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GOP Values Save the Rich Cash Their Checks Deplorable

GOP Values Save the Rich Cash Their Checks Deplorable


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They will do exactly what they want to ensure the Rich Stay Rich, The Middle

Find this Pin and more on Deplorable People by ElectraRoad.

Stop them rushing things through in the dead of night because daylight & discussion is the policy's enemy !

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There's a big difference between giving the rich MORE money, and supporting action that will

Speaker Paul Ryan on Saturday deleted this tweet about a Pennsylvania woman whose paycheck increased by $1.50 a week because of the recently passed GOP tax ...


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The GOP site accidentally went live with their debate spin pre-debate because results don't matter, impressions do. These guys are fun and at the top of ...

Teabag Republicans Working for the Rich.NOT working Taxpayers!

Deplorable Lorri (@lorrik24) | Twitter

Find this Pin and more on Deplorable People by ElectraRoad.

This week in North Carolina, a state which, with their hate-filled bathroom bill has become the eye of the Ignorance Storm of late, a quartet of Republicans ...

But if you are sorting through all the requests for donations you've found in your inbox today, you might want to take at look at our friend Daniel ...


PRESS RELEASE 22 Oct. 2014

Humphrey receives two major last minute boosts to his ascending candidacy: from Senator McCarthy and President Johnson. McCarthy announces he will vote for ...

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Without even the appearance of doing something good for the country, the Senate plunged ahead.

of the hundreds of ratf**ked districts:

Hateful politics of the Teabagger-Republicans-Koch Bros.

... or Jerry Falwell Jr. But I did want to see how some "religious leaders" were applying their values. There's a lot of pain in what follows.

The nominee then chose an obscure congressman from upstate New York, William E. Miller, 50, for his running mate, who was just a strongly conservative as ...

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate for a very good reason: To alienate GOP seniors as part of his strategy to disenfranchise ...

... 444,000 to 265,000, but carries her home county 52,033 to 18,016. But, this will not be the last time that both Democrats and Republicans from Delaware ...

Deplorable Donnie and Worthless Republicans

... your typical Alabama Republican.

I think they've proven there isn't any Republican logic

The Death of the GOP.the hypocrisy just makes me sick. They aren't against abortion because they value human life.

If Newsweek really wants to freak out their readership, they should publish a follow-up reporting that there ...

National Conference of State Legislatures

They typical home costs $203,400. So assume a 10 percent down payment and you have an $183,060 mortgage. Assume that mortgage is at 4 percent interest.

... everyone iowa gop results

The State Central Committee now faces some important decisions.

Here's my plot:

Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make

In conclusion, the Democrats are so out of touch from the American populace that it amazes me they are still around.

Democrats and Republicans -- two very different kinds of internal party struggle

This chart summarizes the total number of minutes CNN dedicated to the coverage of GOP candidates in the last two weeks of August. Note that Trump was doing ...

Like so many “ostriches”… sane and decent Republicans who must cover their eyes and ears with sand, in utter denial over the hijacking of their movement by ...

Ferdinand Lundberg: The Rich and the Super-Rich: A Study in the Power of Money Today, 1968 | Wealth | Stocks

Tami @reversedimages

'Middle-Class Tax Relief' Is a Hoax | The American Conservative

Anyone who counts on a GOP president to reduce deficits had best look at the data (red shaidn is GOP admins, blue is Dem. admons.)

Credit: VDare.com.


Democratslogo.svg.png abolished-slavery-republican-party.jpg

As you can see, the image is from Arkansas; that is, the Trump voters for whose death Rich is calling must also have been subjects of the Clinton Dynasty, ...

Funds were raised for its defense. Many long and hard hours were devoted to the preservation of the constitutional caucus ...

When the results are counted, the Republicans are unable to avenge their losses from two years before. Ford does carry the county, 148,679 to 117,252 and ...

College Republicans are 'afraid of Trump' — so 'deplorable' student groups are taking their place

MondayMap: State Stereotypes

... is that the United States is a spectacularly rich nation and some of that wealth could, and should, be spread to the poor people of southern Indiana.

Trump supporters cheer at a rally for him in Pennsylvania yesterday

... values than today's prices. In addition, Boeing will get a $700 million tax benefit, which will offset the cost of its $500 million cash contribution.

In the immediate aftermath of last November's election, the Republican Party, snapped suddenly out of the self-delusion of imminent victory promulgated by ...

Advice: Simone Milasa (pictured) was $187,000 in debt but got herself out of



Giving Away Louisiana, Part 1: Tax giveaways that total more than $1 billion a

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... JESVS v.

From the physician's medical diagnosing coding guidebook. Sound familiar???

The Votes Are In - Here's What You Want To Know Before The 2016 Election

33 Billion Graphic

If we don't get enough signatures — 800,000 Dreamers could face deportation. There's NO time to spare. Sign to STOP Republicans from deporting Dreamers:

book cover: The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative

... orientation” are all values that must be defended – the very ones that the Republican candidate more or less openly questioned during his campaign.

Tom Selleck.


Chris Cilizza, in yesterday's Washington Post used the Post's fact-checking department to see how Donald J. Trump has done in his first 33 days in office ...


All these estimates show that taxes on the rich are the lowest they have been in half a century. But what about before 1960? Well, we know that the top ...

The Wicked Lulu and its creator

Pelatiah Webster, Political Essays on the Nature and Operation of Money, Public Finances and Other Subjects [1791]

how to earn a high salary

The US Senate reached a 2-year budget deal that sharply increases defense spending and

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, left, speaks as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump watches during the second presidential debate ...

Trump really is getting smoked on newspaper endorsements. Philip Bump and Cal Borchers looked through archives to figure out when the last time several ...

President Donald Trump waves to reporters after a lunch with Republican senators at the U.S. Capitol

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His business empire is certainly far-flung, even if much of it consists of nothing more substantive than franchising his name. Think about how existing ...

It appears that it's mostly Republicans though that sign the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" (because the GOP has always been about cutting spending on the ...

The Ohio Federation of Republican Women