a demonstration near the border with Israel

David Cameron is welcomed the speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein during his visit

Marwan Barghouti in court in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2003

Erdogan: Palestinians are the symbol of all oppressed people in the world

Some of them continue their academic studies in universities. Makuya has also appeared in front of the United Nations on at least two occasions, ...

palestine. The mind has a way of making traumatic experiences seem like distant dreams to those who survive them. As it goes, the more traumatic the ...

The fight that the Palestinian nation has now begun is not a fight between two armies, so that we can list how many tanks each [army] has or which has more ...

Bassem and Ahed Tamimi support the campaign to free Georges Abdallah at the September 2017 conference on Palestinian women and resistance.

Khawla Al-Khatib, holds a poster of her imprisoned 14-year-old

Rutgers NB Students for Justice in Palestine shared Hatem Bazian's post.

Why I've Always Been Silent About Israel and Palestine. And Why I'm Speaking Out Now.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) meets with French President Emmanuel Macron, at the

What will President Trump mean for Palestine?

Palestinian women take part in a yoga class at the women's first yoga center in Gaza

Coveney signs agreement in East Jerusalem

Portrait of girl with flag of Palestine painted on her face

A Palestinian navigates cement blocks at an Israeli checkpoint.

An ...

In several candid interviews, disturbing comments reveal commonly-held views about Palestinians and their future in the region

There are two sides to the on-going Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza. One side looks horrifyingly helpless while the other, well equipped, is on their way ...

Palestinians work at the office of Red Crow, a startup that monitors security developments and

Anger as bank account belonging to pro-Palestinian activists is shut down

Palestinian women chant slogans as they hold Palestinian flags during a sit-in in the Bourj al-Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp, in Beirut, Lebanon, ...

Demonstrators in London protest against the Balfour Declaration and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the

President Donald Trump, near an Israeli flag at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

(Image: Katie Miranda)

US President Donald Trump speaks to the press in the Oval Office of the White House

Who deserves a state, Kurds or Palestinian Arabs?

A picture taken on June 13, 2017, shows Palestinian children at home reading books


Palestinian supporters of ...

Florida Senator Dwight Bullard has faced onslaught from pro-Israel groups for joining this Dream Defenders delegation to Palestine in May. (via Instagram)

Outside Ahava ...

John Pilger On Why Palestine Is Still The Issue

US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in 2014 (Thaer

Israeli Rina Yaffa Ariel, mourns over the body of her daughter Hallel, a 13-year-old girl who was fatally stabbed by a Palestinian attacker in her home, ...

The Battle for Justice in Palestine: Ali Abunimah: 9781608463244: Amazon.com: Books

US President Barack Obama(R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a meeting

Due to successful lobbying and advocacy and joint efforts between Palestinian activists, Irish senate members and civil society groups, we have passed the ...


Group or mass petitions (sign this petition from Amnesty International to stop illegal US aid to Israel)

Video thumbnail for Native and Palestinian Activism in the Age of U.S. Imperialism

The very existence of this 16 year old Agreement is all the more remarkable given that Article 2 emphasises that it is based on a “mutual respect for human ...

Israel: Security Forces Abuse Palestinian Children

A pro-Palestinian protester supporting the BDS campaign against Israel takes part in a demonstration

A protest in Melbourne in early April, in support of Palestinians ...

A victim of Palestinian propaganda's amazing success (Photo: AFP)

A Palestinian woman walks past an Israeli soldier outside the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Public support for Palestine is growing, but mainstream media fail to reflect this