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... you didn't. I've been known to take over 100 pictures in any given day when we're traveling thru beautiful countryside. For RVers, like us, ...

We haven't been heavy users of Picasa in the past, but the changes are definitely welcome and make the app feel more mature.

Now go-to View->Tags in the top drop-down menu or click Ctrl+T as shown below.



picasa-snapshot on Ubuntu 11.04

... of Picasa's editing tools. So, just pick any picture and try clicking on these options. Just like all the other editing features, if you don't like it, ...

Don't be fooled by the price tag - PIcasa is incredibly useful for digital asset management. As your collection grows, adding tags to your images keeps it ...

Many users casually say albums when they mean folders. Please don't apply a method to a folder if it is written for an album.

Picasa has a one-star rating option — either you like the picture, or you don't — as opposed to the more common five-star system other programs use.

PS It is imperative the pictures are not moved around or exported in any way because all the pictures are already organized.

Nicely, however, they've made sure that Picasa for the Mac plays nicely with iPhoto. Photos stored stored in the iPhoto library, are treated as read-only, ...

How to use Picasa to backup ALL your photos to an external hard drive

Picasa 3 doesn't support MP4


Picasa Features

[Solved] Picasa won't install no error message problem installing picasa won't open


... Picasa desktop photo editor and manager and Picasa Web Albums. If you bear the end of their online galleries with a heavy heart, and Google Photos isn't ...

It doesn't have all the features that Picnik had. For example, I know a lot of people liked the special redeye removal for furry friends – I can't find that ...

This has the effect of re-scanning the selected folder. It doesn't remove anything from Picasa. It just adds the new folders.

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Depending on how you have Picasa configured, this will open up your default email program, or a window that allows you to connect to the free GMail web ...

Google is replacing the multi-talented desktop based Picasa (left) with the minimalist

Digital Scrapbooking tutorial using Picasa! (good for those of us who don't

Creating a Movie with Photos and Music using Picasa

This is probably the number one, most basic, most important thing to know about PIcasa and yet, the great majority of Picasa users don't have a clue!


How to Delete Picasa Photos from Android Phone or Tablet

The “ ...


Introducing Picasa 3

Picasa Face Recognition

Picasso Pi + Casa = Picasa Light T-Shirt

Picasa Interface

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Don't waste time and Install the Picasa Application now

If you haven't tried Hello, you can still download the application from http://updates.picasa.com/hello/651/Hello651.exe. You and all your contacts need to ...

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Previous versions of Picasa backed up images to the online Picasa Web Album, which is now being phased out in favor of the Google+ Photo Album.

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The geotag window in Picasa isn't working

Both actions will have the same effect and a small window will pop-up as shown below. If the photo already has been tagged previously, it will be shown in ...

Now that there is a Mac client for Google's Picasa Web Albums service and I'm a long-time Gmail user (only Gmail users can get access for now), ...

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... Don't worry about the orientation of the text as we will change it shortly

so del cavall

1. Log into your picasaweb account and select the album you want to use.

Then Picasa will open, it will ask you where to your photos are stored to transport them into the Picasa viewer (don't worry this doesn't make another copy ...

As you can see, this gives rise to problems in handling long tag sequences: the Quick Tags buttons can only display the beginning of a tag sequence, ...

In the below photo viewer, we have a menu bar with several buttons that we can use to display images, slightly edit and upload them to Picasa Web Albums ...

A number of photo storage and editing services have sprung up to meet that need over the years, and many of them didn't anticipate from early on how popular ...

I'll save that for another post, but Picasa is a great photo editing tool if you like to edit your photos before uploading.

... doesn't it - and have selected my album which does a little fan thing. Opening it shows me what's in this album. Hopefully the same as the Picasa web ...

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Choose the provider you want to use – e.g. Walgreens, then you will need to log in or create an account at that provider. It's free to create the account.

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Image titled Transfer Photos from Your Camera to Picasa 3 and Send by Gmail Step 15

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Prenez l'air - Fondation Folon - Tuyns Christian - Picasa Web Albums Christoph T

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In the Backup tool box 1 select New Set So you will create a new complete backup, not an Incremental backup.

Google recently released their popular photo management and editing program, Picasa, for Mac OS X. In my early testing, it didn't crash or seem sluggish, ...

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More feelings (busqueda en Picasa T.BARMAR) - Annacaro Todo Inglés - Picasa

Picasa Folder Manager - Note the crosses


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If you can't get her adress by typing one or two letter in the topbox, then you are not logged-in right up in Picasa with your own Gmail-account.

How to backup your photographs using google picasa 3

Picasa 3.9 Where did my Buttons Go?

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These folders are appearing with the pictures in Picasa but I just can't share them in Picasa or Google Photo's.

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Ah. It's in a folder called 'Picasa Edits'. Now, does that mean it's already been updated on-line? Is that an on-line folder? Doesn't look like it.

Picasa Won't Play MP4 Files

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Clover Lane's tute on how to make a blog header in Picasa. I *always

picasa unistall error "par for the course"

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I have had a Google website for several years and today I uploaded and created a photo album and when I tried to create a portable slideshow for my website ...

Precious Moments Some Bunny loves you - Mama Mia - Picasa Web Albums

PEINTURE Distant Shores, Cherished Memories - Àngels T.Castany - Álbumes web de Picasa

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Chrome hearts t-shirts - 赵彩虹 - Picasa Web Albums