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Heres to royale wolfsave pietro maximoff i git this image from WE

Heres to royale wolfsave pietro maximoff i git this image from WE


how do you feel about Pietro? || Pietro Maximoff || by AskHawkeye |

Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff poster by MacGuffin Designs If there's enough call for it I will

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff || The Maximoff Twins || Marvel Comic Universe ||

-Pietro Maximoff xBlueAvenue

Pietro's hands shook, whether with sympathetic fear or rage, he wasn't sure

marvel comics quicksilver. See more. i guess every superhero need his theme music #marvel

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Age of Ultron is why we can't have nice things. Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Quicksilver, Age of Ultron This broke my heart :(

"Quicksilver" by Matt Needle

i am pietro maximoff trash. so here's a quicksilver collage i made. treat.


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I have to say, I was expecting the sheriff to be a stereotypical prejudiced redneck but McGregor surprises by having him be a decent man.

SEV's Comic Nook News: Marvel's Complete List of Solicitations for July 2016 is Here!

marvel whitewashed quicksilver and scarlet witch part 1/4 // scarlet witch wanda maximoff quicksilver pietro maximoff marvel mcu avengers x men

International Romani Day 2018: The Importance of the Maximoff Twins' Romani Heritage in Comics and Films - ComicsVerse

Find this Pin and more on marvel: pietro maximoff by dalispurple12.

Running Out » Quicksilver

//Quicksilver aesthetic// Catch me if you can- Pietro Maximoff


Pietro Maximoff. If you think he deserved his fate, then there's something wrong with you because who could hate this face???

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), played by Aaron

Tony Stark aesthetic #marvel

Quicksilver// Pietro Maximoff // Avengers: Age of Ultron MAN, can his eyes get any BLUER?

Pietro Maximoff - Pinboard Cover Image

The Calvary {Pietro Maximoff Fanfiction}

Bronze Age Babies: If I Had Been At the Wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver, I'd Have Been the One To Stand Up and Object…, Conclusion

Pietro Maximoff

If I Had Been At the Wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver, I'd Have Been the One To Stand Up and Object…, Conclusion

Pietro Maximoff | Avengers: Age of Ultron

quicksilver // pietro maximoff

protect image. Peter MaximoffDean ...

But I don't think he's actually dead. Here's why.

Inking this pig was bad enough. i don't know what possessed me to colour it too. House of M Comission Colours

"Wanda was Here, but Pietro was here 12 minutes

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Imagines — A/N: Russian translations at the bottom of the.

... here's where it gets weird. Emil Frank, supposedly a respected doctor, decides to inject some of the blood of the mongoose into his dying son!

@emmerdale: Merry Christmas from all of us here at Emmerdale! We hope you have a fantastic day! X ⠀

Emily, Sheri, Kaelyn and I got to chatting and we realised we had a mutual obsession for chick flick movies! Having said this… We are here to announce the ...

... HZ Hollywood Zombies, a meteor strikes Hollywood! And all the Movie Stars become… Zombies! Which movie star would you like to be eaten by? Here ...

At long last, here's my pick for the Guardian most likely to fall in Infinity War. By my reckoning, Drax simply fits too many bills not to be the odd man ...

Age of Ultron / Days of Future Past: Comparing Two Quicksilvers

Between the royal wedding and dipping back into OUAT to see Captain Swan's baby, it


Imagines — Pietro runs up to the rest of the Avengers (save.

We get quite a different look with Dr. Frankenstein here, however, in a look reminescent of his story's eastern European origins, with the side buttoning ...

Notorious >> Pietro Maximoff

Here we can see the peplum on Red's bodice, the looping up of her skirt, and a dark but better look at the layers draped over her mother's pants.


Ultimate Edit Week: Day Seven


Wonderwall {Pietro Maximoff}

After only two movies, you could be forgiven for finding it a little hard to get a handle on Scarlet Witch. She's swung back and forth from being one of the ...

Since we're dealing with the introduction of two important Sokovians, I'd better just get a little bit in on Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch up front.

... north-remembers-stark-black-tshirt

Red's mother was an interesting design opportunity, and I think the team did a good job of imagining what the queen werewolf would wear.

Yesterday we had a discussion about several Captain America: Civil War details which have not been covered in the character-centered posts here at Thoughts ...

Image Image

I was going to make note of it in the image itself, but on the last page, isn't that the dude from Naruto? You know, the ninja guy in blue who always ...

Fast, But Not Fast Enough >> Pietro Maximoff

Well, well, well… if you ask for questions to a creative fandom, you get creative questions. A favorite of mine (and Cait's) seems to be this one.



Each one of those goals is compromised, in one way or another, by the chain reaction within.

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" Second Trailer Play By Play Analysis

Ultimate version of Quicksilver with his sister, the Scarlet Witch, on the cover of Ultimates #8 (Nov. 2002). Art by Bryan Hitch.


In which order should one watch all the Marvel movies and TV shows? - Quora

and who has a younger sister? that's right, the highly anticipated Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch makes an appearance, hinting she'll be in the X-Men vs ...


Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 3 Lockheed

Scarlet Witch vol 1 2

Y'know, with all the necessary redrawing, re-lettering, and the like, I find it hard to believe that Marvel actually saved money by reprinting these stories ...

Still reeling from the effects of the spell Crowley had placed on you, your vision was blurred, but you could still see the door opening to your small cell ...

Shortcomings of the Lone Wolf in Black Bolt 11

After I've reported some time ago that we shall get a new version of SHOGUN at Fox, here's another of the classic mini series from the 80's that is getting ...


Theatre preview: The Father, Birmingham Rep

Avengers: Infinity War - Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow and Bucky Barnes

We fight together

Ultimate Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch: Incest is The Next Liberal Sexual Revolution | LEADING MALAYSIAN NEOCON

Drowning is Too Late to Learn by @accio-ambition ; rated T ↳ CSBB fic banner read here: tumblr | FF.net | AO3

Got held up trying to get inside Matt here. I promise to make it up to you soon! <3″ He writes. Another message comes in.

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STALKER, MADAM SECRETARY, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, SCORPION GET FULL SEASON ORDERS Here's some good news for fans of CBS' freshman dramas.