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Never underestimate the knowledge of an autistic child All things

Never underestimate the knowledge of an autistic child All things


Never underestimate the knowledge of an autistic child

... Functioning Autistic Child. an-open-letter-to-the-parents-of-a-

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Many parents who have children with Sensory Processing Disorder may wonder why we are talking about Autism on a ...

Child explorer at the beach (Autism quote) EXACTLY!

Dragonfly: A Daughter's Emergence from Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents: Lori Ashley Taylor, Jennifer O'Toole: 9781510732179: Amazon.com: Books

What the Diagnosis of My Son on the Autism Spectrum Means to Me

Never Underestimate My Autistic Son T-Shirt

We all have good days and bad days. Let's face it, as a parent raising a child with special needs, any kind of helpful advice is going to make our lives ...

Triggers for children with Autism & Sensory processing difficulties

Never underestimate a child on the autism spectrum .

mom hugging son


The fight and trying to never leave a stone unturned. Always wanting what is best

autism spectrum explained as a color wheel

this spectrum explanation would lead to more acceptance

You ...

... Behavioral support; 30. Not all kids with ASD ...

Dr Mike Shooter: “Asperger's is something you can boast about. It has kudos

Never underestimate the intelligence of a person on the Autism Spectrum.

I always thought I was a proud 'autism mum', unashamed of my children and spreading autism awareness wherever we went. It turns out I have actually been ...


Never underestimate the power of play on learning for children with autism.

What started as a volunteer project to help kids with autism turned into an ambitious goal for SAP to systematically train and hire hundreds of adults on ...

Stuart Duncan Quotes

[Image: Black-and-white photo of an Asian woman comforting a small crying child who is wearing a tiara, and has their hands over their face.]

(P.S. Don't ask the kids about their holiday. Isaac is non verbal and Naomi will only tell you about the night she had a nose bleed, the nightmare she had ...

Stephanie Allen Crist

Addressing Marriage Concerns When A Child Has Special Needs

Owen - Autism doesn't even cross his mind!

People don't expect much of my son.

My Son on the Autism Spectrum Taught Me Each Child Is Unique

Although he wasn't officially given a formal autism diagnosis until after his third birthday, I began noticing flags and behaviors shortly after his ...

One Sunday three months ago things changed in my family. Up until then I always worried about my non verbal severely autistic son but it was mostly around ...

Callum Cheese

My children would play board games with me at night, have friends around for tea, talk to me enthusiastically about their school day, ...


This is my niece, Julie. Pretty cute, huh? She's in the middle of a scream-for-attention phase, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her.

Therapist Meghann Parkinson blushes as Gordy Baylinson, who has autism and is nonspeaking, writes kind words about her as Elizabeth Vosseller, the director ...

Kids With Autistic Parents Tips

Underestimating Autism - Emily's Puzzle - ER Visits, IVs, xrays, and bloodwork.

... the autism spectrum possess. But the truth is that most on the spectrum do not have these gifts. In fact, only about 10 percent have savant qualities.

10 Lessons in 10 Years From My Son on the Autism Spectrum

It's been a about a year (give or take) since I've written a post on the dos and don'ts of things not to say or do, and after several more moons of knowing ...

Autism Discussion Page

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Female Aspieology: Confessions of a Chameleon

Help for Tactile Sensitivity in Children with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger's. “

You need out and the world needs to see both you and your amazing autistic children.

Bryan Jepson is the father of three children, two of whom have autism. He is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and he is the founder of ...

THINKING PERSON'S GUIDE TO AUTISM: Eleven Ways You Can Make Your Autistic Child's Life Easier

Autism YO U R

I haven't seen my father for 10 years now, and before that I hadn't seen him (apart from the few times I ran into him in the pub!) since I was eighteen ...

Why Standardized Tests Fail to Gauge Intelligence in People on the Spectrum | The Autism Site Blog


famous people with autism tim burton. Every person ...

Rachel Moseley - Bristol - Photo

The Hidden Potential of Autistic Kids

The cast of "The Good Doctor."

By the time his developmental pediatrician said the words, Max has Autism, I had already been through many stages of grief, and was well on my way to ...

10 Tips for Making Middle School Work for Kids With Autism | Psychology Today

rainman autism

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimates that 1 in 68 schoolchildren has autism. Photograph: Richard Saker for the Observer

Gordy Baylinson wrote that his letter was 'a cry for attention, recognition and acceptance

Researchers are figuring out how sense of self develops differently in autistic teens

But tens of thousands of families are living with it in some form or another and it impacts on every part of their life.

It is not uncommon for children with autism to create patterns with their toys.

Many moms and dads recognize that their high-functioning autistic (Asperger's) youngster has a problem with anger-control. Many feel that their youngster ...

Isaac will most likely never read, or write or live on his own. Does he care? Not an ounce. He has zero idea about toilet training and he is not in any ...

We've had quite the journey to get to this point. For Max's entire first year, he hit all of his milestones. And early. Did I ever tell you about the beach ...

I Am in Here: The Journey of a Child with Autism Who Cannot Speak but Finds Her Voice: Elizabeth M. Bonker, Virginia G. Breen: 9780800720711: Amazon.com: ...

Now that they know he understands, they've been reading him 'Harry Potter'

An autism nativity

Kymberly Grosso

The Future I'd like to see by Jude Ragan, autism education specialist

Best Parenting Practices for Raising Kids on the Autism Spectrum

It's extra tricky because five of them are making eye contact, and the sixth is

autistic child in Singapore. "

10 Tips for Making Middle School Work for Kids With Autism | Psychology Today

Then one night last week I stopped what I was doing and just sat beside my son. I longed to hold him but I knew he would attack me.

Joshua Harris (centre, with friends) has been severely autistic all his life.

Aspergers Kids & Lack of Demonstrated Empathy. “

Notoriously difficult to get along with and ruthlessly focused, Isaac Newton is now believed to have been on the autistic spectrum

Just Because Nonverbal Kids Don't Speak Doesn't Mean They Have Nothing to Say

Max has Autism.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Right After My Child's Autism Diagnosis



My game plan this Saturday morning was to write an article speaking to the importance of working with “whole” children. Before I could get going on this, ...

Underestimating Autism - Emily's Puzzle - A family's emotional journey in underestanding their son's autism.

This nonspeaking teenager wrote an incredibly profound letter explaining autism

Learning Autism

Alex has never been able to attend a "normal" school. Instead, he has been involved in an intensive ABA-based home program since the age of three, ...


Gordy Baylinson reaches back to caress the face of his father, Evan Baylinson, during

I probably believed all the negative stereotypes about people with autism or Down syndrome because I simply didn't know any better.

A lot of men with Asperger's (AS) – also called “high functioning autism” – have never been diagnosed and are regarded as being eccentric, a little odd or ...