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O gauge layout based on GWR branch line Chudleigh Model

O gauge layout based on GWR branch line Chudleigh Model


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7 37 035, in Engineers “Dutch” livery pulls a ballast train out of the loop towards Nant Clwyd and the quarries further down the line towards Corwen.

8 The pannier with snow plough.

Figure 4 - View from the front of the layout showing the yard and station building.

5 South Australian Railways Rx loco and passenger train at Yarrahville

My wife painted the back scenes and made the curtains for the layout, while our daughter designed and produced the layout name boards in GWR livery.

10 24 023 and the passenger train head towards Eyarth from Nant Clwyd. The backscene is again evident. The “cattle creep” in the foreground really did exist ...

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Model Trains, Layouts

Set in the Great Western Railway heyday of the late nineteen twenties and early thirties and Set in the period 1890 -1905(ish), ...

7 4 track staging yard, with Class 55 Brill railcar on the line to Yarrahville

2 Victorian Railways 3rd series T Class diesel and DERM railcar

So now, as well as a busy job, rugby, sailing, home, garden, cat and wife (obviously not in that order), I had a railway.

33 One of my favourite pieces of railway equipment is the large variety of types of signals on a railway. I used a mixture of LMS 476, 478, 470 and LNER 486 ...

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Pin by Model Railway Design on Model Railroad Buildings | Pinterest | Model train and Layouts

Pin by Model Railway Design on Model Railroad Buildings | Pinterest | Model train and Layouts

4 A footbridge provides access from the houses, over the tracks and on to Uphall Station. The industrial building on the right belongs to THE OBLONG BOX ...

3 Victorian Railways station - Malleeup

2 Hillcrest local accelerates out of the port

2 Class 37 027 arrives “light engine” at Uphall. The stepped-terrace houses and the retaining wall are both from SCALESCENES

8 Charford Mk 2 - Q1 0-6-0 C6 on down goods passing the Ashford Timber Co sidings on the approach to Marshwood Junction

9 General view of village and engine shed

2 Charford Mk 1 - M7 0-4-4T No 56 at Charford on evening local to the junction. In the platform behind are the coaches from Waterloo - source John Charman

4 South Australian Railways 830 & 930 Class diesels

5 General view of engine shed and station

3 Among the freight wagons on the layout are several scratch-built examples. Shown here in the reception sidings is a TOPS FFA container flat, ...

16 Princetown yard activity and a GWR Railcar service at the station.

Figure 1 – Charford Mk 1 - T9 4-4-0 No 337 arriving at Charford with through coaches from Waterloo – photo John Charman. John's first (railway) ...


My thanks to Ron Boreham and David O'Meara for their help and advice in building this layout, and to George Gibbins for the layout drawing "

9 New staging yard

The layout was constructed to make transport easier and safer than a previous, similar, layout. The length was extended to five feet, ...


3 Although a passing loop was installed at the station, Eyarth was never a token exchange point. So trains rarely if ever passed here in real life.

The layout represents scenes and structures found along the Devon and Somerset railways route from Norton Fitzwarren junction to Barnstaple Victoria road.


9 VERRELL station and CBD

6 Coronation Class “Queen Elizabeth” heads towards Kirby Dale station

7 Charford Mk 2 - M7 0-4-4T on up local passenger approaching Marshwood Junction

Both the table and control panel are on castors to allow access to the rear. By necessity, point switches, all 33 of them, have been left on the main base ...

Figure 4 - Departmental Laboratory Car No. 20 at the renewed portion of the main line to the North.

10 Fowler 7F passes the Gresley rake of coaches


12 The loco shed with the goods shed in the background.

A mixed goods train is seen at Chudleigh station c1961. At this time the station still handled a full range of goods traffic but with only three trains a ...

O Gauge Kitson 7000 series from a Agenoria Kit

6 Charford Mk 2 - The locomotive depot at Charford with the dairy building in the background

Figure 5 - A ROD heading south with a train of tanks.


Thus, to carry out their job, each freight train operator is simply equipped with a single sheet of paper and a pencil behind the ear.


Of all the locomotives which may have been chosen to represent those that traversed the Teign Valley over the years, there is displayed in the railway's ...

... is one of the first to appear in the green livery chosen by a schizoid management company that has convinced itself it is the Great Western Railway ...

25 The Yard at Bakewell Bridge, being a simple track layout, demanded some extra attention scenically. With coal merchants busy loading coal sacks, ...



First a coat of graduated sky-blue colour was applied, followed by the hilly terrain - painted a bluey, greenish, greyish colour and which eventually was ...

1 Above the Uphall Station car-park, Class 09 023 shunts a single OBA wagonload of timber

14 Freight trains pass in Ormside Station


Set in the Great Western Railway heyday of the late nineteen twenties and early thirties and Set in the period 1890 -1905(ish), ...

GWR Modelling provides links, notes, galleries and inspiration for modellers of the Great Western Railway in Britain

Model Railway Constructor Magazine February 1974 MBox3044/B Colour plate of LSW

This 4mm layout consists of a fictitious Museum of Transport situated in the former dockland of a town, somewhere in England. Railway exhibits are housed in ...


... operator side of the station whilst the branch line has a run round facility as it approaches the bay platform together with a couple of short sidings ...

4 Board number one under construction showing a trial location of the goods and loco sheds.



Chudleigh station looking north in March 1956 shortly after the camping coach was reinstated; it would remain in the siding for three seasons.

4 Charford Mk 1 - Q 0-6-0 No 530 shunting at the Ashford Timber Co sidings adjacent to Bridport Branch Junction - source John Charman

7 1/4" Gauge Miniature Garden Railway Battery Electric Locomotive Shunter

18 It was now June 2010 and time to have my first BRMA meeting at home, so a 'cutting the ribbon” ceremony took place to officially commission the layout.

5 Charford Mk 2 - Charford station and adjacent goods yard

5 A road overbridge disguises the mainline exit to the fiddle-yard/cassette. The local constabulary have stopped the traffic, as they investigate an ...

1 Johnson Class 1698 0-6-0 built in the late 1880's

Figure 1 - The display board showing photos of the station and branch line past and present.

Disused bay platform

It therefore really needed a number of small flat desk areas to lay out the cards and to sort them into the various category piles required for the next ...

138 leading Ffestiniog Railway Funkey diesel 'Vale of Ffestiniog' round Fridd Isaf curve. Photographer: Tom Baxter Date taken: 23/12/2017

19 General view of countryside

Model Railway Constructor Magazine February 1976 MBox3043/B Edington Junct-4mm


A Newton Abbott train is seen at Chudleigh station in June 1958, its last year as a public station. The camping coach is seen in the sidings along with ...

Taken in 2013 from the end of the current platform 3 the junction onto the unsignaled Heathfield branch. There can be seen a stop sign denoting: do not ...

16 Pick up freight heading into the tunnel

South Devon Railway sea wall - A Great Western Railway train on the sea wall near

Scene at Minehead shed with LMS Fowler 4F 0-6-0 no 44422, GWR 4-6-0 no 4936 'Kinlet Hall' (not in service on the day) and LMS Stanier 8F no 48624

Figure 4 - Thompson pacifics meet at the northern end of London Road. A2/2 60505" Thane of Fife" heads a Kings Cross-Newcastle working as A2/3 60511" ...

The Model Railway Constructor Magazine February 1952 MBox3038/B A Gauge 00 Layo

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BR class 9F 2-10-0 92214 at Minehead. This actual locomotive saw service on the Somerset & Dorset Railway. It is based on the Great Central Railway.

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Note the signal box built onto the side of the shed in 1893. A water tower and coaling stage are seen on the right.