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Now that Henry has given his heart to Peter Pan will his family be

Now that Henry has given his heart to Peter Pan will his family be


Now that Henry has given his heart to Peter Pan, will his family be able to save him? #SaveHenry

Peter Pan

Peter Pan imagine #19 by Peter-Pans-Lost-Girl.deviantart.

First Peter Pan is Rumple's father, then the son of Rumple is Henry's father, and now Peter Pan is Henry aka emma's son. This is one messed up family tree

One day you will have more family than you know what to do with · Peter Pan ...

Oh that smile melts my heart. Y do u have to be so evil Peter Pan-I love Robbie Kay 😍

oh poor henry. 〖 Once Upon a Time Henry Mills Peter Pan problems hot funny 〗

As if the Once Upon a Time family tree weren& complicated enough, now Peter Pan is a part of it!

Sassy Henry, he does have a point though.

Episode 10 (this scene must have been strange for Peter Pan to be playing Henry

Peter Pan-LET'S PLAY

Rebecca:wait what Peter: i said i think i found my lost girl i cant loose her now Rebecca: i am your lost girl but-*peter kisses her gently and pationately ...

Jared Gilmore :: he looks like Daniel in this picture

Once Upon A Time 3x10 "The New Neverland" (HD) This is Henry (in Peter Pan's Body) - YouTube

So a giant magical pulse swept through all the land, as it does approx. every three months on OUAT, and now the question is: WTF?!

Peter Pan's Daughter

Once Upon A Time 5x19 End Scene Rumple Peter Pan & Zelena "Sisters" Season 5 Episode 19 - YouTube

The (TV) Revolution Will Be Analyzed : In Which I Review Once Upon A Time (3x9)

Robbie Kay is making me BELIEVE this season (or at least diligently ignore the 2006 cut-scene-level CGI), and I just see big things for him regardless of ...

'Once Upon a Time' premiere: Peter Pan wants Henry's ' Heart of the Truest Believer' – Screener

Peter Pan anniversary. (Welcome to The ...

Henry looks at Regina and Emma, two people who've lied to him in a big way, and he gives Pan his heart. Henry drops like a rock and a wave of big, ...

season3-three. “This is not the Peter Pan you remember from your ...

Pan imagines

Tiger Lily

Once Upon a Time Pan Trades Places With Henry

The story of Lost Boy.

The (TV) Revolution Will Be Analyzed : In Which I Review Once Upon A Time (3x8)

Pan's eyes flash (3x09 Save Henry). As Rumple opened the ...

Peter Pan

Once Upon A Time's Neverland Arch Is Getting Old Already

Anyway, by this time we'd learned the shadow had given Peter Pan a finite amount of time to be a youthful demigod, and that time was running out, ...

Everything Has A Price (Peter Pan Story)

John Darling

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Wedding Emma Hook

Queen of Neverland (Peter Pan love story)

This novel take on a century-old story will break your heart.

J.M. Barrie & Michael Llewelyn Davies

George Darling

OUAT Henry Mills Season 7 promo photo ABC.jpg

Once Upon a Time Pan Henry soul steal swap. “

Once Upon A Time Imagines

The (TV) Revolution Will Be Analyzed : In Which I Review Once Upon A Time (3x5)

Easy Rider, Captain America, Easy Rider Peter Fonda, henry fonda, Dennis Hopper Fonda's features evoke those of his ...

1085519-peter pan 782 super

Robbie Kay

Before Lucy's surgery, her imagination is filled with thoughts of Peter Pan, pictured played

ITV's Wendy And Peter started in Great Ormond Street Hospital with patient Lucy, who transformed

Regina holding Henry's heart and Pandora's Box (3x09 Save ...

He has now blossomed into a good looking actor, who is now 26, right

Neverland: J. M. Barrie, the Du Mauriers, and the Dark Side of Peter Pan: Piers Dudgeon: 9781605981918: Amazon.com: Books

They have been together literally longer than Jamie can remember. He is Peter's favorite. But, as Jamie begins to become disillusioned by The Island and ...


once upon a time henry

The (TV) Revolution Will Be Analyzed

Once Upon Time Emma Pregnant

Michael Darling

Peter Pan

Emma Discovers Henry Is In Pans Body | Once Upon A Time

JM Barrie's play Dear Brutus returns to the London stage after 20 years.

devil within ~ peter pan~ once upon a time fanfic ~

Once Upon A Time 3x11 "Going Home" (HD) Rumple and Peter Pan (or His Father) - YouTube

Henry Mills

Killian is desperate and Peter shows up (the kid can vanish and reappear at will. He gets creepier by the second) to taunt Killian and make a deal.

In Love with Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time)

Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates | Peter Pan Turned To Stone | Disney Junior UK

OnceUponaTime_Season2Finale_Emma Warning: The ...

How Peter Pan Jeremy Sumpter from the 2003 film grew up seriously hot | Daily Mail Online

Killian Jones promo-ABC.jpg

Jeremy Sumpter (left) as Peter Pan in a 2003 film version

Once Upon a Time Family Tree Additions

Surviving the Summer Break for Once Upon a Time Fans – Ohana Means Family | GeekGirl World | All things GEEK mixed with all things GIRLY

Eike Schroter/ABC

Peter Pan

Henry Winkler in Peter Pan _460

Once upon a time: Peter Pan x Reader by Dinosaur-Dragon-Fan on DeviantArt

Forward to Neverland now, where Henry is limp and lifeless and Pan is gloating and gleeful. He lets the group know he trapped Rumple in Pandora's box.


Peter Pan

Once Upon a Time Season 5.jpg

She is now aged 25, right, and has gone on to land more major

Once Upon Time Recap

'Once Upon a Time' EPs Talk Peter Pan's Villainous Ways, Robin Hood and What's Next

The (TV) Revolution Will Be Analyzed : In Which I Review Once Upon A Time (3x8)

ITV's Peter and Wendy has viewers in floods of tears with tragic ending | Daily Mail Online

Peter Pan

No, Henry, the Charmings just fumble the ball a LOT, and it hurts them and everyone they love, like that time Greg and Tamara snatched you right out of ...

Mary Darling

Once Upon a Time Recap Underworld

Peter Pan anniversary

Peter and Wendy

Enlarge Jason Isaacs as Hook in the 2003 adaption of Peter Pan