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JBJ – Pretty (예뻐)

on Twitter: "[#JBJ] JBJ wiki How 'the most desirable combination' was made by fans? And Members' profile! Trans Cr. @JBJ_787trans… https://t .co/kljsE2Imr3"

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They will be debuting in September, possibly on the 10th, and that's coming real soon. I'm so excited and I can't wait! JBJ ...


Sanggyun To Leave Xeno-T (Formerly Known As Toppdogg) After JBJ Disbands

... with other guys from produce 101, I'm really sad but kinda happy too because we will have news from him. The group name "JBJ", I wish him the best.


... 2 contestants who didn't made to the top 11 (ranking 20–30) and was formed by LOEN due to fan requests. They will officially debut on October 18, 2017.

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Kwon Hyunbin PH on Twitter: "[OFFICIAL] 170913 Hyunbin JBJ Teaser #권현빈 #현빈 #YGKPLUS #KwonHyunbin #Hyunbin #JBJ #KwonHyunbinPH https://t.co/wNZGFzG9pt"

JBJ Philippines 🌻 on Twitter: "[JBJ] JBJ on 1st Look Magazine! (5) Src: https://t.co/9TPi6XFwnZ — #JBJ #노태현 #타카다켄타 #김상균 #김용국 #권현빈 #김동한…

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Originally, JBJ has seven members but due to unsettled conflicts with his agency, a member couldn't debut together in JBJ and now they are debuted with only ...

JBJ then mentioned their hopes to achieve the No. 1 spot on music charts. Kenta commented, “We were a candidate for No. 1 while promoting 'Fantasy,' but we ...

JBJ's Profit Might Put Them In K-Pop's Top 10, Suggests The Group Shouldn't Disband

Runner Up 'JBJ' From Produce 101 Season 2 Are Winning With “My Flower”

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JBJ, Produce 101 JBJ, JBJ star1, JBJ Debut, JBJ Members, JBJ

JBJ Members Profile, JBJ, JBJ Concert

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Kim Dong Han ( 김동한 ) • JBJ

sweet attraction on

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JBJ won't be extending their project group

Hyun Bin and Dong Han #JBJ

Fans Can't Belive How Freakin Good-Lookin JBJ Hyunbin's Dad Is


JBJ Members Profile, JBJ, JBJ Concert

JBJ Philippines 🌻 on Twitter: "[YONGGUK] Yongguk & Shihyun was seen taking pictures at their Subway Station Ad!(2) Credits: moments_of_0302 — #YONGGUK #JBJ ...

Additional information

JBJ Philippines 🌻 on Twitter: "[JBJ] JBJ on 1st Look Magazine! (5) Src: https://t.co/9TPi6XFwnZ — #JBJ #노태현 #타카다켄타 #김상균 #김용국 #권현빈 #김동한…

JBJ 패션봇(JBJ fashion) on Twitter: "[#김동한] 🍇 180112 True Colors 티저 [LIPUNDERPOINT] LOGO SWEAT SHIRTS_BLUE 🌗 https://t.co/eYBXcAtkfJ ₩ 37,600 # JBJ ...

Sanggyun is such a great rapper and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table in JBJ! I loved his performances on PD101. He's so handsome and I love ...

takada kenta and jbj image

Long Guo #JBJ

😬 on Twitter: "171018 JBJ Showcase JBJ Kim Donghan, “maknae's charisma” + https://t.co/Qhz0ZpmWKf #김동한… "

After a successful few months promoting together that have included getting their first win on a music show, a solo concert, and an overseas tour, ...

JBJ Philippines 🌻 on Twitter: "[JBJ] JBJ to have a reality show on September, official debut on October 18. Taedong joining still in discussions ...

JBJ releases MV teaser for the track 'My Flower', title track of their 2nd mini album “True Colors”.

2:06 AM - 12 Feb 2018

Give JBJ fans a fandom name

JBJ was dubbed an “idol group miracle” in Korea, because, even though members Kenta, Longguo, Sanggyun, Taehyun, Donghan, and Hyunbin didn't make it to the ...

Kenta and Dong Han #JBJ

JBJ Philippines 🌻 on Twitter: "[JBJ] JBJ Wonderful Day Perfomance in MCountdown Photos! (3) https://t.co/LBrrx3hMsj — #JBJ #노태현 #타카다켄타 #김상균 ...

[JustBeJoyful JBJ] Japanese home-style food Eating show (feat. Natto) Ep.3

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JBJ Fails to Deliver a Fantasy

Long Guo and Tae Hyun #JBJ

[HQ] 180121 #동한 #김동한 #JBJ Kim DongHan smile 엘프 동하니

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[Show Champion Behind] JBJ - Aiming for first place on a music show!!!! Let's go!

Before debuting this members didn't make it to the top 11, however it turned out that each of their entertainment collaborated after they have seen their ...

Photo )) Produce 101 JBJ For October Issue of Magazine

Plus, you'll get these goodies if you purchase a silver or gold package (or there's an online only package, the cheapest version):

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YES! don't know if one night w/ jbj would do, but i'd take it!

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Kim Dong Han ( 김동한 ) • JBJ

jbj and donghan image

Kenta admitted, “I really almost cried,” and Kwon Hyun Bin said with a smile, “I didn't want to turn out first showcase into a sea of tears.” JBJ ...

JBJ True Colors Concept Photos (T, S, L & K) | Just Be Joyful (JBJ) Amino

“Thinking about it gives me a headache… So I try not to think about it. I mean, who goes to work thinking about when they'll get fired?

Just Be Joyful (JBJ) Amino

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잘봐줘 JBJ 1화 (Just Be Joyful JBJ EP.1)

171216 JBJ crying project from Thai fans don't cry😭KENTA & Hyunbin cried so hard 😭1st Fan Meeting

JBJ와의_첫만남 because of this funny ranking...however i didn't know who are they at that time pic.twitter.com/1nLx6MopJN

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