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Interactive Phonics Fun Long I Spelled ieighy Phonics activities

Interactive Phonics Fun Long I Spelled ieighy Phonics activities


IGH IE Y long i phonics practice worksheet

Phonics worksheets that are super fun and differentiated for low AND high learners - kids love these!! (this is an answer key for the IGH and IE pack)

oa and ow worksheets and centers that are fun, hands on, and differentiated!

OA and OW worksheets & activities! Over 85 fun NO PREP printables to practice the long o OA and OW sounds! So much great vowel pairs practice

Here is a list of words with the long i sound that kids can play games with. This document includes words with the "-ie," "-i_e," and "-igh" spelling ...

when you hear the long o sound in a word (focuses on OA and OW · Teaching PhonicsTeaching ReadingTeaching IdeasSpelling ...

School Is a Happy Place: January Jumpstart (January Centers, Y as a Vowel, and Loads of FREEBIES)

OW and OA Poem / Song. Learning PhonicsPhonics LessonsPhonics ...

... ie igh - 5 Interactive phonics activities

(Long /i/ Sound Spelled "Y"). Student TeachingBingo GamesClass ActivitiesPhonicsTeacher ...

Letter combinations: "ie" can make a long 'i' sound, English skills online, interactive activity lessons

Long o Word Work Games and Activities. Kindergarten PhonicsPhonics ...

aw au phonics activities 4 in a row

Phonics - Y

oa ow oe activities

Long I igh ie i and y Word Work Fluency and Games

IGH IE worksheets and activities that are no prep and really make kids think and practice

A 'y' acts as a vowel and makes a short 'i' sound, English skills online, interactive activity lessons

Find and Write the igh Words Differentiated Worksheet / Activity Sheet Pack, worksheet

Picture Perfect Game - Engaging pictures on this game board, featuring long vowel words. Fun for everyone! See our entire assortment of Phonics Games ...

oa ow oe activity

IGH word activity IGH word activity

26 free games to teach long vowel sounds

Simply place the templates on the file folder and laminate both the folder and words. The activity will last for years!

oa ow oe activities. The best part of the phonics ...

... y Sorting Long "i" Words: i_e, ie, ...

My Book about 'oa' (SB2355)

... Phonics - Long i with IGH, IE, and Y - Reading Foundation with Phonics

... games · Phonics books. i-e worksheet 1

external image phonemePatternsIcon.jpg

'OA' Words Phonics - YouTube

aw au phonics activities race to the top

Long Vowel Digraphs Phonics Games ee ea oa ai ay

Long i spelling pattern

These printable phonics books teach oa words, ie words, ea words, and ow

oa ow oe activities. When teaching a phonics ...

Click here to download

Rule: "c" says "s" when followed by 'e', 'i' and 'y', English skills online, interactive activity lessons

Fancy Y as Long E {long e spelled y phonics unit}

69; 77. Skill: -y (long e spelling ...

... ie igh y Activities - the Big Phonics Bundle

Connect Four Game with words with long i (ie, igh, y)

Y as a Vowel Song

phonics activities

Connect Four Game with words with long i (ie, igh, y)

I used this chart to guide me in creating the sound-focused spelling word lists. You can read more about phonic sounds here.

IE I-E -IGH -Y | Similar Sounds | Sounds Alike | How to Read | Made by Kids vs Phonics - YouTube

LongVowelSort2bor. Long vowel sound spelling patterns are quite difficult for students ...

Preschool - Reading, Phonics, Spelling game: Make sun shapes with "o", "oa" and "ow". - YouTube

OW, OU or OA

'ie' Digraph Differentiated Word Search - vowel diagraph, reading, first class,

For example, if a child rolls a 2, he should move to a word with -y, such as spy or try.

The letter 'a' sometimes makes a short 'o' sound, English skills online, interactive activity lessons

Phonics ...

Game one: Roll & Read

... IE and IGH - long i sound

... Phonics - Long O with OW, OA, and OE - Reading Foundation with Phonics

Phonics activities for first grade that are seriously so much fun... I love

... Y as Long E and Y as Long I Read and Keep Card Game Bundle

... Interactive Phonics Fun {Long E Spelled ea/ee/-y}

Long Short VS sort

four in a row i-e 1

FFPcleblogpic …

... Y Phonics Pack: Long y says /i/ and /e/

Game 2: Roll & Read (second version)

Printable wordbuilding card games

ie, igh or y

... Long Vowel Teams Activities: Long i, Spelled i_e, ie, y, &

r controlled vowels

Alternative Pronunciation of IE Sorting Game - phonics, phase 5, phase 5 DfE,

Phonics Vowel Teams ee-ea-ei-ey-ie-ui Text Board

Plural Rule: Change 'y' to 'i' before adding 'es', English skills online, interactive activity lessons

Recycle bottle caps to use with these secret word centers - I love these phonics activities

igh words - Phonics - light, nightmare, frightening

long a spelling patterns. LVSSpg1areduced. The Long Vowel Sound Sorting activity ...

70; 78. Dictation/Spelling Practice for (-y) words with a long (e) sound

Category Archives: phonics games

Love these ew sound for long u literacy stations and phonics activities

Spring Phase 3 Phonics Mosaic Worksheet / Activity Sheet - Spring UK, Spring, Seasons

Tips for Teaching Vowel Sounds - This Reading Mama

Teaching video - Phonics Zone - Long o (o-e, oe, oa, ow, old) video (1)

8804309.jpg long-i-e.png FireShot Screen Capture #010 - 'Forest Phonics_ a spelling game for children age 5 ...

Phonics Vowel Teams ee-ea-ei-ey-ie-ui 6 Worksheet

Alternative Pronunciation of Y Sorting Game - phonics, phase 5, phase 5 DfE,

Ninja Phonics 14 - Interactive Teaching Pack - Revision of vowel sound spellings by tesPhonics-resources - Teaching Resources - Tes

oa words Gilead Success with Phonics

Preschool - Reading, Phonics, Spelling: Bingo game with the "ea" and "ee" sounds. - YouTube

Give your students practice with reading long o word families by assembling these FREE literacy centers

NEW * 'i_e' Sound Dominoes - jolly phonics, phonics, activity,