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By far, the most difficult portion of the hike was travelling up the rocky slope

Coppertone sits in the shade for a moment while heading down to the canyon. The

The trail in the back half of the preserve is more rocky, but still easy

One of many picnic tables along the accessible stretch of trail (the Tonkawa trail). (Photo by plectrudis)

A view along the trail. At the two large boulders a side trail leads to

A half mile of the trail is along a pipeline right-of-way.

Most of the trail consists of east terrain, though a few spots are mildly steep

The trail surface is paved throughout, making the hike easy for all.

Going down, it didn't look too difficult... (Photo by swedegirl5)

The ample tree and brush cover at the center of the park makes one easily forget

The trail in Longview Park itself is paved and easy as can be.

Steps to make the hill climbing easier. (Photo by Eveline)

A field of limestone boulders--how did they get here? T (Photo by plectrudis)

The Cactus Rocks trailhead. Trail guides are available nearby.

The trails of McKinney Roughs undulate up and down hillsides.

Immediately following the paved trail the path leads down a rocky slope to the creek bed

This interesting water fountain sits at the hike trailhead.

Enchanted Rock, as seen from the observation platform near the Summit Trail trailhead.

Firebreak Trail - This trail runs east to west through the park. Many of the trails leads to here. Notice camelback trail entering on the right of the ...

The hike is largely flat, but this cliff overlooking Bull Creek makes it presense known

Though the trail does not feature any dramatic views from the top of a mountain it

Near the turnaround point, remnants of the support infrastructure for Taylor's Lime Kilns can be

The trail goes through both open spaces and very densely overgrown spaces. (Photo courtesy

The trail loops completely around the overhang of the grotto. One spot along this section

Several small lakes lie within the park and the nature trail hits each. This one

This natural waterfall was on the opposite side of the creek from the trail. It looks to be spring-fed (I didn't see another creek on the other side).

A typical trail view. Open spaces, wildflowers and houses on the ridge above.

A field of Sunflowers and Prickly Pears.

Several kiosks and signs along the trail provide an historical overview of early settlers to the

The San Gabriel Trail is partly paved, making it suitable for walking or biking.

Another shot of the main building. Note that the modern glass walls are recessed with

If you make the hike, and camp here, this is what you need to know. (Photo by Miles)

The gravel surface of the trail is well maintained.

From the main trailhead these stairs lead to the top of Mount Bonnell.

Steps on the mainland viewed from the island. (Photo by Eveline)

We saw deer prints in the park and this Texas Alligator Lizard.

The numerous creek crossings are typically easy to master.

Looking uphill at the trail just hiked. Doeskin Ranch includes an interesting mix of prairie

Barton Creek

Crockett Garden's spring-fed waterfall didn't always fall into a lake.

Did we mention that there are lots of stairs on this trail?


The trails at Mayfield are well maintained and several bridges provide easy stream traversal.

A rainy month prior to my hike meant that the falls at Crockett Gardens were gushing

This pleasant multi-waterfall appears to be the end of the trail, but not

Main Falls provides the best swimming hole along the trail and wading opportunities to cool your

Shoal Creek turns, then empties into Town Lake

At a highpoint in the park this observation tower provides a way to peek over the

The round rock in Round Rock.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but can't convey taste. (Photo by swedegirl5)

I was trying to get steps, so the lack of trail maps was irritating--you can't choose the longest trail if you have no idea where you are.

There's a number of trails and then some more information about the park. (Photo by kmcippant)

Great bridge. (Photo by Eveline)

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