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GNPThe Floral Park Traverse Hiking from Logan Pass to Lake

GNPThe Floral Park Traverse Hiking from Logan Pass to Lake


View from top of creek bed descent

Sperry Glacier · Ptarmigan Tunnel · Siyeh Pass

Floral Park

The Route from Mary Baker Lake to Comeau Pass

Bishops Cap

Waterfalls flowing down from Floral Park.

The route from Logan to Sperry you refer to is called Floral Park and is way off trail.

Floral Park and Mary Baker Lake

From the Saddle Above the South Shore of Hidden Lake

Coming out of Floral Park

So this spring, I gave it a try. My body is not that of a runner's. Too much girth to be fleet and bounce through the forest with the nimble, skinny elves—I ...

Floral Park Pass

Skyline Experience

Hidden Lake from Surprise Pass

Lake Ellen Wilson

Slopes Descending to Mary Baker Lake in Floral Park

Split Mtn (GNP)

Heavy Runner Mountain

Surprise Pass from the Continental Divide

It would turn out to be the first time I ever used my bear spray.To get back on my permit schedule I had to hike all the way to Granite Park ...


Shaheeya Peak(GNP)

It was great to see everyone at Granite, but I talked too long and ad to run most of the way down to catch the last shuttle. I was the only one on it.

Brown Pass Peaks(GNP)

That made me hesitant again and I only took one. It didn't touch me. Luckily the Highline Trail is pretty flat and an easy morning hike to Logan Pass.

The Floral Park Traverse: 19 mile hike from Logan Pass to Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier National Park

Grinnell Glacier Overlook to Point 8479 (GNP)

Avalanche Lake

Skiing off Logan Pass in Glacier National Park July 13 2014

Hidden Lake with Bearhat Mountain

Lake Elizabeth from Ptarmigan Tunnel

... 9100ft of elevation gain, and most importantly, found a route that I think solves one of the peak circuit mysteries that's baffled me at Logan Pass.

The standard option from Logan Pass is about nineteen miles and 4500ft of elevation gain.

(But I have another one with Pocketlint in the foreground ... )

Siyeh Pass to Point 8490

Ptarmigan Wall Goat Trail

5 star pit toilet at Boulder pass (is waiting for you, Pete ; )

Hidden Lake spends perhaps five months of the year without ice, meaning that the fish that live there spawn in the middle of the summer.

Vern on Mt Custer

Mount Chapman (GNP)


Sperry Glacier · Ptarmigan Tunnel · Siyeh Pass

Room And A View

Drive in access, the amenities at the hotel and campground, and a pile of hikes with lots of different ...

Hidden Lake

Hike Line of Sight

Leaving Buttercup Park at dawn, unnamed lake

Mount Oberlin is seen across flower-filled meadows. Please use the climbers trail to

Hopefully the Blackfoot Nation and the National Park Service will continue to work together at protecting this spectacular area for our children's children.

Looking northeast (accross Floral park is Logan Pass)

Yet another shot of Wild Goose Island (yawn ; )

Bishops Cap Summit

Mt. Pollock Summit

For years I have wanted to do a two-hundred mile hiking loop in Glacier National Park. The park boosts over 700 miles of trail but I picked a couple hundred ...

Climb Glacier National Park

Descending Mount Helen, towards human trail at Dawson Pass

Bishops Cap Summit

On a spire above Iceberg Lake

Red pool, Sperry Glacier Basin

Mt. Pollock Summit

A climbers trail leads away from the sloped ramp on the north side of the Visitors

... is all the way up at the pass, way off any developed trail. A higher vantage seemed helpful in scouting our route down, so we leveled up to see this:

Leaving Glacier's high country as smoke fills the McDonald Lake Valley

Looking towards Split Mountain from Mt. Norris (the Divide goes left, following the white line in the shade)

Mule Deer in the Hanging Gardens.

Oh Henry, Mount Henry that is … not the candy bar

... on the 1st Annual One-Man Bowman Lake Nude Bike Ride. It didn't really require going very far. Hard to say which was whiter: the mountains or my bottom.

Siyeh Pass

My first time on Heavy Shield came three years ago with a crew from the Park Cafe. Vinny lead the way, and I remember thinking that it would have been ...

Icefall below Blackfoot Glacier

Beth and Andy all saddled up at 6am: ...

Lake Janet

Montana Outdoor Guidebooks, 2014. Headers GNP Glimpses

The three peaks of the Trifecta in the morning light. From left to right:

If you own a copy of Edwards' A Climber's Guide To Glacier National Park you'll quickly recognize that the cover photo was taken here.

Logan Pass feels so bizarre as the middle part of a long day.

https://flic.kr/p/FpMqQL | GNP | Please check

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5 star pit toilet at Boulder pass (is waiting for you, Pete ; )

... the end of my CDT hike but at that time I had 3,000 miles under my belt and a 25 mile day was a normal occurrence. Instead I hiked to St. Mary ...

Logan pass on the way to Hidden Lake

A trend has emerged lately, to construct a high route through a given range, the idea being to create a rugged backpacking path which is non or minimally ...


I am not really sure what this guy is carrying under his chin ... but never mind

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May 21, 2013 Logan Pass from Mt. Oberlin

Feature Friday – Floral Park Traverse by Alex Blondeau

Then, you pass into Floral Park proper—which was fairly exploding with its namesake as I went through. Alpine wildflowers and their attendant bees are ...

Do not use the route lined with the yellow line. Follow the trail ( in

The views are pretty dang neat, especially of the smaller lakes beneath the sheer drop off the NE face. Beth and I looked back at Almost A Dog pass, ...

https://flic.kr/p/Gcd5P4 | Lake McDonald GNP

Trail head sign


Hikers on the Avalanche Lake Trail

Re: 9/9 - 9/23: Kintla to Logan Pass + Dawson-Pitamakin Loop

Take a break at Gunsight Pass, you have a great view of lakes on both sides and a stone shelter with a roof at the Pass.....rest for the eventual trek up to ...