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Ministry of Food poster no 18 IWM PST 6545 artist unknown First

Ministry of Food poster no 18 IWM PST 6545 artist unknown First



Shields, L, Ministry of Food poster no. 17, IWM PST 13369,

League of Nations propaganda

Daniel, T Brammall, League of National Safety Poster IWM PST a full-length depiction of Britannia holding a sword in her right hand and a shield inscribed ...

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Beadle, James Prinsep Barnes, 1917, Food controller/Food Ministry, IWM PST

IWM PST 6541

Johnson, Riddle and Co Ltd, 1917, IWM PST 10774, St George on

Don't Waste Bread (Art.IWM PST 6545)

IWM PST 13381, Ministry of Food, lithography in one colour and letterpress in one

Image artist: Septimus E Scott. Advertisement for Frazerton Irish Aprons. A full-

IWM PST 11007, Fell and Briant, London, a half-length British sailor standing arms crossed against a flowing Royal Navy ensign.

Image detail for -British First World War Recruiting Posters | Peace and War in the 20th .

Advertisement for Watney's beer, IWM PST 4651

12.1917, IWM PST 6572, League of National Safety Poster No.22. 150,000

MusicArt📜 " Come menos y no desperdicies ...

The importance of food conservation for nations involved in WWI often took center stage in American

IWM PST 13239, a three-quarter length depiction of a female munitions worker who

Food is a Munition of War - Don't Waste It. posters

first world war posters women - Google Search

Allday Ltd, Birmingham, 1918, the head and shoulders of a Red Cross nurse

Great World War One British Army recruiting poster.

You are Needed in the National Fire Service Unknown © IWM(Art.

"A Stitch in Time," US propaganda poster encouraging participation in the rebuilding of Europe after WWI. Americans, in general, would prefer to withdraw ...

First World War army recruitment propaganda poster aimed at women. "

We build, design and remotely manage edible gardens.

Australian adaptation of Alfred C. Leete's image for the British recruiting poster 'Britons [Kitchener] Wants You'. First World War, artist unknown.

Muscular bonding, artist unknown, April 1914, Parliamentary Recruiting Committee Card No.106

Artist: Dadd, Frank, a British soldier sits writing a letter outside a ruined house. On the left two more British soldiers watch over a stove, ...

Irish WW1 recruitment poster

American Food Posters From World War I and II

Poster reminding people to conserve food in the 40's

This was a successful poster. In the beginning of WWI, Germany invaded Belgium like savages. It was incredibly brutal. Avenging Belgium was a popular pitch ...

National Service - Women's Land Army - God Speed Plough Woman Who Drives (Art.

John Hassall, 1918, full-length depictions of two women wearing military uniforms (

American civilian women were urged to contribute to the war effort in several ways.

Ministry of Health announcement during the London Blitz

Anti propaganda propaganda

A British recruitment poster urging women to work in the munitions factories as part of Britain's home front during World War I, circa 1916.

WW1: British poster calling upon the population not to waste food. Unlike Germany,

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This is the market where the storekeeper buys the food and brings it to his store

German WW1 Poster - This is the first ww1 poster i ever saw, it encouraged me to fight

WASTE THE FOOD AND HELP THE HUN -- High quality art prints, canvases -

File:I Make a Good Soup - Says Potato Pete Art.IWMPST6080.jpg

IWM PST 10833

"Save The Wheat and Help The Fleet - Eat Less Bread" ~ WWII era savings motivational poster - (vintage lady, patriotic, World War II era)

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | British WW1 Propaganda Posters Page 10

Canadian First World War, Enlistment & Propaganda Posters - Canada at War Forums

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WWII poster, Imperial War Museum

Canadian Second World War Propaganda Posters & Sketch's. - Canada at War Forums

30 best Ghost Talkers posters images on Pinterest | History, Vintage posters and Ww1 posters

British WWII poster. Metal Salvage (Imperial War Museum Art.IWM PST 14729)

Graffiti in Bristol

NO! one of my favourite propaganda posters.

Artist: James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960). National War Garden Commission, Washington, D.C. (1918). One of the most famous artists of the era, ...

YES campaign poster for the Australian conscription referendum scheduled for 28 October 1916.

Film and Photo, Film Und Foto, Exhibition Poster, Artist Unknown

Canadian First World War, Enlistment & Propaganda Posters - Canada at War Forums

Details about Rare original poster Victory Girl First World War I WW1 WWI 1918…

Food, WWI - America

Canadian WW1 poster

British war poster aimed at housewives.

File:Don't Take Alcoholic Drinks on Mondays poster.

Conscription : Conscription during World War One This site has many visual sources/posters on the conscription debate

World War One poster issued by GB Board of Trade, containing the slogan "Do your bit, Save food" c. GB Board of Trade No.

Timeline of the United Kingdom home front during World War II - Wikiwand

IWM PST whole: the image is positioned in the upper third. The title is separate and positioned across the centre in red. The, text is separate and ...

indian propaganda posters - Google Search

British WW1

Vintage WWI British Royal Navy War Recruitment Poster Re-Print in Art, Posters, Modern

Food rationing poster - hate that the "fat", older lady was such a hog and the thin, young lady was left out ----

ART & ARTISTS: World War 2 Propaganda Posters – part 3

Graffiti art in Bristol

Propaganda posters serie for advertising Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad and Rising Storm games. Not selected. ©7ibo

British recruitment poster, WW1.

This station will now remain open during air raid alerts, artist unknown, November 1940

British World War II Poster. Women of Britain come into the Factories.

another poster

"Food is Ammunition--Don't Waste It", 1918 Giclee Print by John Sheridan - by AllPosters.

From the United States Food Administration. This theme would appear in public service announcement posters ...

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Canadian WW1 Propaganda Posters Page 7

This ad meant We are saving you, you save food.Poster shows a soldier pointing in the air with explosions in the background.Well fed soliders will win the ...

British poster, WWII (Imperial War Museum) Still More Rags Wanted For Salvage

I need your waste rubber (artist unknown -

WWI poster for kids to raise pigs to provide more food.

wartime propaganda poster #wartime propaganda poster

Blackout Poster, WWII

Modern Food, Moral Food: Self-Control, Science, and the Rise of Modern American Eating in the Early Twentieth Century by Helen Zoe Veit

Australian World War II propaganda poster.

Q A photograph of the propaganda poster entitled "Red Cross or Iron Cross" by David Wilson and WFB. The poster depicts a German nurse pouring a glass of ...

WWI propaganda poster

will NOT PREVAIL vintage POSTER gino BOCCASILE italy 1944 24X36 first RATE

Dont Get Hurt Ww2 Us Army Propaganda Vintage 11X17 Poster

Country of Origin United Kingdom Date Before 1944 (Second World War) Artist Unknown Printer Stafford and Co., Nottingham Size Double Crown Sources IWM PST ...

Stop This Grab by Unknown Artist

An Australian anti-conscription poster from World War One.

Unknown, 1916-18, a full-length portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson standing

WW2 Propaganda Poster on Car Sharing by csfotobiz on Etsy, $25.00