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Network Error iOS Screen Screens and App design t

Network Error iOS Screen Screens and App design t


Network Error iOS Screen

A funny Azendoo error message saying Keep Calm and light a fire

Google Maps empty state for offline situation.

Error messaging.

40 Clever Empty State Designs for Mobile Apps

40 Clever Empty State Designs for Mobile Apps

Remote app explains why user cannot see anything, and how to solve this.

Gmail iOS Offline IMG_0009 IMG_0012

Communicate form errors in real time. Image credit: ThinkwithGoogle

Mobile Patterns - Recently Added

Pocket iOS Network Error

Error text should be legible, with a proper color and noticecable contrast

No connection in Azendoo Companion for iOS

40 Clever Empty State Designs for Mobile Apps

40 Clever Empty State Designs for Mobile Apps

This isn't a great experience. The explicit “No Internet Connection” alert is gone, replaced by a spinning indicator that spins forever.


No Internet Connection

... connection error. Gmail iOS Offline IMG_0009 IMG_0012

No Events Near You. Empty StateApp DesignBlog ...

Travel App Walkthrough


iPhone users with an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus can use 3D Touch on the app's icon on the Home screen to enter one of four user-customized screens that ...

We did a series of Error Message Screens for the new redBus iOS App. Tell

How To Design an Error Message For a Mobile App?

Apple's new iPhone X has a spectacular edge-to-edge display that dominates the entire front of the device. Well, nearly the entire front.

That's very bad. Pinterest allows me to get through that entire workflow before telling me that offline pinning is impossible. It won't even let me save a ...

This is a very underwhelming screen to see when I first open the app. There is zero content here for me to browse. In addition, the app doesn't explain why ...

Annoyed by all the “Select a Wireless Network” pop-ups? There's an easy way to turn them off.

Use a date selector that allows users to choose only today's date or dates in the


Important UI elements like the Control Center and the Lock screen have seen the most significant updates.

In contrast to the clear “No Internet Connection” message in the previous screens, this one is very ambiguous. And a terrible use of whitespace.

Oops! Something Went Wrong

iPhone Plus

Get help if your device won't turn on, or if it's disabled or requires a passcode.

Pulling down the status bar will now lead to the same interface you are presented with on your lock screen but will show you of ...

Pokemon Go troubleshooting - Error

Getting connection errors in Mail for iPhone or iPad? Here's how to fix them!

What the Talking Angela app is really saying to your kids | Technology | The Guardian

Open Settings, tap Accounts & Passwords, tap account

A second upward swipe from the middle of the display brings you back to the Home screen.

Modern App Sign In UI and Login UI Screen Designs-25

The iPhone X's notch has gotten a lot of attention leading up to its launch.

iOS 11 preview ...

How to fix an unresponsive touch screen on iPhone

ipad pro ipad mini

Time has moved from center to hard left and it's joined there by the location services indicator. Cellular signal strength, networking type (Wi-Fi, ...

A completely new visual aesthetic is the chief change in The Weather Channel app, with a design that's cleaner and more informative.

Overdesigned iPhone app example

A Better iOS Architecture: A Deep Look At The Model-View-Controller Pattern — Smashing Magazine

itunes backup weakness ios 10

Inline Drawing is available in Notes and Mail and allows simple drawings to be added right inside of a note or an email message.

Screenshots. iPhone · iPad

That should get your update process started on your iPhone and iPad. Most of the time, the update process is a smooth sailing process when you install the ...

Spotify's error screen just states “An error occurred” and doesn't provide any

Apple releases iOS 11 beta 4 with tweaked icons, Notification Center refinements, more

The App Store appears to be experiencing a number of difficulties across the UK, and

User profile screen in Quora app

It works by creating an ad hoc point-to-point Wi-Fi connection between devices. You don't have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, just within range with Wi-Fi ...

1/10When you 3D-touch an app icon, you'll get both quick actions and widgets.Apple

Go to Settings, followed by iTunes & App Store. Finally, tap the switch for In-App Ratings & Reviews. ios-11-screens

So why doesn't Apple provide a similar alphabetical organization within iOS's Settings app? (Yes, I realize alphabetization would vary by language, ...

Devbridge TeamApp

Image Source: Appsee

Visual guide: The iPad's new split-screen multitasking

Relying on gestures might present a greater learning curve for inexperienced users, but the advantage is that you're never shown a button when you don't ...

Swipe up from the Home screen to open Control Center, tap the upper right module

How to rearrange your apps on iPhone

Google Pixel 2 XL without blue color shift vs Pixel 2 XL with blue color shift Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Use Face ID during sign-in for the iPhone X (as a replacement for

2/10You can remove Apple's apps! Hurray!Apple

Left: The text is too small to read on a small device without pinching and

After revealing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple is finally releasing iOS 10 for everyone with a compatible device today. Of course you're going to want to ...

Consider Uber in the example below — the app doesn't ask the user about his/her location, it automatically detects the location based on geographic data.

Apple's refusal to support Progressive Web Apps is a detriment to future of the web

Make interactive ...

How do you get Battery Percentage on iPhone X?

YouTube lets you zoom videos in to cover the iPhone X's entire screen estate.

These shortcuts are now identical regardless of whether you started on the Lock screen or accessed the pull-down from any other app on your device.

Launch the News app, tap and article or channel, tap the Share Sheet button

Tap each prototype to load it onto your phone. Once this is complete, you'll be able to view them offline in addition to any prototype share links which you ...

Your new iPad screen, fresh and unsullied.

Start recording iPhone screen

Image titled Make an iPhone App Step 3

iOS 10 vs iOS 11 lock screen notifications

Image Source: UX Archive

Goodreads will be available in the Kindle app only on iOS for users in the United States, and will expand to Kindle for Android in a future update.

Make sure that your device has the latest version of iOS, watchOS, or tvOS.

Customize ...

Open Settings, tap TV Provider

Starbucks provides offers and services tailored to individual customers