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Guild Challenge Save Our Supplies Iron Marches GW2 Guild

Guild Challenge Save Our Supplies Iron Marches GW2 Guild


Save Our Supplies.jpg. “

☆ Guild Wars 2 ☆ - Guild Challenge (Save Our Supplies - Iron Marches) - YouTube

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Guild Challenge - Save Our Supplies @ Iron Marches

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Guild Bounty Training

Save our Supply! (Iron Marches) This one can be found at Viper's run waypoint, in the middle of the map. Location is at my personal ...


... Sotzz the Scallywag's spawn locations

Deep Trouble

Ruin Gaming - Guild Challenge Scratch Sentry Defense - Timberline Falls

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Guild Bounty Training

Each of those stations will have a certain type of enemy, one of them spiders, the other Ettin, and the other Jotun. The event is 4 waves of enemies, ...

Southsun Crab Toss

Possible targets[edit]

Guild Challenge: Deep Trouble Location: Mt Maelstrom Objective: Release & escort 10 quaggans to safety - Escorted quaggans will be attacked on the way ...

Fireheart Rise. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki

Guild Wars 2 ☆ S8 • E03

Prisoner 1141, Iron Marches ...

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Diessa Plateau. From Guild Wars 2 Wiki

Save Our Supplies

Possible targets[edit]

Poobadoo, Kessex Hills, [&BBAAAAA=] Prisoner 1141, Iron Marches ...

map of Dragon's Stand

Big Mayana Spawn.jpg

Prisoner 1141.jpg


Tricksy Trekksa's path.jpg

Guild Bounty Training

Supply Master Sootspitter.jpg

Here's a little screenie of our guild, couldn't get a lot of the Charr's/Norns at the back due to culling ...

Guild Bounty


Branded For Termination

map of Auric Basin

Guild Wars 2 ☆ S8 • E13

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Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost: The Razing Now Live, Patch Notes

Flame and Frost: The Razing patch notes chart the latest in living stories and leaderboards for Guild Wars 2 | PCGamesN

Start position for a Guild Challenge.

Guild Wars 2 ☆ - Guild Challenge (Branded For Termination - Fields of Ruin)

For all your Guild Wars 2 fashion needs.

"The Diessa Plateau's ranches and mills supply the legions with food and materials critical to their operations. Saboteurs, such as a human Separatists and ...

A full list of schematics and their recipes can be found You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, but I shall list the most common tactics ...

Trillia Midwell, Fields of Ruin ...


Guild Wars 2 | Guild Challenge | Branded For Termination | [TWIN] The Zombie Horde | Anvil Rock

I'm pretty proud of my Guardian!

map of The Silverwastes

gw090 gw089

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I have now joined the ranks of the many thousands of people who've acquired shiny footprints, unique weapon skins, rare sound effects and the envy of ...

I was mildly annoyed when I found out that the Guild Wars 2 Halloween event was scheduled to start on the very day we flew to Barcelona for a week.

Reddit — this is as cute as it gets.

Half Baked Kamali, Mount Maelstrom ...

More fugitives are on the run, and the Tyrian authorities need your guild to bring them in! Prepare yourself for a challenge, because these three new bounty ...

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Guild Wars 2 - Guide for Elite Specialization Hero Challenges by ImRhinne

I get the code for my Gems and soon my Copper Fed is in its new Account Bound Slot (signified by the corner borders.) I often wondered when I saw people's ...

Guide · Dry Top Feature · Guild Wars 2

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All those loot bags afterwards =D


Guild Puzzle

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map of Plains of Ashford

[GW2] Guild Challenge Save Our Supplies - Défi de guilde Sauvetage de Ravitaillement

Page 1

The new Guild Wars 2 Atlas is a beautiful and finely made example of a modern website. It capitalizes on the popularity, functionality, and usefulness of ...

I was thinking about using a brighter yellow on my colourful male Sylvari Necro, but I'm not sure?

Guild Wars 2 Video - 2015 Halloween Guide (Tricks, Treats & Activities) [Gaming with GS]

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I soon have 5 cores - but this is a multiplayer event and 5 cores is only a quarter of the bar. Once I have mine, I then call out on map ...

Super Adventure Festival Is Go! : GW2


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Bomb Kit


New WvW Progressions and Abilities

As long you don't cross the line you will be good, which is no problem at all unless you get unlucky with fear.


Use the recipe on a character where you have trained the crafting profession Weaponsmith, with crafting lvl 350+. After that visit a Weaponsmithing Station, ...

Langmar Estate

[GW2] Fashion, foppery, and faffing about (i.e. stories and screenshots!) [Archive] - Page 2 - RPGnet Forums

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map of Metrica Province