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Hover Fly on Nutsedge Flower Close Up Photography t

Hover Fly on Nutsedge Flower Close Up Photography t


Hover Fly on Nutsedge Flower Close Up

A tiny little pink bug sitting on a closed flower bud, covered in the early morning dew waiting for the sun to warm him up.

Being a native plant, it has a host of insects and other animals that look to it as a food source. These beetles were intensely interested in the blooming ...

Hovering bee fly, fluffy little insect that seems to be out of this world. First sighting for me, so fluffy and beautiful, isn't nature just amazing?

In sunny South Africa it is Springtime, and all the lovely little creatures are… | Photography | Pinterest

Bee on flower / Pčela na cvijetu

bee on flower captured with focus

The Curious Wasp

house fly close up

I think this is some type of Soft Winged Flower Beetle. I couldn't tell if it was actually feeding inside the flower or searching for something on the ...

Tachinid larvae develop inside a living host, usually a specific insect species. The adult flies are so numerous it's almost impossible not to see them when ...

Busy little bee hovering over the pollen covered flower, ready to take the nectar to make his honey, and spread the pollen throughout his journey to ensure ...

Lichtblicke (MakroMontag) – merlanne

Blue Jay Barrens

Life in Yellow

long legged fly

A beautiful little blue butterfly perched on a vibrant pink flower, a colorful display of grace and beauty.

Johannesburg Daily Photos: Cam O'Flage

Little Courage

THIS WEEK AT BEAR CREEK: Young Creatures Explore among High Summer Flowers | Natural Areas Notebook

Here's a neat fly to have show up at a 4th of July picnic. The Yellowjacket Hover Fly, Milesia virginiensis, is a member of the Syrphid Fly family.

Yellow Nutsedge

Echeveria Flowers

oh no ant, don't jump black carpenter ant on purple flower - Stock

Flies differ from wasps by having only a single pair of wings. Just below the wing is a structure called a haltere that looks like a stick with a ball at ...

Epistrophe diaphana

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

The flattened abdomen, held in a down curved position, makes the fly look to be starving. This fly spends a lot of time sitting on low growing vegetation.

Blue Jay Barrens

Schnee im Frühling (Makromontag)

Grass Seeds

The large number of flowers found in each umbel typically cause the umbel to appear in the form of a sphere.

Don't do it, Spider! You've Got so Much to Live

Fruits are already developing in some flowers. Most will disappear long before they become ripe.

Yellowjacket Hover Flies are found in the woods or in fields near woods. Their larvae feed on the decomposing heartwood of larger trees, so they tend to ...

... photo IMG_6470_zps913e5d80.jpg

Sea aster (Symphyotrichum subulatum)

Lucerne Bug Adelphocoris lineolatus


Lenten Rose 'Mango Magic'

Euonymus japonicus (Japanese Spindle)

Crane-fly (Tipula oleracea) on grass - Stock Image

Star Magnolia Bud

Yellow Nutsedge Control

Leaf Buds with Insect

Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata)

Crown Vetch found its way into my fields as seed that was produced along the edges our township road. I eliminated the roadside vetch last year, ...

A Delicate Delicacy.

sea club rush flowers

Posted on October 22, 2017 by James Gielow

Yellow Meadow Ant (Lasius flavus) winged queeen about to take flight from grass leaf

Hedge Woundwort - is now flowering generally around the meadow. It has very attractive flower spikes, almost orchid-like in quality.

photo IMG_2619_zpsafff9c41.jpg

Schlumbergera truncata (Thanksgiving cactus)

It would certainly be a pity to see this nice grassland engulfed by the progressive advancement of the Blackthorn scrub. For its size, I reckon this is the ...

Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant'


Kalanchoe Flowers

photo IMG_6242_zps59c502d6.jpg

Don't you just feel for these poor strawberry plants? They must be strong

That's right, directly through the so called “weed barrier” are fresh new shoots of the nutsedge. Growing at an alarming rate too I might add.

Leopard Frog CL

Mat Sedge, Umbrella Sedge (Cyperus textilis), flowering. - Stock Image

Double Lenten Rose

greater tussock sedge Carex paniculata - Stock Image

Won't harm lawns.

Fringed loosestrife closeup native

Adult Content SafeSearch Beetle, Insect, Bug, Copulating

nut sedge Cyperus esculenta yellow nut grass Sedge family Cyperaceae - Stock Image

Narcissus 'Arkle'


hover fly

Photo by cottonmanifesto.

Photo of Arrowhead Blooming On NaturalCrooksDotCom

Dactylis glomerata in bloom, Barcelona - Poaceae stock photo

A Goat's Beard seed head.

Growing at an alarming rate too I might add. And what is making matters worse is now when I pull the fuckers out, the tuber stays trapped in the soil thanks ...

yellow flower in garden - Stock Image

a flying daddy long legs fly resting up close summer; England; UK - Stock

American ladybug on Hairy Vetch CL

Rice paper plant (Tetrapanax papyrifer)

Crane Fly diptera - Stock Image

Ebony jewelwing damselfly

Home Grown Organic Shallots 'Red Sun' (Allium cepa) on an Allotment in

photo P1020816_zpss1akkxkx.jpg

Crane fly - a member of the insect family Tipulidae, of the order Diptera,

SDIM7716 (2) ...

There's a serious chance that I misidentified 100 species #50 and it's a winter moth caterpillar, not a spring cankerworm. Spring cankerworms and Bruce ...

Melanostoma mellinum

photo IMG_7115_zpsedc86b1e.jpg

Just coming into flower along the flood bank is this yellow Greater Goats beards. the plant to the right is the goats beard just before it opens.


ant sits on a beautiful purple daisy - Stock Image

A single spike of Distant Sedge showing the male flowers at the top and females below

Salutations ...

... showing up at Uvalde (South Texas) plots. Still mostly affecting susceptible border plots. With clouds and rain in the forecast watch out for further ...

Tachinid flies look like house flies but are more bristly (Robert Sousa photo)

... are not as well studied as many others, alas. But I thought the story and the creature were interesting enough that they belonged here, ...