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Make your Garden BeeFriendly in Autumn Bee friendly Bees and

Make your Garden BeeFriendly in Autumn Bee friendly Bees and


Make your garden bee-friendly in autumn. Growing Sedum prominent (Sedum spectabile)

How To Plan a Bee- Friendly Garden, including how to add late forage for

Make your garden bee-friendly in autumn. Growing Sedum prominent (Sedum spectabile)

Download Make Your Garden Bee-friendly In Autumn. Growing Sedum Prominent Sedum Spectabile.

Best Plants For Bees


How to make your garden a haven for pollinators. Bee FriendlyBees

20 – Oregano (Origanum Vulgare). Honey Bee

Bee-friendly plants for every season

10 Ways Beefriendly Gardens Pebble Magazine5

25 Plants For Bees In Your Garden | Bee Friendly

Ontario is home to about 400 different types of bees. These guys make up nearly 70% of the pollination activity in the province.

10 bee-friendly herbs

Honey Bee

50+ Flowers to grow in a Bee Friendly Garden



10 Ways Beefriendly Garden Pebble Magazine3. A single honeybee ...

10 Ways Beefriendly Garden Pebble Magazine1. Honeybees ...

Bee friendly

50+ Flowers to grow in a Bee Friendly Garden. Includes flowers that bloom throughout

Cuckoo_bee_on_bog_sage_blue_wikimedia. Home and garden; Roadsides and ...

“The Green Sweat Bees (Agapostemon) are among the most strikingly noticeable of our native bee species with their metallic green or blue-green sheen and ...

Bee Friendly Practices

It's so lovely to be able to visit an organic and biodynamic winery that understands the need for organic bee forage. We spent a lovely lunch hour at ...

50+ Flowers to grow in a Bee Friendly Garden | Bee friendly, Bees and Gardens

CREATE A BEE-FRIENDLY GARDEN: Learn how to hand pollinate your crops to boost your harvest; create insect hotels and garden-friendly habitat for pollinators ...

The Bee-Friendly Garden: Design an Abundant, Flower-Filled Yard that Nurtures Bees and Supports Biodiversity: Kate Frey, Gretchen LeBuhn, Leslie Lindell: ...

The garden's the place to bee

... bees and get involved in the Bee Cause campaign · Thumbnail

Create a pollinator-friendly garden for the birds, bees and butterflies. A monarch butterfly perched on a thistle.

Let's focus on some good news for National Pollinator Week. Now that the City of Vancouver has purchased the Arbutus Corridor, countless bees and an ...

bee friendly flowers

Bee Friendly Pest Solutions

Feed the bees with nectar-filled flowers. Bee-friendly gardens ...

Here's to a New Year buzzing with biodiverse gardens for bees! This is a photo of an Epeolini cuckoo bee in a calendula flower taken in my mom's garden in ...

Here's a great free e-book produced by the Australian Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation – “Bee Friendly: A planting guide for European ...

Feed the Bees with Spring Blooming Flower Bulbs. Bee friendly gardens ...

I've listed the species below so you can research any one or more in detail and I've added some tips on how you can help these sweet and vulnerable species.

10 Ways Beefriendly Garden Pebble Magazine4. There are worker bees, drone bees and a Queen bee ...

August 19 is World Honey Bee Day.

There are many wonderful flowering shrubs for bees. Here are 15 of my favourites – no doubt there will be a few you'd happily add to the list!

Honey Bee

Cuckoo Bee

Bee-friendly garden illustration

A bee collecting pollen

Bee Friendly Flowers

So here are some simple tips on how to set up a bee-friendly garden this spring!

Make your garden bee-friendly

Hedgerows of old garden roses attract honeybees galore at the Amador County home of rose growers extraordinaire Steve and Susie Jones in Fiddletown, Calif., ...

Image titled Create a Bee Friendly Garden Step 1

Calendula is a member of the aster family, which is an easy-access plant that feeds a wide variety of bees. It blooms from spring to frost, ...

Flower Bulbs And Corms For Bees

Keeping Bees And Making Honey

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50+ Flowers to grow in a Bee Friendly Garden

agapostemon5. agapostemon5

bee on briar rose. Hedgerows, gardens and green open spaces create havens for bees ...

With a little help from all of us we can help the declining bee population and bring back what helps our fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Top 10 Bee Friendly Flowers

My friend Sue and I visited the Devonian Gardens, just 15 minutes out of Edmonton. Since it's on the way to the airport, it was very convenient to visit on ...

Pussy Willow


I was talking to some permaculture students at UBC Farm yesterday and someone asked a very good question. "As cities ban pesticides, are they actually ...

Bee on orange flower

Bee school has begun! Marcus introduced the students to the world of honeybees and finished by letting everyone sample some honey straight from the comb.

50+ Flowers to grow in a Bee Friendly Garden

50+ Flowers to grow in a Bee Friendly Garden

Bee Friendly -Perfect for Pollinators Collection - 6 plants ...

Maybe the weekend before Halloween should be declared the official bee garden planting time of the year. In Vancouver it's good to get some of the larger ...

Finding out that there is a flower named Scabiosa stellata Ping Pong has made my day. I can use this fab phrase as an incantation to cheer myself up in ...

10 easy ways to help bees in your garden

There were bumble bees foraging in the white and purple salvias in the pollinator garden, but the real action was in this clump of thyme.

Sweat Bees

Planning and Building a Bee-Friendly Backyard via The Survival Mom


How to Raise Monarch Butterflies

A bee in a bee bath.

After lunch Ric from BeeFriendly gives an excellent talk on native bees. A former construction worker, he has taken up the cause of protecting and ...

Bee responsible

Pollinator Friendly Gardening: Gardening for Bees, Butterflies, and Other Pollinators

agapostemen texanus. agapostemen texanus

Sweat Bees

Plants for Bees and other pollinators

Honey bee on yellow mustard flower

Straw flowers are much loved by fall floral arrangers because of the variety bright colors and the fact that they retain their colors when they dry.

Plant bumblebee friendly plants and get your garden buzzing all year round. Gardening is a national pastime; an estimated 23 million households (87% of ...

Then you have to choose three of the plants and count the bees on each for about 3 1/3 minutes each. This wasp appeared later, when I was documenting the ...

... its suppliers they will no longer accept nursery plants treated with neonicotinoids, a controversial class of pesticides linked to honeybee mortality.


a bee bath to provide water for bees. Make it!

Bee on yellow flower

Plants to attract Butterflies

Providing bees a place to live helps sustain populations and production.

Learn About What Bees Will Visit Your Yard