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This is the Aquaman disambiguation page. Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry and Orin, is a.

Aquaman Orin

Comic Book Review: Aquaman #2

The origin of Aquaman.





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Aquaman Wiki says some bad guy named Charybdis fed Aquaman's hand to piranha. Which comic book or animated TV episode or Movie first told the tale?

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Aquaman. AquamanComic Superheroes

Superhero Origins: Aquaman

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Aquaman w/DC logo

Black Manta is one of Aquaman's most famous villains, but he's probably best-known for weaing a huge fishbowl on his head. He might look a bit like Mysterio ...

Aquaman: Rebirth (2016) #1 ...




GeneralBecause there's still some Aquaman haters out there ...

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One of the main sticking points of Aquaman's critics is his lame powerset, specifically the only thing he ever really did in the Super Friends cartoon: Talk ...

Mera. ,. Mera and Aquaman





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The comic version of Aquaman has gotten a bad rap compared to the other superheroes. Which is unfortunate and doesn't make too much sense, as the character ...

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History. Aquaman originated ...


Mera and Aquaman

Aquaman #34

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Aquaman Tries to Fly and Hilariously Fails in DC Superhero Comic Strip — GeekTyrant

Aquaman swimming and smiling in the green and orange costume

Aquaman #34 Review

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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman - Rage of Atlantis - Trailer

DC Comics Aquaman 14 Rebirth Joshua Middleton cover

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DC Comics has spent a lot of time trying to prove that Aquaman isn't a joke, but the best way to do that is by putting him in a great comic.

Aquaman #35

As the publishing industry suffers, DC has made the risky decision to reboot its entire. DC Comics

aquaman is real

Trident of Neptune

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Don't Mess Wth Aquaman! Even Batman Can't Beat ...

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NYCC 2013: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special - Aquaman and the Invisible Jet - YouTube

It says something that Superman is the hero that Aquaman has this fight and this exchange with. As Mera points out later on—they're both sons of other ...

aquaman chokes batman

Aquaman #35 Review

Aquaman - 9

New-52 Aquaman out of water can take a truck head-on and lift it without flinching.

Continuing on with my new plan for each day having a "theme" on my blog, for Wednesdays I've decided to devote the day to New Comic Book Wednesday and ...

Aquaman. T'Challa may have the Vibranian mound, but he can only sell so much without crashing the market. And yes, they apparently have trillions through ...

Jason Momoa says Aquaman won't be the butt of jokes after Batman v Superman

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Comic Vine Review

Man, what is it with heroes having their plans taken and turned against them? Should... should superheroes just not think anymore? That might be best.

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Comic Book Review: Aquaman #19