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HnK USP compact my fav gun of choice for the past 12yrs general

HnK USP compact my fav gun of choice for the past 12yrs general


mostly because it fits her hand Heckler and Koch USP Compact

EXCLUSIVE: A 550 Round First Look at the HK VP9SK Pistol with Daniel Shaw [VIDEO] Heckler & Koch

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Heckler & Koch USP Compact - Length: Height: Weight w/mag: Capacity: 13


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H&K predates Glock and all the other polymer framed striker fired pistols with their VP70Z pistol by 12 years.

You don't have to be a Navy SEAL to know that the H&K MK23 is one bad ass pistol. But it helps. It also helps when it comes to owning one.

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Heckler & Koch USP Compact Stainless Find our speedloader now! http://www

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You can't go wrong with either, but my vote is for H&K.


Let the battle begin!

And I love .45 ACP as much as anyone, but it's heavy and bulky in addition to less available. Simple cost/benefit decision. No, for survival in the unknown ...

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HK USP Compact in .45 ACP by Boromir66

hk usp 45 | HK USP Compact Tactical V1 45 ACP 8rd

The 10 best home defense handguns.

Heckler and Koch USP Compact


6 da-sa subcompacts for concealed-carry subcompact

HK USP S&W One of the top gun manufacturers in my opinion.

Love my CZ P01. All time favorite pistol

... Compact and its currently my favorite gun. http://i71.servimg.com/u/f71/14/51/12/47/berett21.jpg

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HK USP Compact - ACP Hollowpoint Another great German designed pistol

The USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol) line grew out of H&K's 1991 entry into the Special Operations Offensive Handgun Weapons System (OHWS) tender.

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TTAG ...


I do like HK. The VP9 is overrated I think though... Mark 23 is my favorite.

Recently picked up a Long Slide USP and have a Stainless USP Compact inbound -

I was really, properly surprised at how soft-shooting it is. I mean, it really is lovely. Also, the crap I occasionally hear people spout about how bad HK ...

Really like mine, like other's have mentioned make sure you get your hands on one first. While they are a tad small in the grip, I have large hands it still ...

It's kind of consistent with my other groupings but hey, practice makes perfect. I can't wait to go to the range to put up a new target now that I'm more ...

... USP shoots compared to the P226, I took it to the range right after I bought it and it was such a smoooth shooter definitely one of my favorite handguns ...

Yes. It is good.

My favorite hand gun, HK

If ...

As I advanced through my police career, I continually evaluated my individual readiness for conflict. I “war-gamed” potential scenarios, talked to my family ...

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All the beauty and grace of a full-sized P30 - now in a Sub


I have Sig, STI, DW, Colt and more but also H&K's a P2000SK 9mm and a 45 compact 45acp. Great accurate guns.

I really appreciated the ergonomics of the HK45 and the controls were really intuitive for all of the 1911 shooters out there like me ...


Question of the Day: What's the Best All-Around Gun You've Ever Had?

These two were awarded “most likely to be carried” this year

Wheel guns may be old but they're certainly not obsolete when it comes to concealed carry.

The P2000SK carries easily in a Comp-Tac Infidel with the SK mags and short base-plates. I use USPC/P2000 mags with x-grips as range mags.

I had a shot at the OD case (and HK light, and HK knife) for the .40 compact, but I didn't buy the package, just the pistol.

... be a better choice because it slightly slimmer, more customizable (back straps) and at least mine feels like it has a better recoil impulse, granted my ...

All major metal components on the USP are corrosion-resistant. Outside metal surfaces are protected by H&K's proprietary “hostile environment” nitride ...

LuckyGunner Lounge has a new writer: Melody Lauer, who comes with an full set of credentials as an NRA handgun instructor and rangemaster.

By far, my favorite is the HK USP tactical .45 in OD. It's the first OD USPT of only 500 made serial # 25-100000.

I've had shooters gasp in horror that I'd carry my CZ 75 compact with the hammer on the "quarter cock" notch. However, it makes sense because the trigger ...

What if you could design and produce your handgun anyway you desired, with any features and characteristics, without a price parameter?

It looks good to my eyes.

Originally Posted by tbc ...


I used the P226 when I was in the Army and the P226 is the first pistol I ever fired. But this is no ordinary P226, this P226 is specifically the original ...

The VP9 arrived later, and while it's noticeably smaller than the VP40, it is still a significantly larger handgun than its competitor:

This is a comparison of two compact belt pistols in the ever popular 9mm. The premise for this review was originally going to be just an evaluation of the ...

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Although my new Inox functions perfectly. You might come out ahead if you just get an M9 and have it sent off to get NP3+.

The author has previously nicknamed the G30S, "the IWB sledgehammer".


Thanks again for the compliments guys. Got my TLR-4 in last night. Here are some pics. The LED is extremely bright as is the laser.

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Taurus PT940 – A slightly lighter and more compact version of their copy of the Beretta 92. I might even like the SAO “cocked and locked” option, I suppose, ...

... Pistol ...

Ruger Security-9 9mm semi-automatic pistol

The Glock 19 is about a quarter inch longer from end to end than the VP9SK. From the top of the slide to the bottom of the grip with the Glock's magazine ...


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