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John McCutcheon 1932 He was a popular cartoonist for the

John McCutcheon 1932 He was a popular cartoonist for the


John McCutcheon, 1932. He was a popular cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune throughout the Great Depression.

Photo: archive photo John McCutcheon won the Pulitzer Prize for this cartoon, published in

Cartoon Great Depression 1932 A Wise Economist Asks A Question Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoon On

"Interrupting the Ceremony," Chicago Tribune, 1918, by John T. Mccutcheon

CARTOON: GREAT DEPRESSION, 1932. 'A Wise Economist Asks a Question.'

"You bet I'm goin' to be a soldier, too, like my Uncle David, when I grow up.” Cuts to the bone years later.

Baby New Year 1905 chases old 1904 into the history books in this John T. McCutcheon cartoon.

Drawn from Memory by John T. McCutcheon. ※9/10/1950,

John T. McCutcheon

0042415 Granger - Historical Picture ArchiveCARTOON: GREAT DEPRESSION, 1932. 'A Wise Economist .

1932 Shower Curtain featuring the drawing Depression Cartoon 1932 by Granger

McCutcheon, John T.: Scene in the Throne Room as Theodore Relates His Adventures

1932 Yoga Mat featuring the drawing Depression Cartoon 1932 by Granger

Cartoon from the records of the National Child Labor Committee (U.S.). During the

This pic represents political because it is a political cartoon symbolizing how Hoover left FDR with all the problems of the Great Depression

"Here's a wonderful cartoon drawn by John T. McCutcheon back in 1912 that's just

A political cartoon by John T. McCutcheon (1870-1949)


The legendary John McCutcheon offered this cartoon for the Chicago Tribune on Dec. 25,

1945-08-08 - Chicago Tribune - Fellow who lighted the fuse | Historical Political Cartoons | Pinterest | Cartoon

Injun Summer - John T. McCutcheon I would wait for this cartoon in the Chicago

Depression-era cartoon seems to have some relevance these days, doesn't it

The New Yorker's Idea of the Map of the United States, cartoon by John T

Casey The Cop comic strip, 1922

John T. McCutcheon's poster for the 1917 Herald vs. Tribune baseball game

Cartoons by McCutcheon: John T. McCutcheon, Israel Escamilla: 9781534792302: Amazon.com: Books

Teddy Roosevelt The mysterious stranger and other cartoons. by McCutcheon, John Tinney Published 1905

... cartoon, believed that Taft performed admirably and was a likely successor to Roosevelt as President in the 1908 election.

0032227 Granger - Historical Picture ArchiveLEAGUE OF NATIONS CARTOON. Cartoon by John T. McCutcheon .

In his autobiography Drawn from Memory, cartoonist John T. McCutcheon, who won the Chicago Tribune's first Pulitzer Prize in 1932, writes that his friends ...

[7] Chester Gould, Feb 28, 1932

An editorial cartoon by George W. Spayth from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, December 4, 1923.

Chicago Cultural Center displays The Cartoons of John T. McCutcheon ~ Chronicles of a Changing World

What I believe are the first five installments of Berks History in Pictures by George W. Spayth, from the Reading Times, September 26, 1928.

This seven-panel cartoon shows a cheaper gas pump followed by a drawing of a city filled with automobiles. The third panel shows a man asleep under a sign ...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal plans were viewed as extremely popular in the public's eye.

1/23 AVG - Planned_Economy_or_Planned_Destruction.jpg. This cartoon ...

John Tinney McCutcheon Original Political Cartoon Drawing Illustration Art 1942 1 of 11Only 1 available ...

THE GAY THIRTIES was created by Milton Caniff from GILFEATHER, a single-panel which he had taken over from Al Capp who quit in 1932.

The Restless Age: McCUTCHEON, John T.

As World War I raged on the other side of the world, the Chicago Tribune's

JOHN T. MCCUTCHEON Pulitzer Prize "Dean of American Cartoonists" - AUTOGRAPH | eBay

Its Coming in America!!!

John T. McCutcheon Draw Your Own Conclusions Political Cartooning Then and

Dorman H. (Henry) Smith began drawing editorial cartoons for Cleveland's NEA Service in 1921 then left in the early thirties for Chicago's Herald Examiner.

38D-1067102 cartoon thumbnail

1932 Duvet Cover featuring the drawing Depression Cartoon 1932 by Granger

Image is loading Very-Rare-Late-1800-039-s-John-T-

Daniel R. Fitzpatrick

John T. McCutcheon

1916 cartoon on the Federal Farm Loan Act. "

VB- external image expand-newdeal02.jpg

John T. McCutcheon's program cover

Slim Jim was copyrighted by C. J. Hirt and in 1904 the feature was taken over by World Color Printing. Top 1905/02/06 Bottom 1905/03/05.

Top Rolled View

[8] Jane's Journal by Pett, the first Jane strip, Dec 5, 1932.

All the Insurgents Will Now Want Cannon to Speak Against Them

Clifford Berryman's 1902 political cartoon in The Washington Post spawned the Teddy bear.

24, 1932, in the depths of the Great Depression, Chicago

[7] The Eastern Crisis. – Grease: Its Use and Abuse. Full-page William Baxter strip of cartoons, Ally Sloper's Half-Holiday, Feb 6, 1886.

1917 cartoon portraying the U.S. arrival in France during World War I

Television cameras surround an empty table with four microphones labeled WAHU, WUWU, WURZ and. "

The Approaching Perils, 1931. Ink and blue watercolor wash with scraping out over graphite underdrawing. Published in the Chicago Daily News, October 12, ...

... in "Whets Women's Interest in Style" by Marion Young in St. Louis Star-Times, July 13, 1934, page 11. The photograph below is from the same article.

cartoon thumbnail

George Clark's poignant cartoon ran repeatedly in the Chicago Tribune in the 1950s and '60s

[7] by Dart, July 29, 1932. “

The Lincoln League

JANE was drawn by cartoonist Norman Pett for the British newspaper The Daily Mirror from 5 December 1932 to 10 October 1959. This sequence was published ...

American Newspaper Comics (2012) said Roese was one of several cartoonists and illustrators who worked on the Calvert Reserve Whisky advertising panel, ...

And his influence was felt both by his contemporaries in the comic field, and by the generations that followed.

Cartoonist, Pulitzer winner and Lake Forest resident subject of upcoming lecture - Lake Forester

"Though the mills of God grind slowly", World War I cartoon

1903 Cartoon by McCutcheon- President Roosevelt Oyster Bay

Sidney Smith (cartoonist)

external image expand-newdeal03.jpg

[10] Home Notes by [?], a one-shot, July 29, 1932.

John T. McCutcheon Self Caricature - Chicago Tribune

In the City of Brotherly Love

Arthur "Bugs" Baer (1886-1969). by John Adcock

38C-1067101 cartoon thumbnail

George Ade (left) and McCutcheon, circa 1894-95

... in "Whets Women's Interest in Style" by Marion Young in St. Louis Star-Times, July 13, 1934, page 11. The photograph below is from the same article.

For several years, their Chicago Record column, “Stories of the Streets and of the Town,” written by Ade and illustrated by McCutcheon, was a “must” for the ...