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Little Lotta plays tennis with Dot 1955 1st Series comic books

Little Lotta plays tennis with Dot 1955 1st Series comic books


Little Lotta (1955 1st Series)

Little Lotta and Little Dot (1955 1st Series) vintage comic book

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series)

Little Lotta Series) comic books

Little Lotta tries pole vaulting (1955 1st Series) comic book

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) at the beach vintage comic book.

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) comic books

Little Lotta Comic Book

gibi bolota americana - Little Lotta (1955 1st Series)

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 52

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 54

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 36

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 18

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 83

Justice League of America (1960 1st Series) 30

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 19

Our first story is... heyyy, the first story! Young Socialite Bruce Wayne is visiting with his friend Police Commissioner Gordon.

Little Lotta (1955 1st Series) 55


Space Adventures (1952 1st series) 58

Luxurious hardcover with gold-foil finishes from the creator of EPILEPTIIC.

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When he comes to, he sees his old partner Stryker standing alongside that floppy-haired murderer... but playing it off like he's being held hostage.

The World's Weirdest Comic Books by Paul Gravett

After the questioning, Batman and Robin prepare to leave. Once they hit the street they hear a gunshot from Crane's office. They rush back in just in time ...

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While the pair play tennis, Hanrahan arrives to deliver the news... and make accusations. Ted is horrified that his father is dead... and while he hated the ...

Robin pulls the floppy-haired dude's mask off revealing a creepy little mustache... it wasn't Mel Lambert after all! Batman was right... again.

DC Fifties PSA's

Ernst taught them to play tennis, and the brothers became some of the best players in town. Years later, Peter found his first ...

Or Star Wars.

From September 1, 1957, a ghostly ad for Winston cigarettes. I suppose the irony of this comic strip ad never dawned on the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company ...

Now to the nub of the matter: this isn't the first time Hilda's been late or gone AWOL. There's a glorious, extended montage of past adventures – some of ...

Yesterday, I wrote of the wonders of Christmases past - especially the delight of reading classic comic-book stories to our kids on Christmas day.

... should each play according the same rules for the same audience. The stigma generated against comics by the hearings and CCA is still felt by comic book ...

Larger watermarked version

Hanrahan decides to first visit with Stryker... who really isn't up for questioning. Ya see, he's been rendered somewhat vegetative, and has been that way ...

We first meet Eddie and Peggy as young high school students at the public library. Eddie is glancing out the window at a bright red ...

I have a brief connection to Hollman in that his wife was one of my first patients back in the day.

Falling in Love (1955) #104, cover by Ric Estrada.

Now, Hilda's Mum is no control freak (she gives her a lot of leeway) but she worries about her daughter's safety because that's what Mums do, ...

Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray (Chicago Tribune Syndicate)

... (related in vol.6 no.21, 27 May 1955) plus the cover that Ray refers to which does indeed look like it's lurking in the corner of Frank's studio.

play; pause

And yet, what grants Superman No Objection but Action Comics & Superboy Some Objection? Why does the Lone Ranger warrant Some Objection while the spin-off ...

February 4, 1973:

Guy follows up with a horrible series of kicks to the gut... good thing this is between rounds, otherwise he'd be disqualified!

I promise you a complete and satisfying pay-off during the fourth, fifth and sixth chapters regarding the siblings, their relationships with each other, ...

New Comic Scans - Non 0-day


New Comic Scans - Non 0-day


Fast Willie Jackson, created by Bert Fitzgerald and Gus Lemoine (who drew for Archie Comics) in 1976, after being frustrated by only token ethnic characters ...

Amazon.com: Shake, Rattle & Turn That Noise Down!: How Elvis Shook Up Music, Me & Mom (9780375846854): Mark Alan Stamaty: Books

The first incarnation of this classic strip was launched in 1934 by the great Milton Caniff. The feature was one of the ...

Or Star Wars.

Sci-fi_illustration Kája Saudek.jpg

American comic book - Image: Comic Monthly 1

The Abimor.

Charles Kuhn - Charles Kuhn's Grandma (May 1, 1966)

Of books three and four, I typed:

Hardware (comics) - Image: Hardware M0

... Michael presents us with a eclectic selection of shorts pulled together from various mini-comics, zines, anthology contributions, each taking a single ...

batter 1

Archie (comic book) - Image: Archie 1942 issue 1

Terry and the Pirates (comic strip) - The first Terry and the Pirates Sunday

149. MOTHER JONES: Sit down and read

As an enthusiastic fan of National Public Radio and its "Monkey See" blog, I am, of course, devoted to its "Pop Culture Happy Hour" (for references to which ...

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith - Image: Barney 72642


batter 4. “

Dr. Seuss: Oh The Things You Can Say From A To Z

An Unexpected Comic Book Resurrection: The Flash

My grandmother asked me what happened and I said, “I hit my head like this” while actually banging my head again. I have never claimed to be the brightest ...

Serena Williams - Playing Amélie Mauresmo in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Sydney in 2002

I ruined a perfectly good comic book image, just for you.


Bringing Up Father - Image: Bringupfather comic 1920

Dora Dogsbody as drawn by Jim Baikie

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This next set was the big find of the day. I have been hunting these books for years...I first found out they existed around 2006 or 07, when I found one of ...

Clothing Ad 1950

DALLAS — Original Underground Comix Art and key books from the Golden Age and Silver Age helped push the total value of Heritage Auctions' Comics & Comic ...

Duran Duran Budokan

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Dick Tracy - Chester Gould's Dick Tracy vs "The Mole" (October 12,


The Golden Book series were my introduction to the world of reading. Our mother read the Golden books to us over and over. We didn't get tired of them ...

ID the blanked out portion. Hint?

JInty Cover 2

The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien (1955, 1,178 pp.) The trilogy is available in single volumes and best read that way.

The Katzenjammer Kids - A Sunday comic strip from May 14, 1922

Jinty cover 10

Martina Navratilova - Navratilova and Sukova playing doubles

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Gilligan Cut