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I absolutely love this Hinata sakura and Ino Confidence boosters

I absolutely love this Hinata sakura and Ino Confidence boosters


I absolutely love this. Hinata, sakura, and Ino

Modern Ino, Sakura, and Hinata

Naruto/Sakura - Shikamaru/Ino - Kiba/Hinata - Neji/Tenten While I've started to like Lee/Tenten a lot as well, these are my favorite shippings.

Naruto - Sakura Haruno x Hinata Hyuuga - SakuHina

Sai's and Ino's kid almost looks like Kagamine Len ...

Yamanaka Ino, Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto

Sakura and Ino (Sakura Haruno Gender bender)

Ino, Sakura, Hinata, TenTen, Temari

I love how tenten looks .

I love a Sakura*-*, but I hate a Hinata-_- < < I'm so sorry, it must be hard being blind :)


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(Naruto) Ino, Sakura, Hinata and Ten-Ten

Ino and Sakura

Rock Lee, Tenten, Sai, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyūga Hinata, Aburame Shino,

Haruno Sakura, Hyūga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino and Tenten.

Early pregnant Sakura and Sasuke Sasusaku

Sakura Haruno

Shinobi Rule 101: Duct tape thy breasts. Or at least wear a sports bra.

Konoha Girls, Sakura, Ino and Hinata

SasuSaku and NaruHina <3

but I wanna turn it into productive stress~~~ Ino Hinata Sakura AU Doodle

"""Sakura is the most pathetic kunochi, ten ten and Tamari and Hinata are a hundred times better. Th only reason she is a main character is to make a love ...

Ino Yamanaka.

Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, Ino, Shikamaru, Temari,

Crying Naruto characters - I think it's cool that even people like Itachi and Gaara are crying.

Even Sasuke & Sakura know that these two belong together #Naruto & Hinata

Sakura Haruno

Sakura #Naruto #Dessin セキセイ #Manga

Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Hinata, Outfit Switch

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hinata and naruto in mission

Hinata and Sakura

Naruto - Sakura Haruno x Ino Yamanaka - SakuIno

The Last: Naruto the Movie: Color Designs for Sasuke, Hinata, Ino, Others

Ino and sakura fighting

This is Hinata in battle mode.

sasusaku | Tumblr

sasuke sakura 2 by heartsallover4.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This is sooo cute sakura is pregnant then sasuke holding her hand like be careful your pregnant with my child. So sweet romantic sasusaku Sarada uchiha look ...

“Sasusaku Month Day The Games We Play ” Sakura came often to Sasuke house because of his interesting array of toys and games to play. She especially loves ...

armband black gloves blonde hair breasts dancing facial mark fishnets forehead mark gloves hair over one eye haruno sakura hime cut hyuuga hinata large ...

Sakura e Ino

ino yamanaka fan art | nrt Yamanaka.Ino.full.1225379 Ino Yamanaka

Girls of Naruto 〖 Naruto Kunoichi Sakura Haruno Ino Yamanaka Tenten Shizune Kushina Uzumaki Kurenai Yuhi Temari Tsunade Hinata Hyuga Mei Terumi Karin 〗

Yes, I just called dumb. So, what?

Sakura pregnant || sasuke is not the last Uchiha

the big Naruto´s family

wouldn't Hinata rock that Bob-hair? I love her with her long

i want sasuke and sakura to end up together but i know how low of a


To be fair, he has a horridly, disturbing giant butt.

Naruto OTPs by natsumi33 ...

Naruto - Sasuke and Sakura

... doesn't look very good.

Well even though i don't think there will be any couples at the end

Naruto - Kurenai PACK 1!

ino yamanaka ,sakura haruno,hinata hyuga

Naruhina and Sasusaku are the most likely, considering Sakura continues to reject Naruto and show

Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten y Tsunade-sama

Also, have I mentioned Gai's embarrassing fillers?

Hinata married Naruto and had 2 children, a boy named Boruto and Himawari. Sakura

Lol so that's thr reason why they cut tjeir hair? Hahaha Sakura, Ino and Hinata

ComicSee, the thing about Sasuke... Sorry sometime just doesn't cut it.

tenten hinata sakura and ino

If Sakura and Sasuke had another kid. I could totally see this! :]

Hinata runs away · HinataNaruto ShippudenNaruhinaSasukeConfidence BoostersSakura HarunoAnime ...

the pain will kill the hinata and naruto will kill the sasuke yea

I think this was another point of Sasuke playing a role in Sakura's character development. Don't get me wrong- I'm not bashing SakuIno brOTP.

i know this for a fact i asked all my manga friends and they said that

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Want to add to the discussion?

She wasn't the fighting type, she was the supporting type at that moment, so being left alone in a situation like that was a big challenge for her.

Quiet Understanding: A Sasuke x Hinata Manifesto - The Shipper's Manifesto ?


He's willing to give his life again to let his friends escape, and both his regret at his previous pseudo-death and his resolve to give up his life again ...


DARLING in the FRANXX isn't turning into my favorite anime, but I really like 02.

... change your mind) so I don't see the problem.

Bonus : her fckn face when sasuke shit on Naruto.

this is s completely different , sasuke didin't say he don't like her , b ut he don't see reason to like her….because he ever saw reason to hate …

This is when Chouji says that actually Sasuke is knocked down and Sakura is fighting pointing to the place of the fight. As the battle continues, ...

It's not even the only one.

The whole fake confession happened because she wanted Naruto to love himself more and STOP CHASING after Sasuke at the first place.

During FOD, she called out her idol sasukekun for Naruto sake. LIKE CAN SHE PLEASE APPRECIATE NARUTO ALREADY!!!

Like a lot of the girls in the Hidden Leaf Village, Ino had a superficial attraction to Sasuke without actually knowing much about him.

More Chakra = Better Reflexes & Speed

Hinata, Sakura, Ino and Tenten

And how beautiful is that 600+ chapters later, her feeling to support Naruto's dream is still unchanging and stronger than ever.

During FOD, she called out her idol sasukekun for Naruto sake. LIKE CAN SHE PLEASE APPRECIATE NARUTO ALREADY!!!

But I would also like to point out Sakura was VERY dependent on Ino- she was always in her shadow: