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Mr P39s ICT blog Tech to raise standards Designing Robots to Save

Mr P39s ICT blog Tech to raise standards Designing Robots to Save


Herbert Chase, “Hole Piercing Proves Faster –And Cheaper” Mr. Chase is arguing with someone about something less than fascinating, but the burden of the ...

American Notes. “

It appears that finance is not very interesting to anyone except financiers, and electrical engineering does not even rate compared with "Chemical."

At least British eaters are better off than in occupied Europe, where starvation comes ever closer. An increase in the women engineer's wage rate has been ...

He is so honest that the girls can't stop looking at him!

It is curious that this would follow on the generous wage awards of the winter strikes.

And that, apart from the delicious scandal of it all, will, I imagine, bring her back to the rails and the connection with her grandfather on another line ...

“The Job Before Us” The idea here is to estimate expected demand for various goods in “194Q,” the year after the end of demobilisation and reconversion.

Ed. C. Powers, Combustion Engineering, “This Aircraft Heater Won't Blow Out” We have had a solid relationship with Combustion Engineer of Toledo, ...

... not too far different from the cheery robot of the advertisements, but it turns out to be quite an elaborate device spread all through the aircraft.

Top Eight Ocean Stories That Made Waves in 2016

Design Analysis Number 8

American Notes. “

It Takes a Flight Engineer” Flight engineers beat pilot and automatic control of complicated power plants because they have the “human ...

... inroads on his wartime savings against an uncertain future? And without demand, how will we maintain employment? And if employment begins to fall, ...

And here it is folks; the step that will make or break your model. There are all sorts of comments out there in Internet Land talking about cutting struts, ...

The Early Days: Bugs Bunny

Wednesday's Book Review: “Mormonism”

John Henry video (20 minutes)

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Thus literally helped me so much. I struggle so much with this. I always think I keep writing predictable stuff.

How much difference can there be when we breathe in a pressurized environment? Well, quite a bit.

When a drop from the tower was compared to a drop from an airplane, it was found that the added realism was otherwise impossible to duplicate.


Birth of Modern Politics

Alexander and the terrible... online book

Standard Air Force “Death by Power-Point” slide.

Britain continues to arrange a "counterbloc" in Western Europe against a presumptive Russian rival block in the East. Britons are told to prepare for the ...

IN Magazine


13 "Form Synth" furnishes a vocabulary with three-dimensional elements being

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Tower controllers test out NASA new surface automation tools in a simulation at NASA's Future Flight

Fortune, August 1944

What could possibly go wrong?

Some Glowing Necron Lords for you today. I must say the capes make my day, they are so rich in color and give the models a sort of status amongst the other ...

[Putnam] - General Dynamics Aircraft and Their Predecessors (Thomas Brothers and Thomas-Morse,Dayton Wright,Consolidated,Hall-Aluminum,Vultee,Barkley-Grow ...

USS ...

SWORDS robot prototypes. Nothing says they have to walk on two legs.

"Don't Let the Pigeon Read the Books!" Must-watch video about book care for elementary school kids. Pair this video with one of Mo Willem's Pigeon books!

Edge of physics

Postblogging Technology, May 1944, I: Pent Up

DW's Library Card


Colonel Frederick MacKie, of Marks, Somerset, veteran of the Indian Medical Service and the Younghusband Expedition and long-time chief medical officer of ...

And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin E. Stead

... and before that President of General Electric, to the National Association of Manufacturers annual convention. It certainly looks like the GOP ...

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This year, the Great Barrier Reef was found to be hiding another reef beneath it. (Alamy)

Rick Bayless Preaches the Gospel of Modern Mexican Cuisine

I believed what the inspired and holy religious leaders told me about the inspired and sacred texts - but I found out that a lot of it ...

By Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Charles E. Carraher, Charles U. Pittman, Martel Zeldin

Someone had recently placed a flag and a small sprig of flowers by the grave. It read, Pvt Paul Benson, 26th Rgt, 5 Div, July 22, 1927 - February 26, 1945.

While I'm not going to bore you with a lengthy review or how-I-built-it article, there are a couple of things I wanted to share:



Flight, 10 August 1944

The X-15 research aircraft attached to the B-52 mothership during one of

Air Force News ~ Jul-Sep 1943 | United States Air Force | Close Air Support


By Michal A. D.

Warren King - "The things that I use for my work are easy to find

3. Keeping Spaces Wild and Species Safe

By Pagels H.R.

Wilma Rudolph

Letters to the Editor

Something called the “China Aircraft Corporation,” an all-Chinese manned and owned organisation, has opened shop in San Francisco. My eyes are rolling, ...

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Rick Bayless, whose innovative Chicago restaurants blazed the trail toward wider acceptance of south-of-the-border cooking, has much in common with the ...

Some Glowing Necron Lords for you today. I must say the capes make my day, they are so rich in color and give the models a sort of status amongst the other ...

US Army airship A-4 lands passengers on the roof of a Cleveland hotel. Lt. Roget and Capt. Coli of the French army fly nonstop from France to Morocco, ...

By G. D. James

The Evil That Men Do

Joy of Books: Stop motion animation

F-8 Digital Fly-by-Wire (DFBW) aircraft in flight over