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Kaguya39s face lol SasuNaru xD naruto shippuden naruto and

Kaguya39s face lol SasuNaru xD naruto shippuden naruto and


hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I laughed so hard at this. Sai!! XD and Yamato's scary face. Lol

Uzumaki Naruto Some of his face expressions lol seriously gatta love him lol

Naruto is going to get friggin heart attack! I think Sasuke is going to soooo screw with his head just cause. I mean look at his face...danger is imminent ...

pixivArtist: 成瀬 <3 <3 <3 I love these little gestures that show · Naruto ...

(Sasuke Naruto) omg cute!! and Narutos face! This is one of my otp's! GaaLee is my first!

Lol look at sakuras face

narutoshippuden, anime, gaara, tenten, rocklee - iFunny :) Tentens face like "omg here we go..." lol

I haven't gotten that far yet lol), Sasori, Konan, Zetsu | Akatsuki | Naruto Shippuden

Hahaha :)) Never pause Naruto :))) Poor Animation… creepy faces of Sasuke, Pain and Guy Sensei :)) #funny

Naruto, Hashirama and Ashura are there all happy and smiling and then see Sasuke, Madara and Indra they're like "Hn".

Sasuke, Naruto, Lee & Neji im laughing so hard

Look at Sasuke's confused face then look at naruto's it's hilarious the difference is!