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Pennsic War meme t

Pennsic War meme t


No motivational text needed.

Pennsic War-feeling homesick this year Safe journeys!

The Pennsic War

House Sable Maul, Pennsic War 43

Very yes. :-D

SCA - Cosplay before it was cool! That's for sure!

OT: Pennsic Wars 42 -Happening now!

well - some of us are hippies too.

Our Hobby HD - SCA.org

Just talking funeral/body disposal plans w/ my hubby and if I can't have a viking funeral or a Tibetan funeral then just put me in a trash bag and haul me ...

Over on nextpittsburgh.com, they report "Pennsic War Draws 10,000 for Medieval Reunion and Battle. Every Year." Find out more here.

SCA battle. @Christina Childress & Tierney Rose hahahaha!!!.....I don't have a specific SCA board .

Yay Rattan!

Our Hobby -- Fighting for the honor of the ones we love. What's your

25 Jokes And Puns No Grammar NerReenacting My Love of History Grammar jokes AND reenacting.

Yes.Yes we can.

The Pennsic war THE place to be in the summer! I travel there

Pennsic War, Society for Creative Anachronism

Field Battle - Pennsic War 28

Aerial view of Pennsic; so much want to go!

Bridge battle Pennsic

Pennsic War Tiger Dragon Norse Knot by ssantara ...

More information. More information. SCA

Pennsic - everything in this pic is either a tent or a yurt or similar.

If I were at Pennsic I'd be sticking a pin into the map in the land called Atlantia.

Find this Pin and more on SCA by tstewart3380.

The presentation of the horn to the King Kern of Trimaris at Pennsic war

Thank you note from Their Royal Majesties for hospitality from the Kingdom of Atlantia during Pennsic War I did both the illumination and calligraphy.

Diligent Dwarves: Pennsic House: The pay off.

If you ever wondered just how big Pennsic is, well... here it is (and this doesn't show all the camps in the woods)! Janyn Fletcher's Pennsic Photo's

Also, on masslive.com, they share "Photos: Thousands attend 'Redcoats and Rebels' Revolutionary War reenactment at Old Sturbridge Village." See more here.

GoStream: Castle Battle at the Pennsic Wars Video - ABC News

Sca meme posted to Facebook.

Pennsic is an annual event, in the guise of a “War”, between

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Ahhh too true.especially in the SCA things-to-smile-about

Castle Battle, Pennsic War- Coopers Lake, Pa

Pennsic House

Packed last minute for a 2 week party with 14000 people Still remembered to bring snacks - Pennsic War

11083700_1073466972668919_7710148178931984318_o.jpg 1,068×989 pixels

Pennsic War Wagon Decals, SCA Decals, Pennsic or Bust

Photo by the guys who do the aerial photos at Pennsic (don't remember the name & can't find my receipt).

pennsic-group. WAR!

Someone call the Ares cabin.

Pennsic XLV Recap

Aerial View of Gulf Wars XXV. I'm not the one that took it but I'm guessing it was Pre-storm.


Our neighbors in

Pennsic - Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA 3 weeks of renessance

Tuchux hahahahah


See 34 photos and 9 tips from 277 visitors to Pennsic War. "Don't get lost in history or "period", Pennsic is the illusion of the past with all the.

Agrippa of Caid

Every reenactor's nightmare.

Events & Play Wednesday - Pennsic War, Old Sturbridge, & Gladiator Games

Pennsic War

Hastings Hall- Pennsic 43 Who says you can't do it right in nylon


Because, even if I am not officially SCA, I still know that I live in the Kingdom of An Tir! Yra!

Late Medieval Martial Service Contracts at Pennsic War XL, Part II – Drafting the Contracts

Pennsic War, Cooper's Lake Campground, Pennsylvania

Janyn Fletcher's Pennsic Photo's

Pennsic - The biggest and best fight every year :).

Site for the annual S.C.A. Pennsic Wars.

Pennsic Camps- Love it

History Major Hippo - Ok, so intense exaggeration of course, but it is pretty pathetic how much Americans today don't realize half the pretentious, idiotic, ...

I may never get to #Pennsic, but if I do, it will be in good garb, at least!

PENNSIC WAR 43 website. Slippery Rock, PA.

Pennsic War 44 2015 Atlantia Storvik Lady Tirzah Lady Orla [email protected] JSirakas Cyber-

Just one of the many chalk labyrinths that are done on the streets each year at

Have you always wanted to teach at Pennsic? Are you a veteran teacher, but find yourself procrastinating this year? Don't delay!

Pennsic War

My Tent at Night - Pennsic War

Image of The Pennsic War - Coopers Lake located in Pennsylvania, US

YIV via Muhlberger's World History: The Pennsic War

Markland Army at Pennsic 40 Living History Medieval Reenactment Group

Our hobby .

SCA Pennsic War 44 2015 Atlantia Storvik Dun Carraig [email protected] JSirakas Cyber-fetish

Battle of Selma reenactment

Pennsic: where I'll go this summer, and most (all?) other summers.

SCA, Viking, 14th Century,Renaissance Faire, Dagorhir, LARP, Pennsic,

Pennsic Garb: A Beginner's Resource.this is an amazing basic garb resource with loads of links to other pages & resources with varying periods and cultures

@Christina Childress & Tierney Rose hahahaha!!!.....I don't have a specific SCA board . | Fair Wear & Gear | Pinterest | Rose, Board and Medieval


SCA Memes

American Civil War, Civil Wars, Weird, America Civil War, Outlander

SCA, Heavy List

Pennsic 38 overhead | by jenngordon | pennsic/camping/SCA | Pinterest | Photos, 38 and By

Pennsic is Coming GoT meme

Curious Fact of the Week: The Largest Medieval Battle in Modern Times

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was A Teenage Medieval Reenactor

Teaching History, American Civil War, History Memes, Civil Wars, History Education, America Civil War

SCA Camping list-Pennsic-Many Sourced

The Pennsic Independent | Photo Copyright © Tara Pacheco | #pennsic #sca #scadian

From The Eyes of The Dragon - Great Western War 2014 - SCA Heavy Combat

SCA Pennsic War 44 2015 Atlantia [email protected] JSirakas Cyber-fetish fetish photographer Slippery

Pennsic 38 overhead | by jenngordon | pennsic/camping/SCA | Pinterest | Photos, 38 and By

Raising monies to help me get to Pennsic War in just over 70 days! RIP AND TEAR! http://twitch.tv/vikingvixen #evilTV #skulklife pic.twitter.com/Js06nLHCre