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I don39t even believe in Jebus Act Accordingly t Cartoon

I don39t even believe in Jebus Act Accordingly t Cartoon


If Jesus were on social media .

Do you fully trust Jesus?

Seth MacFarlane Illuminati Satanic | Family Guy Perverted Satanic TV show. '


So what do you think? Could “Winning Souls” really work like this? If we keep telling people we know, and they tell people that they know, and then they ...

"Jesus, anointed with the Holy Spirit and Power, went about doing good,

Nickelodeon's "The Loud House" Introduces Two Perfectly Imperfect Gay Dads | NewNowNext

"Mary and Teen Jesus" (Cartoon by Inherit the Mirth)

Bonus Eruptus

back in the day when people weren't afraid of what others thought talking about Jesus. Take God out of schools, work and families, then wonder why the world ...

Even the reindeers are turning to Christ this year.

Never mix wool which is our forgiven sins with linen which is our righteousness

Why is 'Good Friday' called 'Good Friday'?

Image titled Have Faith in Jesus Step 1

14 hilarious cartoons about Jesus walking on water

Sometimes a single TV episode can exemplify the spirit of its time and the properties that make television a unique medium. A Very Special Episode presents ...

The Law

Warner Home Video

Russel's Teapot again:

The Lord will rescue even those who have spiraled downward into a pit of despair.

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

O come, let us adore Him

Charlie Brown, Christianity and Christ [16 pictures]

Animated cast of OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME


ANY ARGUMENTITIVE COMIC EVER Hey! I'm the cool guy. I am the

... of Bart mid-blink as he responds to Homer ("I don't know").

lady gaga simpsons

We don't just "go to church" ..we ARE The Church

Why I'm Not Pursuing Gay Relationships Anymore

As with my ex-church and its whole fraud incident, I did my own research as well, and realised that the management might have indeed misused church funds, ...

I love this. And need to remember this. Gets me a little sad!

Lisa the Iconoclast 9

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Contemplating "The Jesus Outlet"

Loud House Gay Couple

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Image titled Ask God for Forgiveness Step 1

Religion is the WORST thing that has ever happened to this world; Countless Billions of souls have been doomed to Hellfire by false religion.

Whoever is born of God cannot sin

I believe that nothing happens as long as you don't connect any negative event of your life to your disbelief in Jesus (or any 'God' for that matter)


Republican Jesus

Memes / The Simpsons

Contemplating the Jesus Prayer ...

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The entity behind C Street.


5 Old Children's Cartoons Way Darker Than Most Horror Movies | Cracked.com

... go to pose for him in most JoJo media ...

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Walt Disney

Contemplating "Blow Your Mind" Contemplating "Blow Your ...

95: LOUIS C.K: We don't think about how we talk

Lemons ◊. Explanation After stealing a lemon tree, Shelby's father takes a bite of a lemon to mock Homer. It became a common gag to photoshop his face onto ...

Political Cartoons on the Democratic Party

I thought of these as the magnets that the devil uses to confuse and disorient us - especially on the "cloudy "days in our lives.

Header Curtain Gradient

Illustration by Rebekka Dunlap


Contemplating "The Outlet Jesus"

Contemplating "Conversion 401"

Buy Unlock the Weird!

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR LIVE IN CONCERT -- Pictured: (l-r) Brandon Victor Dixon

Illustration by William Joel / The Verge

"You almost always wanted the peril to be real," Vitti said. "But then someone would come up with something funny enough that you would have to bend the ...

... single frame of animation ...

bible verses about satan

Stephen Colbert on How 'Our Cartoon President' Differs From 'Late Show' – Variety

youtube.com Their dad might want to consider a DNA test.

Last Update: 1/2016. The Law

Contemplating the Jesus Prayer Contemplating the Jesus Prayer


Can Reading Make You Happier?

The Birth of Jesus Kids Bible Lesson from the Top 100 Sunday School Lessons for Kids

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Emmanuel Carrère's “The Kingdom” explores how a tiny sect became a global religion.