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Lady in a thobe is carrying the dome of the rock on her back t

Lady in a thobe is carrying the dome of the rock on her back t


Lady in a thobe is carrying the dome of the rock on her back

The Dome of the Rock is a shrine on the Temple Mount in the Old City

Dome of the Rock - shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, Palestine

القُبّة بالأبيض تَجمّلت

Muslim women with covered heads and long black clothing leaving the Omar Mosque (Dome of the Rock) Jerusalem, Palestine, photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

The Dome of Rock Mosque, Palestine

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Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem .

Side of the Rock Mosque and at the back the Church of the Resurrection

Dome Of The Rock | by jetguy1

.le Dôme du Rocher dans sa splendeur nocturne - Palestine-. Dome Of The RockRock ...

(Dome of the rock) | مسجد الصخرة

Two Palestinian women play with snow outside Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

The Dome of the Rock: Qubbat As-Sakhrahy, EmirTerovic

Jersualem Dome of the Rock and Laundry - Art Photography Print - Israel - Palestine - Rooftops - Vintage - Golden - old city skyline

Dome of the Rock, late The Muslim's only want it so that the Jewish People can not have it. It doesn't look like they cared for it, until the Jews returned

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Palestine

Dome of the Rock Mosque – Palestine

Islamic architecture – Masjid Qubbat as-Sakhrah in Jerusalem, Palestine

Dome of the Rock. alquds.Palestine. Islamic architecture فلسطين ..القدس

Beautiful mosques

Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock and the Mount of Olives - Jerusalem, Palastine

Dome of the Rock Mosque - Jerusalem

Dome Of The Rock. Muslim Holy Site

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, constructed during the reign of Abd al Malik

The Dome of the Rock ( Palestine )

Find this Pin and more on القدس by Hicham Takache.

Women praying Taraweeh at Al Aqsa, Falasteen...MashaAllah!

Read what to wear in Brunei for woman with

Beautiful Mosques, Holy Land, Palestine, The Rock, Jerusalem, Middle East, Israel, Rock

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem | Community Post: 31 Unbelievable Photographs Israel Doesn'


I WILL BUILD MY. . . The root of the great conflict in Israel, or more specifically, Jerusalem, is it ethnic or religious? Jews (sons of Isaac) verses Arabs ...

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The beauty of the dome of the rock.

CRUZTravel · ARMMazing In Pink – Masjid Dimaukom

Then just before the sun sets, we have already arrived in GenSan just in time before the Davao bound express bus departs. It may be a short sojourn, ...

... Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: The Thankful Slave

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2018-04-02 00.02.02.jpg

Sharif Hussein Bin Ali is quite impressive. Check it out while in Aqaba.

Manny Pacquiao believes his Muslims 'brothers' will protect him.

Palestinian beauties in Thawb (traditional Palestinian/Syrian/Iraqi clothes)

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco 69236_10151822259652167_1427226805_n

Riyadh - Clockwise from top left: National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Masmak fort,

The wide-cuffed sleeves of your jilbab should not ride up to reveal the skin of your arms during your day-to-day activities. If they do, and you are wearing ...

We ...

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The generous fellow that he was softened the beating by striking her with a bundle of one hundred blades of grass. (Surah 38:44)

Istanbul ...

This is as close as I could get to the Temple Mount. I am standing on some steps leading to a gate onto the Temple Mount. The deal is that

Bmeigo Mens Thobe, Men Long Sleeve Arabic Dress Arab Turkish Muslim Robe from Bmeigo

Mamluk architecture - Image: Emir Qurqumas complex, Northern Cemetery, Cairo

I walked around the Dome of the Rock three times, enjoying its architecture and glittering gold top. Most Muslim streets in the Old City ...

History of Medieval Arabic and Western European domes - The Palatine Chapel in Aachen.

Islam and clothing - Muslim women by Islamic dress code, wearing hijab and niqab.

One of the few completed stadiums, Lusail Sports Arena, is a $318-million indoor facility, first used for hosting the Men's Handball Championship in 2015.

A Ramallah family, showing "6 branch" (left) and shawal (centre) style thobs (photo: Shelagh Weir 1987), the first Palestinian styles to develop along non ...

One of the central mosque in downtown Jeddah (can't remember the name)

Already in love with the serene beauty of modern Muscat, my friend and I decided to visit the Muttrah souk, one of the oldest souks in all of the Middle ...

Arab culture

The centerpiece of Al Hazm mall.

History of Medieval Arabic and Western European domes - The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem


After a few days the walking started to take its toll, so we paid for a few days of hop-on/hop-off bus service. The route encircled the city providing ...

An Arab bride a basic, hand-tied rose bouquet, on her hands henna

... we visited the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which is an architectural masterpiece, with some stunning decorative features on the inside. The dome is of a ...

Fat Asian woman wear white t-shirt and checking her body size with measurement tape

Tadelakt - Walls and fountain in the Hammam Vakil, apparently made of tadelakt

Mamluk architecture - Minaret of Mosque of Amir al-Maridani in Cairo, Egypt.

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TAYBE Arabic Dress Long Top Shirt Thobe Dishdash Jubba Islam Muslim Mens Eid Boy (56

Colour Thobe UAE Omani DishDasha Desert Dress White Green Blue Cream Black Arabic Arab Afghan Saudi


On our way back up from the docks to the bus stop, I noticed that one of the ladies had on my walking shoe of choice, the Converse high-top, ...

I think it is normal to see a woman in a black abaya, veiled, sneaking her food under the veil.

Desert DressMoroccan Thobe 4 Colors Robe Fancy Dress Arab Mens DishDash Jubba Clothes Prayer (62

She would have slept all the way into the night if a soft wet muzzle hadn't nuzzled her urgently into waking. It was the mama goat whose kid had been left ...


The wedding reception was held at the Ritz Carlton on the outskirts of Doha. I was awestruck by both the opulence of the room with its sparkling chandeliers ...

What I did on my weekend

Jumeirah Mosque

One evening shortly within the first week of my arrival, we accompanied Adel's family out to the Corniche, the boulevard and large paved boardwalk which ...

I stumbled acrost the above secret document the other day when picking up my cyanide capsules at H.Q. and I felt the need to share it so we can learn some ...

Illustration of One Thousand and One Nights by Sani ol molk, Iran, 1849–

Jewish women get into the act too. Married orthodox women are supposed to cover their hair. Wearing a wig fulfills this requirement, so wearing wigs is big ...



University City Hall is the largest hall located in University City. Graduation ceremonies of American

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