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Kai giving the middle finger Kpop Krazy t Exo

Kai giving the middle finger Kpop Krazy t Exo


Chanyeol - 160114 25th High1 Seoul Music Awards, red carpet Credit: Grinnin' Boy

Don't get me started on his dancing. Dancing is so... Exo KaiBaekhyun ChanyeolKpop ...

Exo, Kai, Kim Jongin Even with this face he's attractive hahaha


exo kai from ivyclub

exo k and m | Kai | EXO-K and EXO-M

Kai - 140830 EXO from Exoplanet - The Lost Planet in Guangzhou - Credit: First Love.

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Exo Kai, Baby, Classic, Door Prizes, Infant, Babys, Doll, Bebe, Kid

EXO Kai *-*

EXO's Kai is gracing the cover of 'Arena Homme +' magazine for its November issue! The released photos feature Kai in several…

Even wen Kai just stands there doing nothing and not looking at the camera.still looks fine

EXO Kai so beautiful Kim Jongin LIVE #EXO #Kai

EXO~ Xiumin, Chanyeol,Chen, and Baekyun

EXO kai


#exo #kpop #memes #macros #funny

Kai giving the middle finger ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

what's he so fine for tf

~{EXO's Kai}~ #Kai #KimJongin #EXOK #EXO

Suho e Kai, brOtp mais fofo que você respeita.


exo and kai image On I'm really mad why they have to white washing Kais beautiful skin color? I want every idol to feel comfortable in their skin.

kai and suho


Kai #exo

Kai EXO (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)⭐ and I lift my hands

Hahahaha Jongin, but don't worry hun me too XD

30 best EXOluxion in Taiwan images on Pinterest | Exo luxion, Taiwan and Planets

Lool! I cant even. This is too funny; Taemin can swear and still be classier than everyone else, haha

Kim Jong-in (born January better known as Kai, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub unit ...

EXO | EXO-K | Kim Jong In ❤ (kai)

Who take this photo! wow so cool "I meant the person who got it" 55 Kai u awesome

kai . baby don't cry

The members of EXO in the "Call Me Baby" MV

EXO Kai / Jongin so hottttttt

xiu xiu baozi :^D

EXOdicted is a fansite that give you the latest news about the K-Pop group EXO.

One And Only KAI on. Exo KaiChanyeolHairAsianCrazy ScientistShanghaiComebacksKpopHandsome

kai kim jong in


Jongin #EXO #Kai

Kai - 151011 Asia Song Festival in Busan Credit: Kaiser & Dolly.

[161008] BAEKHYUN at DMC Festival 2016: MBC Korean Music Wave


allmylovees on. Kim Jong InExo KaiKorean ...

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Find this Pin and more on EXO by zaireblud.


Kyungsoo giving "subtle" hints to his Kai about their future. Someone help this poor man | EXO | Pinterest | Exo, Kpop and Future


Errrr still don't like suhos hair -_->>>>>For a sec there I thought Kyungsoo was flipping me off


Kai being cute . Gwiyomi song:) Really, Seriously! All that has to happen to make Kai super cute isn't aeygo not at all.

|EXO| Kai (Kim Jongin)

in the middle of making one of those smirks

omg kai <3

Exo Kai, My Boys, Prince, Random, Baby, Kpop, Archive, Infant, Babys

Kai ♥ Exo

Kai: "Call me, baby" Me: "Of ...

~{EXO's Kai}~ #Kai #KimJongin #EXOK #EXO


Imagen de exo and baekhyun

Kai your so cute♥ look at tao in the background XD but still cute

150531 EXOluXioninShanghai 찬열.종인. 귀여운 표정하는 니니와 그걸 바라보는 열매오빠

I know im crazy when i know who each 12 members are/suho/baekhyun/chanyeol/lay/D.O/kai/luhan/kris/tao/xiumin/sehun/chen

#sehun wearing sunglasses #exo

Kai · PostsExo KaiChanyeolKorean ...

Kai [Wolf]

jonginssoo: “ “taeoh giving jongin a back hug ” ” EXO

Kai x Kyungsoo #HappyKaisooDay 01.13.15

Kai & Chanyeol

The white color , the clothes,the setting, it's like your being welcomed into heaven and Kai's hand is on your shoulder. Best welcoming committee ever and ...

EXO (EXO-K & EXO-M) – HISTORY: A Reflection on SME's Marketing Skills

EXO'luXion 151017 : Baby Don't Cry - Kai

EXO K in L'Officiel Hommes - Kai. Click through for more pics

Their love stories started with hatred.. lol

KAI] This is EXO's happy and excited KAI. This is EXO's happy and excited KAI. Everyone~~~~ I missed you~~~~ ~~~~~~~ah I'm out of breath… sigh From my ...

EXO release Kai and Luhan's comeback teaser photos - Latest K-pop News - K-pop News

Kai #EXO

Kai exo this really kind of look like him.

EXO-K Birthday Game Chanyeol winked at me because he doesn't want another wolf to look at me

Kai and Xiumin attend signing event with Korean Football Association as representatives of SM Entertainment

EXO K Blue eyed idols! Oh my god, I am in love!

Cre: the owner/as logo

Exo Kai, Hong Kong, Feels, King

EXO | EXO-K | Kim Jong In (Kai) | there go the


Exo Kai

Baekhyun - Mom And Son - the way korean women age. she could pass for a younger sister

The left comedic CF and the right Sexy CF · Exo KoreanKorean ...

exo baekhyun :: we're going crazy, my lucky day ✿

Exo Kai, Wallpaper, Potato, Wallpaper Desktop, Tapestry, Wallpapers, Wall Decal


Kai #exo

#EXO so happy

(21) »nia (@featkaisoo) | Twitter

Kai giving his kisses away, Kyungsoo being an awkward love ballerina and Sehun showing where

Exo 2016