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Khan Tervel Defeats the Arabs in 7178 Mongol War Art t

Khan Tervel Defeats the Arabs in 7178 Mongol War Art t


С разгрома на арабите при Константинопол khan Tervel defended old Constantinopol /Byzantya from arabians and not only . Only he had been able to stop ...

I will show you the story about Bulgarian Khan Tervel, who saved Europe from the Arab, 1300 years ago.

Khan Krum defeats the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus I in the battle of the Varbitsa Pass, Manasses Chronicle

Khan Tervel and the battle for Constantinople. Tervel defeats the Arabs and saves Europe.

Древняя Русь в художественных образах

Arab–Byzantine wars

Khan Tervel derroto' los arabes en 718 despues de Cristo.Derrotandolos Tervel salva no

Genghis Khan proclaimed Khagan of all Mongols. Illustration from a 15th-century Jami' al-tawarikh manuscript.

The Defenders of Christian Europe - part 1

Romanian troops triumphantly cross the Danube into Northern Dobruja, in a colourful patriotic lithograph,

Beginning in 1821, the Greek War of Independence began as a rebellion by Greek revolutionaries

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... of Zaporojie Kazaks to Turkish Sultan”. The Scythian pointed hat and haircut survived well into the 20eth century. To see the model of the Türkic royal ...

Haçlı vs Büyük Selçuklu İmparatorluğu

File:Battle of Nicopol aftermath Thr masacreofthecristians revenge for rahova massacre.jpg

Mongol archer vs German Teutonic knight

The military successes of the 10th century were coupled with a major cultural revival, the so-called Macedonian Renaissance. Miniature from the Paris ...

... we mentioned how the Sacred Band of Thebes, an elite unit made up of gay couples, was instrumental in routing the Spartans at the Battle of Leuctra (371 ...

Khan Krum. by modern Bulgarian artist, Vasil Goranov. / Хан Крум Васил Горанов


Bulgarian civil wars[edit]

"The Bulgarian Martyresses" by Konstantin Makovsky.

The seizure of Edessa (1031) by the Byzantines under George Maniakes and the counterattack

islamic war india

Hailing from Mecca, the Umayyad Caliphate experienced a long period of prosperity. As the people of the east stand united, the venture into Europe is about ...

ХАН ТЕРВЕЛ маслени бои,платно Васил Горанов KHAN TERVEL oil on canvas Vasil Goranov КАРТИНАТА

Khan Krum of the First Bulgarian Empire, here with a drinking cup made of the Byzantine emperor's head:

In 1877, Russian general Iosif Gurko liberated Veliko Tarnovo, ending the 480-year

Genghis Khan (c1162-1227)/biography | Familypedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Painting of a medieval battle scene between warriors on horseback

Ögedei Khan - The Mongol army captures a Rus' city

Byzantine-Bulgarian War. Emperor Basil II retreating after the disastrous Battle of the Gates of Trajan. The Byzantine army was annihilated and Basil ...

A Magyar warrior horseman.

A medieval monarch

Bulgaria under Khan Tervel, circa 720 AD

Tervel of Bulgaria - Image: Saint Tribellius

After founding theMongol Empire and being proclaimed “Genghis Khan”, he started the Mongol invasions that would ultimately ...

On ...

Sultan Bayazid

A map of the Bulgarian Empire in the 9th century

Selim I - 16th-century Ottoman miniature of the Battle of Chaldiran.

Ulubatlı Hasan

c. 500 AD Thracians take a captive by deWitteillustration (https://dewitteillustration.deviantart.com)

Murad II - Sultan Murad II at archery practice (miniature painting from 1584)

And so in 224 A.D, the resurgent Persians, now under their king "Ardašir", culminated the war with Parthia that his father "Papak" had started. He defeated ...

Madara Rider, Cup with Türkic runiform inscription “King Zakassak” from Perm area, Cup with Türkic runiform inscription “Shad of Huns Khan Asuk” from Horesm

Battle of Agincourt - 1915 depiction of Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt : The

Mongol Empire's largest extent outlined in red; the Timurid Empire is shaded

Grand Duchy of Moscow - Dmitry Donskoi in the Battle of Kulikovo

Aurochs in Palaeolithic cave paintings in Lascaux, France.

659, Tang defeat last rulers of first Goktürkic empire. Chjenchu (39) executed, end of dynasty. Western Goktürkic Kaganate ceased to exist forever.

Ottoman wars in Europe

The savior of Christian Europe from Islam

bronze buckle ...

Area - Afghanistan ...

Second Khazar-Arab war

Hungarians - Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin, from the Chronicon Pictum, 1360.

Prekmurje - Miklós Küzmics's catechism in the Prekmurje dialect from 1804

Tabriz style in Iranian miniature

These red-haired Queens are associated with the wolf which was the emblem of the Tribe of Benjamin (Q ydna). The red wolf is to be found in North America ...

Questions for Razer the Bulgarian [Archive] - Page 3 - Macedonian Truth Forum

Sayajirao Gaekwad III - Group portrait with sister Tara Bai and adoptive mother Jamna Bai (

Bulgars Kutrigurs originated from Kidarites Yuezhi Huns

Here is a picture of Iranian Scythians (who also inhabitted the far east and Mongolia:

Link: http://th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2013/121/d/b/the_reconquista__ad_722___1492__by_undevicesimus-d630pf7.jpg


The Franks actually called him rex Romanorum, a good indication that his realm and authority were seen as quite independent -- indeed, there was no longer a ...

Questions for Razer the Bulgarian [Archive] - Page 2 - Macedonian Truth Forum

“New” Balanjar was not a “Khazar capital”, the Khazar army camp was at the Hunnic capital Semender that the Arabs destroyed in the 720s campaign)

Classical antiquity[edit]

A Turk Bragging That Europeans & World were Turkic Slaves

Old Hungarian alphabet - Image: Enlaka rovas inscription

Tervel of Bulgaria - Tervel of Bulgaria monogram

The Battle of Tours, 732AD

folklore and ethnography; for instance, folk costumes: Southern Romanian vs.

Her parents had at one point had two sons and two daughters. She's the youngest daughter.

Living former Monarchs[edit]

Bors (Carridin's alias): Sir Bors was one of the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table. He witnessed the achievement of the Quest of the Holy Grail by Sir ...

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The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization's Northern Future - Smith Laurence C. - читать - Libros.am

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The Gokstad ship, a 9th-century Viking longship, excavated in 1882. Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway

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