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The painful collision of rhetoric and reality on health care

Don't copy Ghana's health insurance - Oxfam warns poor countries

Affordable health care © Sherry Yates Young/Shutterstock.com

This Chart Shows Which Democrats Aren't Supporting Single-Payer Health Care

APAC Healthcare Competency Center – SingaporeLeveraging platform-based services on the journey toconnected Health.


Changing Your Health Plan

Agreement with Statements on Health Care as Shared Responsibility versus Individual Responsibility among Adults Ages 18

Agreement with Statements on Health Care as Shared Responsibility versus Individual Responsibility among Adults Ages 18

New CarePayment Research Shows Americans Can't Afford Their Medical Bills | Business Wire

"We don't have car insurance for windshield wipers and oil changes, but we need it for the catastrophic stuff, just like our health care," says Diamond, ...

The Republican health care plan: don't get sick ... The Republicans

Why Aren’t Google And Apple Saving Healthcare?

One Hundred Years Of Health Care Sex Education Information Access Freedom Crew Neck T-shirt

Understanding Short Term Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act

Insurance and drug companies and for-profit hospitals don't want single payer universal health coverage.

Given the events of the last month, including the partial government shutdown and the health care website problems, views about government in general are ...

Why Doesn't the United States Have Universal Healthcare?

Healthcare.gov: You don't qualify to purchase health coverage through the Marketplace: Is There A Problem Here?: Healthcare.gov: You don't qualify to ...

One cannot apply the definition of fundamental to anything given by one to another, such as education, Free Healthcare or food. If it isn't innate, ...

obamacare affordable. Health insurance ...

... I'm in a particularly irate mood today is how people fail to make the connection between the aging of Americans and the increasing costs of health care.

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... interacting with brands through multiple channels and devices at the pace of their choosing. This results in more touchpoints where healthcare payers ...

America Spends The Most On Healthcare But Isn't the Healthiest Country

Health Care for All!

Healthcare Is A Human Right T-Shirt

In A Single-Payer System, Patients Don't Have A 'Right' To Health Care

Victoria Rivera demonstrates during a health care protest outside U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo's offices,

Important Parts of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Health Insurance and What they mean

A protest against Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, in Los Angeles.

A protester wears a T-shirt at an Oct. 12 SoCal Health Care Coalition

Michael's Type 1 diabetes wasn't caused by him being overweight. It's a genetic

81% of Voters Don't Like How Republicans Are Handling Health Care

Requirement 1: Your household income is between 100 percent and 400 percent of the federal

More isn't always better when it comes to health care, older Americans say

Healthcare FAQ: What if I can't afford health insurance?

Know the truth. Know The TruthInsurance CompaniesHealth ...

Jobs for Healthcare Managers Chart


Anyone who says that health commuting means that Canada's health system doesn't work probably just doesn't know Canadian geography—or they're deliberately ...

6 fast-growing health care careers, without going back to college

Doctors and nurses working at a hospital.

'Do no harm' isn't their motto

Infographic: You can't ignore health mobile marketing. Healthcare ...

Pvhs Health Care Assistant Class T-Shirt Photo. "

health care canada ranking

If you're a United States resident and don't live under a rock, chance are the words health care and pre-existing conditions appeared in your news feeds ...

Spending on health-care resources varies widely across the country: spending for the average Medicare enrollee in Miami is nearly 70 percent greater than in ...

What Can I Do If I Can't Afford Health Insurance?

Pharmacare: Why doesn't universal health care include prescription drugs?

Interstate competition isn't the magic health-care elixir

... Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (h/t to Sahil Kapur and Topher Spiro...not sure who posted it on Twitter first):

Eating Well and Exercise are My Health Care T-Shirt

The tech industry thinks it's about to disrupt health care. Don't count on it.

Department of family and preventive medicine physician Kyle Bradford Jones explains why our health care system feels so piecemeal (it's designed that way) ...

The Senate Health Care Bill Doesn't Solve Them, Experts Say

33 Million Americans Still Don't Have Health Insurance

Chart: Why Haven

Automated databases are enabling businesses to perform mundane tasks more efficiently. And, the commercial sector isn't the only area to benefit from data ...

Healthcare Jobs that Dont Require a Degree

OP-ED | Policy Failures: Why Healthcare Innovations Don't Travel Well | CT News Junkie

If the history of such market reactions has taught me anything, it's that now is

Embattled Tech Companies Charge Deeper Into Health Care

What Happens When You Can't Afford Your Health Insurance | Health Insurance | US News

Market-Based Health Care Isn't Scary!

Why health insurance companies are doomed

Infographic: Saving Lives

price doesn't determine healthcare quality

Healthcare.gov: You don't qualify to purchase health coverage through the Marketplace

Once again, you're relieved. But now you're even more curious. After checking out, you do some quick detective work on your phone.

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Bloomberg News/Landov

The GOP's 'Universal Access' Health Care Plan Leaves Much to the Imagination

The iPhone and iPad are the most preferred mobile devices in healthcare.

Don't Let Health Care Bankrupt America: Strategies for Financial Survival: George C. Halvorson: 9781493570270: Amazon.com: Books

Health Services ...

Technology is all about disruption, but a doctor operating on a patient doesn't want to be “disrupted.” Digital solutions that clinicians are eager to ...

Health Insurance - what you need to know. Number one - if you are uninsured

12. Pros of universal health care ...

Health Care Inequalities in America The Need for Continuing Reform

Affordable Care Act isn't dead yet, here's what you need to know to avoid huge tax penalties - Phoenix Business Journal

It's worth dwelling on what we've learned as successive G.O.P. health-care bills have faltered. Some of the lessons are encouraging, and some aren't.

Don't take away my health care: Stand with Planned Parenthood

Unlike Obamacare, the GOP plan doesn't care how much money you make. A middle-aged, middle-class worker is eligible for a $3,000 tax credit no matter what.

An Incremental Approach to Health Care Isn't Rational—It's Weak

Interested in Health Care Overhaul?

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't acknowledge how fortunate we are to have free access to healthcare – but I also wouldn't be honest if I didn't acknowledge ...