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Omg bokuto will be separated from them he won39t live and they won39t

Omg bokuto will be separated from them he won39t live and they won39t


Omg bokuto will be separated from them he won't live and they won't live omg kuroo MUST go to the same university otherwise he probably won't live

Kuroo and Bokuto

keep him safe and free, kuroo

kuroo knows bokuto wont change his mind about it being yellow but he always corrects him just to start a fight

Akashi getting hit on ....and bokuto fixing the problem.

Haikyuu headcannon - Bokuto x Akaashi BokuAkaa

Akaashi is so done with this that he wasn't even in the panel anymore lmao

Psycho Pass

#haikyuu, #kindaichi // he looks like Kags big brother

Yaku should try being more subtle next time. Heheheh. ^^

HAHAH bokuto and terushima

Akaashi x Bokuto

Mine is still when it keeps zooming in on his face and then there's fire in his eyes lol

i love my blueberry son,,

x Koutarou, Shouyou, Keiji


like 83% sure that this is cannon



Kuroo is like "just cuz we bros don't mean you aren't


Haikyuu!! | text posts | #hqtexts

If you're wondering what part of ep 4 this is..... It's after the ending and yahh more of "it" in ep 5 XD

i prefer iwa under oiks because he wont stop working himself too hard and iwa has

I really like this post. The ideas are super cute

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i have this headcanon that Suga is obsessed with twenty one pilots and can rap to them in english.

Akaashi x Bokuto + Hinata, Tsukishima, Kuro & Lev

Bokuroo and Kenhina and neko atsume

Bokuto x Akaashi

Kuroo omg AHAHHA || Haikyuu ♛

Omg Akaashi and Semi are smiling they are beautiful

At first i thought Akaashi was in the same grade with Bokuto. i thought him as grader but i just know that he's one year younger than Bokuto.

Aawwww || Haikyuu ♛

Haikyuu Headcanons

I'm Yellin' Timber

Bokuroo | OMG LOL bw bokuto x kuroo

Kuroo's Snapchat ...

Claim your meme

600x965 296kB

And I'm beginning to think my anime board is morphing into a Haikyuu board.

I wish I understood Japanese :/ 埋め込み画像への固定リンク >>> (may not be accurate since I'm a beginner) Bokuto: Akaashi how do I feel like today?

I only ship for the bromance

Oikawa's hate for ushijima and teams, the bro-sinner kuro bokuto, and the sweet cat yaku mad at no mind owl wander around bokuto.

This shook me to the core I'm so buwaHhaAHaa

bokuto would tho😂😂😂

Now Kuroo needs owl knee pads and they can match like best girl friends. (Except Kuroo never uses knee pads, so maybe a t shirt, then)

#kageyama hi im kagyem tobyuu

Lemme have that beefy Bokuto on the menu with some small Hinata shrimp--- This comment tho

I'm Yellin' Timber

Haikyuu the truth xD

"Heh, knew it." Haikyuu Bokuto x Akaashi

Akaashi x Bokuto Haikyuu!

Bo, you are the 1 in four. But akaashi is too so.

Haikyuu bokuaka

bc6588be4d50489095bb57050c31d38d--haikyuu-bokuroo-haikyuu-animals.jpg 582×582 pixels

Kenma and Kuroo plotting and Bokuto and Akaashi

are you... goddamn kidding me? oh my god, this fandom

Now I have headcanons that they did bromance before the Tokyo Tournament... XD

Mommy will save you :3 Part 1: fav.me/da7g2nh Part 2

Actually Tsukkiyama is canon the author confirmed it in an interview

I can hear it

Hitoka Yachi - Haikyuu!! x Death Note

Haikyuu text post - Tsukishima Kei - Pokémon Go

I'm dead His respect for Bokuto kills me and gives me life XD < < I ship them soooo hard *Dies in corner*

Akaashi x Bokuto >> lol i can literally hear Bokuto saying aKAAshi

... 😂😂😂😂

Hahaha sorry hinata, I definitely feel ya

Bokuto x Akaashi | BokuAka ^-^

Tag yourself I'm scrEAM >> angry & tol - - - - - ▫Credit to cielestial▫

kuroo, bokuto, training camp arc, manga <-- I live for the bromance.

Owl Handler Akaashi AU where Bokuto meets the most beautiful owl he's ever seen

That's beautiful

Bokuto Koutarou x Kuroo Tetsurou (BokuKuro)

(They agreed in the end)

Hitoka Yachi - Haikyuu!! x Death Note | H A I K Y U U ! | Pinterest | Haikyuu, Death note and Death

I actually do the same hand thing, whoops

is it the closest person around him or the other meaning of closest.

Bokuto, Kuroo you guys should really REALLY watch out for Akashi who is so done with u -.-' (me -:secretly whispering "well done" to kuroo & Bokuto) ...

The rest of the world: *sighs*


Bokuaka - pretty sure I've already pinned this, but Bokuto is seriously one of my favorite characters! He's so funny - haikyuu

Akaashi is friggen beautiful and I love him so much OMG

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Can you not be so hot for like 5 seconds I mean seriously.

Bokuto(guy /w white hair): Me Akaashi(dark hair): Him This is probably what it would look like if me and that one guy ever became a couple.

Hinata is scary af when he does the staring thing.

Akaashi and Bokuto

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HQ || Bokuto Kotaro, owl

I love how he has to take a moment to think about it😂 Bokuto: do I wanna sleep with my fellow owls tonight in the trees…or do I wanna sleep with my ...

Bokuto and Akaashi - Haikyuu/Psycho-Pass crossover

Meme, Asian, Haikyuu, Memes Humor


animu, haikyuu, bokuto

The owls are so proud of baby Tsukki #ThirdGym

Yeah now steal it. omg these two are too precious (episode 17) Tobio Kageyama & Hinata Shouyo | Setter & Spiker

Akaashi x Bokuto Believe it or not, but I actually read a fanfiction for this.

Kuroo Tetsurou kuroken bokuto koutarou bokuaka akaashi keiji kozome kenma and bc its my art and i say so kiki give me a brilliant idea that i'd like to ...