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... comparison shows the designs to be very similar and a little different from each other. What I'm wondering is, are these 2 different Jiralhanae species?

Halo-3-Covenant-2-06-Jiralhanae-Chieftain- -Captain.jpg

Jiralhanae War Chieftain


A Jiralhanae Major in Halo 2.

Who wins?


Halo-3-Chronicles-Sierra-117-11-Thel-Vadam-Arbiter-vs-jiralhanae -chieftain.jpg

1224952141 Chieftain.jpg


Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST Brutes/Jiralhanae 4.) Halo 2: Anniversary Hunters/Mgalekgolo 5.) Halo: Reach Drones/Buggers/Yanme'e 6.) Halo: Reach Skirmishers/ Kig-Yar ...



Are you smarter than a Jiralhanae Chieftain? Watch the full trailer at https:/


The Great Schism and the Sangheili-Jiralhanae war

Halo Wars 2 Campaign - Awakening the Nightmare - Part 2 - Fighting Retreat / Jiralhanae Flood Wall

Brute Army Commander

Governance of the Jiralhanae War-Tribes

Ova Here We've Got a Real Rare Sight by DrawWithLaura ...


JIRALHANAE: Cultural Index


And aren't the Cabal's blades rather short ranged? Engaging a Brute equipped with a gravity hammer that can siphon away your health (somehow) in close ...

Jiralhanae Chieftain from Halo 3 & Halo 3 ODST

A side-by-side ...

Brute vs Krogan by Sokogeki ...

Scenario 1 1 Elite Minor (Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol) vs 1 Brute Minor (Brute Plasma Rifle and Spiker) Scenario 2. A team of Elites will go up against a ...

Primordial 117 on Twitter: "Jiralhanae. #HaloHotShots… https://t .co/oOfJlMEcFH"

Jiralhanae combat knife

1:03 PM - 10 Oct 2017

Castor by The-Chronothaur ...

Jiralhanae warlord

Brute Concepts by Isaac Hannaford

Chieftain of the Jiralhanae Barcus Revisioned by DecidingNebula ...

Primordial 117 on Twitter: "Jiralhanae. #HaloHotShots… https://t .co/oOfJlMEcFH"

11:15 AM - 26 Sep 2017

Jiralhanae Honor Guard from Halo 2

Jiralhanae Army Commander Herrius Revisioned by DecidingNebula ...

Death to the Jiralhanae!

That's how they should look in a future game, IMO. I'm also interested in this concept Brute from Halo 4. What is 343i planning?

Chieftain of the Jiralhanae Barcus by DecidingNebula ...

Covenant Brutes are officially known to the Covenant as 'Jiralhanae'.

Jiralhanae chieftain- Legendary Edition by Sailfin-Dragon ...

... this Halo Life-Sized Brute (Jiralhanae) costume build credited to Armory Props. #smoothon #halo #xbox https://t.co/27iR9zg73u… https://t .co/Gmk4i9KdbW"

A Brute Minor Holding a Spiker Rifle in Halo 3.

Halo 3: ODST Covenant Factions of Halo Jiralhanae Mega Brands - others

The Jiralhanae Chieftain from the first trailer of Halo Wars 2 has both a serious hate boner against Red Team, and has suddenly appeared to attack the UNSC ...

The upcoming Halo Wars 2 introduces a terrifying new enemy into the Halo universe: a rogue band of Jiralhanae and Sangheili named The Banished.

1:03 PM - 10 Oct 2017

Jiralhanae stalker by Sailfin-Dragon ...

#jiralhanae | Explore jiralhanae on DeviantArt

Jiralhanae chieftain on Waterfront by Sailfin-Dragon ...

Halo - Rise of Atriox 5 Page 19

Scenario 1: 1v1. The Brute Warlord is equipped with its modified Gravity Hammer while the Spartan-IV is equipped with a BR85 Battle Rifle and M45D Shotgun.

Primordial 117 on Twitter: "Jiralhanae. #HaloHotShots… https://t .co/oOfJlMEcFH"

[ IMG]

Image is loading Halo-Reach-Series-4-BRUTE-MINOR-6-5-

[ IMG]

This screenshot ...

Jiralhanae Chieftain by Ven101

Jiralhanae Screenshot by Fire-Monarch

Jiralhanae Hellfire by XLegion-716X ...

Halo - Jiralhanae (Brute)

Jiralhanae Stalker by PossessedIron

9 ft seems a bit short to me. If you were to make the brutes stand up full posture like in ...

Codex Covenant 8th Edition.jpg

... this Halo Life-Sized Brute (Jiralhanae) costume build credited to Armory Props. #smoothon #halo #xbox https://t.co/27iR9zg73u… https://t .co/Gmk4i9KdbW"

Find this Pin and more on Jiralhanae by moriskurth1.

The Old version of the fuel rod gun is able to one shot a phantom

[ IMG]

[ IMG]

Jiralhanae stalkers by Sailfin-Dragon ...


Halo 3 Brute Stalker action figure McFarlane Toys

Brute vs Elite ...

Primordial 117

Decided to work on a few more fan-made weapons, most of which are Jiralhanae based. Kudos to Ninboy01 for comin up with the idea of creating his own batch ...

Atriox, Jiralhanae Chieftain & Warlord in Halo Wars 2

Welcome to Reddit,

Jiralhanae chieftain on Unearthed by Sailfin-Dragon ...


Jiralhanae Cheiftan

Near the end of the Halo 3 level “The Ark,” players come across a Brute Chieftain surrounded by minions. He knows who you are, and he's picking a fight.


Also, I suspect Jiralhanae weapons to actually be quite heavy (in comparisons to us) considering the strength of the Jiralhanae and how much they can carry.

Halo - Rise of Atriox 5 Page 9

I'll take the Halo pistol and raise you.

Jiralhanae Chieftain · Sangheili Major ...


Chieftain of the Jiralhanae-Tartarus