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I have to see this when it becomes an anime Anime t

I have to see this when it becomes an anime Anime t


What anime sounds like to our parents

Lesbian Anime Citrus Isn't Perfect, But It's Still Worth a Watch

I first discovered the world of anime in middle school when I stayed over at a friend's house and she and I decided to start something called Ouran High ...

Best Anime of 2017

The girl in question is Serinuma Kae, an avowed fujoshi (here, "a passionate fangirl of anime and manga that objectifies male characters and male-to-male ...

Awwwwwe I loved this anime it was sad but didn't make me cry

But hey, I'm actually kind of glad there's anime out there that could spark a discussion about negative queer relationships? I just wish it wasn't for a ...

Beyond the usual movie and TV offerings available on Netflix, the streaming service also has a selection of anime ranging from mainstream staples like ...

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Anime - Different Styles.jpg

This is such a great setup can't wait for this to become a anime 1 day

Anime Romeo X Juliet by randy7289 ...

It's also just nice to see the rampant sexuality that can so often dominate anime being portrayed in such an empowering light, too.

Vocaloid quote but I'm gonna put it in anime quotes even though it ain

Otaku Meme » Anime and Cosplay Memes! » Anime subtitles are always better?

Like "don't even try bro" < < < Amen. Anime ...

In the English dub, reference to Uranus and Neptune made it clear that they weren't lovers, but in fact "cousins." This is despite the fact that these " ...


Isla is going to be retrieved and Tsukasa will be left alone. We know this from around half the season, BUT WE DON'T CARE. Because the MC, Tsukasa, becomes ...


Top 10 Anime Characters with a Tragic Past


When You Lose Weight

Before it started airing, Akame Ga Kill was the anime I was most looking forward to. Sadly, that excitement was brutally murdered even before the end of the ...

Maybe your friend has one, maybe you have one. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, waifu has become an ironic joke in geek culture to the point where ...

Nightcore - You Don't Know ...

'Yuri on Ice' is a Non-Traditional Gay Anime Romance

Top 10 Anime Where Main Character Is Half Human/Half Something Else

Satsunyaki has been bounced around between her Mom and Dad ever since their divorce. She doesn't really have a sense of security and is extremely lonely.

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Upon discovering that Uranus and Neptune are together, their fellow scouts are surprised, but quickly accept and welcome their comrades, then move on.

You see, her boyfriend, when he gets amnesia, his personality changes and he becomes a completely different person. So she wanted to see the reactions of ...

Tokyo Ghoul - “Books are nice, aren't they? With just one sentence you can get lost in all sorts of dreams. They way I think of it, literature allows the ...

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

How Toei Animation Has Ruined One Piece


other mermaids

So today I'm going to share with you my favorite love/hate romance Manga! Lets get started!

Your Name Becomes the Biggest Anime Movie, Ever.

But once you have recovered it and made it your own... You will gain an irreplaceable Fullmetal heart."

Hitsugaya Toshiro's Famous Quote Picture

... applies to one baffling scene in a series that usually didn't resemble a Dreamcast launch game. But CGI in general has become more prevalent in anime, ...

Citrus Vol. 3 by Saburouta The best-selling yuri series heats up!Even though outgoing and bubbly Yuzu doesn't always get along with serious her step-sister


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See more. Kubisuji ni Amai Kisu, is a one shot. It isn't exactly unappetizing. Anime ...

Top 50 Romance Anime That You Should Watch With Your Loved One – Magnitude Reviews

Okay, I get it. He has a strong pitch from the BEGINNING of the anime, but that doesn't mean that Sawamura needs to get lesser development than him.

minmay the pop idol in anime film

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Let's see....the tsundere one is taiga from toradora, the yandere

"I really am a dangerous person, never really was joking about that. My powers are powers that can't be used everywhere. all it takes is a small flame to ...

Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto)

The third chapter is the first taste of a long Shounen arc that we'll get from the show. It just features a lot of battles involving the villains and the ...


From Naruto “The pain of being alone is completely out of this world, isn't it? I don't know why, but I understand your feelings so much, it actually hurts.

Of course it spawned its own micro-ecosystem of imitators in turn. But it was a breath of fresh air, regardless.

If they don't have a walkthrough on how to mill around the free sample area without looking like a tool, I'll be thoroughly disappointed.

Look at all those "how to draw manga" books and it becomes evident that eyes are a cornerstone of what anyone with a passing familiarity would refer to as " ...

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For those who don't know this is school days, a visual novel turned Anime abomination. It looks harmless at first but the story becomes worse then "50 ...

Anime couples · Devils First Love

Explore Manga Couple, Manga Anime, and more!

It a very unique kind of anime about a boy who doesn't really know himself until he becomes half ghoul. The only anime that I have ever seen that's like ...

Anime has many meanings, depending on who you are.

Top 10 Magical Girls In Anime

Can you beat the strongest hero?

haruhi suzumiya on hospital floor

24 episodes, as far as I remember correctly. It's kind of like Tokyo Ghoul you know, it's nice. If you don't like gore then you should watch ReLIFE,



Top 10 Male Anime Perverts

Sword Art Online

Top 10 Anime Where MC Is A Transfer Student Who Is OP And Don't Give A Sh*t

Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends

Karen is A Classic Otaku

RON PAUL Will Make Anime Real Ron Paul REVOJUTION*Vote for Ron Paul 2012 akk

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Legal Anime Exists: 4 Websites Where You Can Watch Anime For Free (Or Cheap)

Top 10 Best Mecha Anime

There's a lot of baggage when it comes to same-sex couples in anime. For the most part, outside of specific genres like yaoi, gay protagonists are hard to ...

Netflix's new anime Blame! is an introduction to a dark science-fiction universe. “

Zeref pronouncing Natsu's full name

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Sakamoto desu ga?

I hope this becomes animated for a animepic.twitter.com/jyPXsDJBIF

Most of people don't like Noragami, but trust me its worth to watch this awesome anime. Story flow is awesome and its best. Protagonist of this series, ...